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The greatest mealworm feeders, in my opinion, are ones designed to attract bluebirds, as they in turn attract a greater variety of birds who enjoy feeding at open platforms.

For the birds’ protection, hanging Bluebird mealworm feeders require the addition of dry or live mealworms to a tray that is not covered or contained in any way. When given the choice, bluebirds will pass on feeding at a bird feeder, yet they will eat mealworms from an open tray feeder.

Best Bluebird Feeders

Keep in mind that I prioritized convenience above fancy features and limited my bluebird mealworm feeder options accordingly.

While a platform feeder is preferable for bluebirds, you can also hang a tray designed to store dried or live mealworms from a branch or bird feeder pole.

Bluebirds, along with many other popular backyard birds, will disregard bird feeders with enclosed trays because they prefer the more open trays.

What makes the bluebird feeders for mealworms that I’ve seen stand out is that they are open to the outdoors but also offer a covered tray for feeding the birds.

Bluebirds have a preference for insect-mealworm suet, which can be found in these bird food trays along with other options.

If you wish to attract bluebirds, hang a stable tray feeder in a peaceful area with minimal human activity and read this article to learn how to feed mealworms to bluebirds.

Easy to perch feeder

Keep in mind that the typical bluebird isn’t overly interested in visiting a feeder, and that when they do, they prefer perches that are low to the ground.

If you want to attract bluebirds, you should provide them with feeders that offer open perch spaces rather than those that are enclosed and have short, stump-like perches.

Because of this, only tray-like bird feeders are included below, with an emphasis on tray feeders where bluebirds may practically walk over bird food; this is the type of bird feeder most liked by American Robins.

In order for bluebirds to thrive, their habitat needs to be unimpeded around the mealworm feeders that are being designed with perches all the way around.

Open, no low baring cover

Best Bluebird Feeders-2

If you want to keep attracting bluebirds to your yard, which means using your bird feeders, you need to keep this area as open to the environment as possible, as bluebirds are notoriously picky eaters.

Do not use a roof on a bird feeder if it is an open tray style, is designed to retain mealworms, and has drainage holes or a mesh floor.

An adjustable-height dome-shaped roof cover is available for use over a bird feeding tray designed for use with dry mealworms.

If you want to use the dome to protect the bird seed from precipitation, you should position it as high as possible. The bluebirds will stay away from your feeder because of the low baring dome.

Blue in color feeders to attract Bluebirds

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, blue-colored birds like Bluebirds and Blue Jays are drawn to the color blue because it so closely resembles the color of their own plumage.

Blue isn’t required, but you may have noticed that some of the open bird feeding trays designed to hold the mealworms I’ve specified do come in that color.

Even though the best bluebird bird feeders are typically marketed in shades of blue, any open, weatherproof feeder that is hung from a pole in your yard and is relatively close to foliage or tree cover will attract the same number of bluebirds as would a plain, more restricted feeder.

The greatest number of birds will flock to an open bird feeding platform or tray of any kind, so long as it is located in a quiet, undisturbed area of the backyard.

Made to hang

Bluebirds may be found foraging on the ground, but they prefer to perch when they’re in your yard.

To attract birds, place a pole in the middle of your lawn and push it into some nearby bushes or trees to suspend your chosen hanging bird feeder. Bluebirds, on the other hand, prefer to stay in the tree where they have access to a steady supply of mealworms, either dry or fresh.

Safely providing mealworms to bluebirds requires an open hanging feeder, such as the ones described below. If you want to ensure that other birds are able to enjoy the feeder without wasting your time or energy, simply add their preferred food source.

Choose a bluebird-specific hanging mealworm feeder over a general bird feeder since it can be moved to attract more birds.

Bluebird Mealworm Feeder Data

Product Name: Material: Color:
Birds Choice: Bluebird Flower Feeder Plastic Blue, Black
Kingsyard: Mealworm Bird Feeder with Dome Plastic Black
More Birds: Single Dish Tray Plastic Blue, Black
Wildlife Science: Tray with Mealworms Metal Copper, Black
Couronne Co.: Hummble Sphere Feeder Metal, Glass Blue, Black
Nature’s Way: Cedar Platform Bird Feeder Cedar Wood
Gtongoko: Hanging Bird Feeder Tray Metal Black
Droll Yankees: Small Bird Feeder Plastic Clear

I hope this fast data table will help you make an informed decision about the bluebird Mealworm feeder you ultimately choose.

You’ll find a breakdown of the key components used in the mealworm feeder’s construction in the table’s Material column; you’ll see that metal and plastic are nearly evenly represented, with both types providing you with a weather-resistant bird feeding tray.

This feeder serves as a feeder and an adornment, thanks to its single glass feeding tray.

Since a picture isn’t always worth a thousand words, I’ve included a key to the fundamental colors of each bird feeder to help you better comprehend its composition.

Birds Choice: Bluebird Flower Feeder

Best Bluebird Feeders-3

If Amazon is out of stock, check Rocking Furniture store or Northland Nature Nest.

This lovely flower-design feeding tray in blue to attract bluebirds has everything you might want in a multi-purpose bird food tray.

