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And yes, budgies do defecate all over the place.

The response cannot be framed in a more palatable or tidier manner.

However, when in a foul mood or experiencing pain, these flock-oriented birds do not exhibit their feelings by defecating all over the place.

Not one bit of temper tantrum or sassiness has been displayed.

Just a budgie being a budgie.

That doesn’t mean they’re dirty birds with a penchant for chaos.

If you’ve ever wondered what motivates their actions, now you know.

Follow along to find out how budgies defecate and what you can do to prevent their droppings from scattering across your living room furniture.

Do you like it?

Okay, let’s begin!

Do Budgies Poop A Lot?

budgie poop

Sure, everybody has to use the restroom around once every 12-15 minutes.

Although, budgies are really small birds.

Taking into account their size, you’ll see that even if they defecate very frequently, they aren’t producing a huge heap of waste.

In addition, providing a healthy and well-balanced meal for your bird can go a long way toward producing a contented bird with fewer stomach issues.

To add, budgies don’t have a strong odor.

The majority of budgie owners will tell you that their pets like getting clean.

Even when they aren’t taking a bath, they are preening.

To keep their feathers clean and clear of debris like dust and bugs, budgies engage in a ritual called preening.

While budgerigars do defecate frequently, the objective of this data is not to imply that they do it excessively.

To avoid budgie poop damage to your furniture, keep a box of tissues or some floor mats on hand.

Does Budgie Poop Stain?

Incorrect; budgerigar droppings do not leave even the slightest smear.

And that’s why people who appreciate birds are so fortunate.

To quickly clean up normal budgie poop, simply use a paper towel.

After it has dried, you can vacuum it up.

If, however, you’re giving your bird junk food or putting it through a lot of stress, you can expect to see green or black feces.

Basically, budgie poop only stains under really unusual conditions.

However, it’s not something that requires a large cleanup budget.

It only takes a drop or two of liquid detergent to make the area spotless.

Does Budgie Poop Smell?

budgie poop-3

Keeping in mind that you’re discussing a tiny animal that defecates like a handful of drips is essential.

If you’re giving your bird garbage for food, however, you can forget about it not smelling bad.

However, it won’t leave an offensive odor in the air, either.

To sum up, unless you have a thing for sniffing your bird’s poop, you’re good to go.

The odor in the house will be minimal if you keep up with the cleaning duties after your feathered companion.

Your budgie’s droppings will only have an unpleasant odor if it is sick.

The bird will produce a horrible odor whenever or wherever it becomes stressed or dehydrated.

Also, when a budgie isn’t feeling well, it will quit preening and will most likely avoid taking a bath.

In such a precarious situation, you’ll need to man up and clean your budgie’s posterior to remove any traces of feces or odors.

Can Budgies Poop While Flying?

The ability to sleep in flight is a unique trait of some birds. If a seagull doesn’t like a human, it will spit in their direction.

And yes, your budgie can defecate in midair.

Your bird will relieve itself anywhere and whenever it pleases if you don’t clip it.

On the other hand, it isn’t hoping for a shitshower uprising.

As was already established, budgerigars have more varieties of bathroom noises than your mind can fathom.

So, they continue working while relieving themselves.

How To Stop Your Budgie Pooping Everywhere?

budgie poop-2

Because of this, many people are under the impression that it is impossible to train a bird to use the restroom.

Yet it is possible for you to.

You may train your bird to sleep soundly in its cage if you show it sufficient love, patience, and persistence.

Every time a budgie has to leave, you can tell because it will fluff its feathers for a few seconds.

You can train your bird to go to the cage when it has to defecate if you bring it there every time it makes that motion.

Mastery of the act is time-consuming. Yet it is possible.

Most clipped birds are unable to fly, further complicating matters.

They enjoy spending time with their mom and dad.

As a result, there is less mess to clean up after potty training.

Don’t think for a second that your budgie can be trained to clean its own poop when the topic of “potty training” comes up.

It’s not true that you won’t ever be in that position again.

Nonetheless, house training your budgerigar is limited to the confines of its cage.

And that’s all it takes to prevent your home from looking like a litter box.


Gorgeous and entertaining, budgies are wonderful companions for their human owners.

However, like every other kind of life, they need to be nurtured and looked for.

Do not adopt a budgie if you do not have the time or desire to take care of a pet.

Nonetheless, if you long for the company of a truly devoted creature, one that can keep you amused for hours on end, you might want to think about adopting a budgie into your household.

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