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Similar tactics can be used to attract birds to a balcony rather than a garden on the ground, but more work will be required.

An apartment balcony’s ability to attract birds is dependent on the availability of a feeder that can be installed on a deck pole and doubles as a bird bath. Put together a bird bath with a fountain to entice a variety of avian visitors, and fill a railing planter with colorful blooms to draw in even more species.

Balcony Bird Feeder Pole

Attracting wild birds to a balcony, which is considerably higher up than their typical habitat, can take time and a lot of patience because these creatures often just cruise around in search of food.

But first, you should check to see if putting out bird feeders or other equipment for wild birds on your balcony is permitted by your apartment complex.

The neighbors and possibly your landlord will hear us, so having flowers and loud music out in plain sight will be helpful in case they decide to check in on us.

Make sure you have your landlord’s permission to decorate your balcony with items that attract wild birds before doing so.

I think there are obstacles to overcome in regards to birds ignoring too high spots to feed if you live in a second or thirteenth level apartment.

It would be unfortunate if you couldn’t use a bird feeder, but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t. Instead of using a traditional bird feeder, you’ll just balance some bird food across the railing of your balcony.

Most birds won’t be able to see a bird feeder, therefore we should at least try to attract them with brightly colored flowers.

Hang a flower pot over the railing of your balcony and fill it with flowers to brighten up your outside space.

Keep a solar-powered fountain in a bird bath with a depth of two inches to attract birds with the sound of trickling water. Bird bath fountains powered by solar panels are typically only effective in full sunlight, so you’ll need to plug one in to keep it running.

Even if you succeed in luring the birds you desire to your apartment balcony, you still might have to deal with unwanted pigeons.

Bird feeder double feature

You can’t expect wild birds to visit your backyard if you don’t offer them food, so that’s what you’ll do on your apartment balcony.

The secret, as always, is bird food, and with it, we can entice birds to visit any size balcony, whether it’s on the sixth level of a building or in a remote corner of a high-rise.

You need to advertise the availability of bird food from your balcony to any wild birds that might visit.

You can maintain your balcony looking neat while yet providing food for wild birds by hanging feeders.

Even though we can’t use a self-balancing bird feeder pole due to space constraints, we may still hang traditional bird feeders in the manner in which they were originally intended: from a pole or a tree branch.

What you can get is a bird feeder for the balcony or a bird bath for the deck; both will feature a bracket for hanging one or two feeders, or even better, an open dish will be provided for all sorts of bird food.

Because only some birds can reach it, a hanging bird feeder isn’t sufficient. Instead, you’ll find out why all birds appreciate an open dish feeder even though you’ll discover how to attract certain species to hanging feeders.

Mount bird bath on rail

Balcony Bird Feeder Pole-2

Mountable bird baths resemble poles for bird feeders and can be attached to a balcony or deck railing.

The sound of trickling water from a bird bath on the balcony could be just the thing to entice birds to settle in such an out-of-the-way spot.

You may count on songbirds to be drawn to the sound of running water for a short drink or bath.

Bird baths that are suitable for mounting on a deck have a big water dish and a flat foundation.

Having a broad, flat foundation allows us to set up a solar-powered bird bath fountain right in the pool. Now, I should mention that using solar-powered fountains requires exposure to direct sunlight; otherwise, a wired fountain feature would be required on a shaded apartment side.

Please suspend the deck-mounted bird bath such that it extends much over the balcony’s railing; we want the birds to be able to see it.

The shimmering water from the fountain will serve as a beacon for migrating birds looking for a new watering hole.

In the meanwhile, a bird feeder mix can be placed in any unused dish without purchasing an expensive pole to hang from a railing.

Scatter mix bird food across railing

If you want to lure birds to your balcony, which is located in an apartment building but may be too far away for them to fly to, you should make it loud and colorful.

Bird food can be placed on the balcony railing, which most of you will have, though I do advise you to continue using a bird feeder pole.

The poles used to hang bird feeders and baths from deck or balcony railings should fit most widths and heights, but you can also just put the food out on the railing itself if you like.

You can anticipate to distribute several types of bird food along the length of your balcony railing, though the exact amount will vary depending on the breadth of your railing.

Take advantage of commercially available bird food to entice the most frequent backyard birds to your apartment balcony. You should provide a seed mixture, peanuts, suet pellets, and dried mealworms.

Since bird food spoils quickly, it’s important to only use a small amount at a time.

Be considerate of your neighbors below who may get dusted in wild bird meal dust if you feed the birds without a feeder.

