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There is a great deal of delicateness around the containers in which new life is brought into the world, as an inappropriately colored bird house could attract predators.

Colors for bird houses should complement the tree or post they are attached to. Cedar wood in its natural finish is preferable because it becomes less noticeable with time. Avoid bright colors; a neutral palette is preferable. The bird house should be painted the same color as the surrounding area.

Bird House Color Schemes

It is important to keep in mind that using color to entice birds to a bird house in your yard is not a good idea.

Fill your new bird bath or feeder with brightly colored ornaments to attract birds, but don’t do the same with a bird house.

In contrast to the year-round use of bird feeders and baths, bird houses are often only employed during the spring.

When you eventually succeed in luring birds to nest in your bird home, having them return every year to be joined by even more of the winged creatures is counterproductive. And it’ll keep continuing until either the occupants flee or the parents give up on their children, whichever comes first.

To sum up, bird houses with bright colors are great for attracting birds at first, but there’s no way to stop the attraction once you’ve accomplished your purpose.

Use of vivid hues is permitted, provided that the surroundings of the bird bath are painted in the same manner.

Cedar wood is the greatest material for building bird houses, so a bird house should be painted to resemble the color of cedar wood, or any other natural wood.

Untreated wood ages naturally over time, taking on the appearance of the environment in which the birdhouse is installed.

The best paint scheme for a birdhouse is the one that complements its surroundings. Bird houses must match the color of the surface they are attached to, therefore if the box is attached to a brown door or post, the bird house must be brown, and vice versa for a red fence.

Natural wood tone is best

Just so happens that the color you’ve chosen to stain your wooden bird home is the best color option.

In spite of the fact that most recently constructed bird houses are crafted from cedar wood, I can confidently state that the color of cedar, which is tan with a pinkish overtone, is the nicest color of a bird house.

Now you know: tan with a pink undertone is ideal for birdhouses.

It’s not a color you’d find on a store-bought paint set, so if you wanted to make it yourself, you’d have to concoct it by blending together white, pink, and a tiny bit of brown.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though; that’s not a shade of paint you’ll find on a birdhouse. Cedar or a comparable wood bird houses will suffice; no additional maintenance, such as painting or staining, will be required.

Considering the surrounding landscape is essential when deciding where to put a birdhouse; only then can you preserve the natural color of the cedar wood, or if you prefer, paint the bird house a color that goes well with its new surroundings.

The easiest way to preserve a wooden bird house is to leave it in its natural state, with no paint or stain, so that its age and weathering can make it less obvious.

Vibrant colors rarely used in yard

Bird House Color Schemes-2

Most contemporary, high-performance bird houses are crafted from wood, which naturally takes on the best coloration possible.

If you plan on using a lot of bright colors to paint or decorate your bird home, keep in mind that the wild birds living there may have trouble adjusting to all the attention they’ll be getting.

There is no way to stop the birds from calling at the entrance hole after they have settled into their nests.

Reason being, just like beautiful bird baths or feeders, birds can be attracted to the vivid colors of a bird house; nevertheless, a bird house is especially delicate, therefore it is best to keep its appearance low-key to discourage frequent visits from the birds.

Not only will birds be attracted to the box’s bright hues, but so will other, potentially deadly creatures.

Cats are attracted to bright colors, so placing a bird house in your yard is a bad idea.

In my opinion, you probably wouldn’t pick bright colors because they can detract from the beauty of your landscape, but muted tones can ensure that the bird house blends in as much as possible.

Bland tone likely outcome

Unpainted, possibly non-preserved cedar wood bird houses are your only option when choosing a bird house’s best color.

I get that even if you don’t paint a cedar wood box, it will still stand out quite a bit in the environment it’s placed in. If you put up the unpainted cedar bird house at the end of the year, the birds won’t be able to see the brilliant color when they return in the spring to nest.

The longer the unpainted birdhouse sits in the weather, the more it will blend in with its natural surroundings, no matter how boring it is.

Depending on the species of birds you hope to attract, you may decide to mount your new bird house on a wall or fence post, or set it up on a wooden post in your yard.

Wild birds are more likely to move into a new bird house if it is hidden from view, both from the general public and from the birds themselves.

A painted birdhouse isn’t necessary if it will eventually blend in with the natural bark of a tree or the weathering of a fence post.

If you want birds to visit your bird home, a bright color scheme isn’t necessary or even recommended.

Bird houses must be discreet

Bird House Color Schemes-3

When you build a new bird home, you increase the chances of its residents surviving because no one will know it is there unless they investigate.

It’s important to keep bird houses hidden at all times, as they might attract unwanted pest birds if they’re too flashy, as well as cats, other predatory birds, and other animals with malicious intentions.

Unfortunately, humans are just as stupid, as evidenced by the fact that guests to your yard may approach a brightly colored bird house thinking it is only ornamental.

It’s best to avoid drawing attention to the box by making sure the bird house is as inconspicuous as possible, both from those who could be praying over it and from anyone who should know better and is instead playing along.

Allowing the bird house to weather will achieve this look, making it blend in with any nearby wooden fence posts or, alternatively, with the color of a tree trunk, with the added bonus of moss growing on top of the box.

Painting a birdhouse is done so that it blends in with the surrounding garden decor, such as a fence or post.

There are many other shades of brown and tan used for outdoor furniture; you could also go with green if the wood object or the natural foliage the box sits in can hide the color.

Although bright colors should be avoided when trying to lure birds, they are acceptable if the object to which the birdhouse will be attached is likewise colorful.


In certain cases, the natural color of the cedar wood used to construct the bird house may be the finest choice for placement in your yard.

I can’t quite put my finger on the hue, but it’s something between tan and pink, and it won’t be around for long anyhow, thanks to the weathering effect that will cause the birdhouse to mix in with its wooden surroundings.

Weathering on a wooden bird house can seem like old tree bark and blend in discreetly when mounted on a tree trunk.

Yet, any object typically painted in brown tones – will profit with the bird house likewise painted in this exact brown shade.

Contrasting colors, such as a brightly colored bird house on a darkly painted background, are never a smart idea.

Bird houses need to be hidden from view at all times to avoid attracting any form of unwanted attention from humans, animals, or the like.

In this case, the best color for a bird house would be the same color or tone as the surface on which it will be hung or, ideally, installed in the yard.

In order to ward off animals who are attracted to bright colors, stick with a more subdued palette. However, if the location in your yard where you plan to install the birdhouse will match this vivid color, go ahead and use something more exciting.

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