Made entirely of plastic, this feeder features a huge loop designed to be hung from a tree limb or pole and a construction that surrounds the food dish so that birds may rest on it while they snack.

If you want to attract bluebirds to your feeder, hang a heart-shaped pendant or a reflected blue bulb from the tray’s hooks.

Larger birds, such as Blue Jays, will use the outer perches, while the much smaller bluebirds will use the inside perching part.

Kingsyard: Adjustable Mealworm Bird Feeder with Dome

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest a dome for a bird species that doesn’t like to dine in a tight location, but the mealworms would be much more comfortable under the dome.

Despite this, the roof dome would still need to be raised to its highest setting for bluebirds to be able to perch beneath it, while smaller birds would be unfazed by the lower level and larger ones would be unable to land.

The larger dome won’t fully protect the mealworms from the weather, but the smaller dome can be assembled in minutes and features drainage holes for the mealworm tray.

This model’s solid metal bar makes it easier to hang and provides a more secure perch for bird watchers, yet the generously sized bird feeder is accessible to any and all backyard birds.

More Birds: Single Dish Tray

A bluebird feeder, unlike a general bird feeder, is designed to retain only a few mealworms or other tiny morsels of food at a time, thus reducing waste.

The small size and predominately blue color scheme of all-blue feeders can appeal to bluebirds, which are known to be particularly fond of the color blue.

Bluebirds are more likely to be spotted in the inner area, although larger birds can use the outer, wider perch placement for support.

Hung from a pole bracket or branch, the bar provides a stable base, and the blue plastic dish may be easily removed from its holder for periodic washing.

Wildlife Science: Tray with Mealworms Combo

Again, I’ve selected the best bluebird mealworm feeder for you, and it has a roof if rain is in the forecast. If you live in a rainy area, especially during the winter, a roof will help keep the mealworms fresher for longer.

Turn the top all the way up and watch as birds from Bluebirds to American Robins flock to your feeder.

The reflective quality of a copper roof is sure to attract bluebirds and other migratory birds, both while they are in flight and afterwards, when they land in your yard to rest.

You can store either dried or live mealworms in this deep tray made entirely of metal mesh, as the latter won’t be able to escape.

Included in the package is a bag of dried mealworms so you can get started right away with no immediate need to spend money on food.

Couronne Co.: Hummble Hanging Sphere Feeder

In addition to selling on Amazon, Couronne Co., Walmart, and the Mosaic Birds website also sell their own versions of the product.

Hungry bluebirds will be drawn to the brightly colored food dish by the stark contrast of the black bar.

Food tray may be removed from the center of the charming circular shape.

This tray has no drainage holes, so it can be used for a wide variety of foods, including mealworms, seeds, nuts, and even suet pellets. Thankfully, this hole-free tray may double as a bird bath, albeit it will need to be refilled and cleaned more frequently as it collects water.

The feeder is designed to be hung from a bracket on a pole by means of an open top hook that is long enough to reach all the way to the top of the feeder’s tray.

This tiny hook wouldn’t be able to fit over a longer branch without some additional support, such as wire or an extended hanging bar with a bigger hoop at the end.

Nature’s Way: Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

This tray-style bird feeder is crafted from wood and may very well be the greatest mealworm feeder available.

Because of its wooden construction and charming appearance, it can be a welcome addition to any landscape. What this means is that even in windy conditions, the perch will be less likely to move around, making it ideal for nervous birds like bluebirds.

Large bird feeder tray that can accommodate a variety of different sized birds. The plastic-coated wire is sturdy enough to hold the bird feeder’s two-piece hanging point in place.

To prevent mealworms and other bird food from prematurely germinating, a mesh floor can be used to regulate humidity levels while allowing air to circulate.

Gtongoko: Hanging Bird Feeder Tray

This all-black design is one of my favorites because, although it won’t attract as much attention from passing bluebirds as a brighter color scheme, it will still look great wherever you decide to place it in your yard.

It’s made of metal and has some heft to it, so it’ll feel heavier than usual and sturdy. Hung using three extra-long chains with a large hook that can accommodate a wide range of wall brackets and tree limb diameters.

Mealworms, whether dry or alive, will get plenty of air and sunshine in a mesh bird feeder tray without getting soggy in the rain. If you need to restock the bird feeder, make sure to not pack it too tightly so that the feeder can still breathe.

Elegantly crafted from pure metal in a sleek black finish, this hanging bird food tray will complement any feeder pole while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Droll Yankees: Small Multi-Purpose Bird Feeder

There is plenty of supply to go around. Get it online from places like Amazon or Duncraft.

Last but not least, there’s this compact plastic bird food plate with a removable dome of several heights.

Bluebirds, in particular, are picky feeders and will be put off by a small, enclosed environment, so a dome is a good way to keep the rain and snow off while still allowing them to get some air circulation.

Because of the perforations in the bottom, water will drain away from the food, but this is still a huge bird feeding tray, making it a good choice for a bird-filled yard.

Since the solid metal bar in the centre acts as a counterbalance, this tray can be hung from a bird feeder pole without the need for additional wire or a huge hook, and without disturbing the birds.

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