Stick-on window bird feeder

Balcony Bird Feeder Pole-3

You may either stick with the tried-and-true method of hanging a bird feeder from your balcony railing, or you can try something fresh and exciting.

Using a window bird feeder to entice birds to a balcony can be challenging even in a house, so it’s important that this stick-on feeder is attached to a window that is not on the balcony itself.

Sunken windows on a balcony make it less likely that any passing bird will see anything inside.

You already have bird feeder equipment set up on your balcony, therefore a window feeder is not necessary and should not be used in isolation if you want to attract birds to your apartment.

In order to attract birds to your apartment balcony, we have hung a large, reflective bird feeder from the ceiling.

One option is to use a stick-on window bird feeder bracket, which will allow you to hang any sort of bird feeder from the window.

A bird feeder dangling from an apartment window poses a potential threat to those on the ground below. Consequently, any bird feeder hung in a window should be securely fastened to the glass using wire.

Putting out a tray of suet pellets or hanging a suet bird feeder from the bracket and stocking it with suet cakes or fat balls is a great way to attract birds to the window.

Hang railing planter

A source of food for wild songbirds, the seeds of colorful flowers can attract a wide variety of these species.

Keeping this in mind, you might plan on landscaping your apartment balcony with flowers planted in soil within a planter, provided you get permission from your landlord to do so, of course.

Because we need the vibrant flowers to stand out, a fence planter is the only option.

No need to worry about incompatibilities or awkward-fitting planters; there will be a model available to suit any balcony railing. The railing hooks over the width of the railing for a secure, stable hold that requires no special tools.

After preparing the soil and planting the seeds, your balcony should be adorned with beautiful flowers in a matter of months. And that’s why it’s so important to get authorization first, since it’ll be obvious to anyone on the ground.

Sunflowers should be prioritized because they are a favorite of many birds and you may hand-select fresh seeds to replenish nearby bird feeders.

Some individuals might dismiss the idea of utilizing flowers to attract birds to your apartment balcony because of concerns that the nectar blooms might attract unwanted insects.

Give hummingbirds space

All of the advice I’ve given you thus far for luring wild birds to your balcony, or railing, has been designed for the typical backyard bird.

Hummingbirds, of course, are the most fussy bird species, and since they tend to hover just over the treetops, a loft or other high-rise building is unlikely to attract them.

What I can tell you is that hummingbirds are not likely to share their food with other birds on your balcony, so if you want to attract them, you need provide them with a separate feeding area.

While those with a tiny balcony won’t have that luxury, those with a balcony design that wraps around a corner will.

You can at least attract birds by installing a hummingbird feeder and feeder for smaller birds on opposite ends of the balcony, separated by no more than five feet.

Regular birds should only be feeding at specified times to give hummingbirds some breathing room.

A nectar-filled hummingbird feeder should be hung from a pole rather than put on the railing, where it could fall to the ground and attract unwanted attention from other birds.

Hummingbirds can also be lured to your garden by nectar-producing flowers, so choose your plants wisely.

Because hanging hummingbird feeders can be suspended from a window bird feeder, we won’t have to worry about the tiny fliers being harassed by larger birds.


Birds can be attracted to a backyard by providing food for them, either in the form of a bird feeder, scattered around the grass, or flowering plants laden with seeds.

Which is why we’ll need to use these strategies, with a twist, to lure birds to our apartment balcony. We’re not going to use the hidden balcony floor right now, but rather the more visible balcony railing.

To get started, you can purchase and install what is commonly known as a deck or balcony hung bird feeder.

The mount portion of this bird feeder can be screwed onto the top of any balcony railing, regardless of its shape or breadth, making it a two-for-one. In addition, a pole bracket can be installed, allowing a standard hanging bird feeder to be hung from the pole.

Therefore, you will prefer the open dish because it will attract more birds and will provide them with their preferred seeds, peanuts, suet, and dried mealworms.

If your landlord says no to a bird feeder on the balcony, mounting a dish feeder to the railing can help keep things neat. Alternatively, you could leave bird seed along the railing.

If you have more than one window in your apartment, you can use one of them to hang a window bird feeder.

Even with the use of static wild bird equipment, luring birds to a balcony located at a higher altitude might be challenging.

Then, I advise using a deck-mounted bird bath, which is like a bird feeder pole attached to a railing, only we can attract birds with water instead of food.

Simply fill the bird bath bowl with water as usual, but this time choose a bird bath with a wide, flat base so that we can install a solar-powered bird bath fountain in the water.

Because of this, the birds would flock to the balcony, drawn by the sound of the water trickling down the railing.

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