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Bananas are appreciated by animals as well as humans. Why is that? It is because they are, with no doubt, the worst sources of different minerals and vitamins. These minerals aid in the growth and lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

On the subject of banana peels, humans are not the only ones who eat peel of the banana as it is in no way beneficial to the health of a dog. The issue with peels of the banana is that they have an extremely high quantity of fiber that is hard to quantify and makes it hard for dog’s to digest due to their stomachs being sensitive.

Bananas are an everyday dog food that is fed to them as an extra treat. They are also included in recipes for dog treats to sweeten the food and supply potassium and fiber. You may be thinking about the peel of a banana and if it’s suitable for your pet to eat. There are some who cook and crush peels of bananas to use in recipes, but it is a controversial practice because there is insufficient evidence to suggest that it’s safe to do this.

Peels of bananas are an ingredient in the diet of certain species of animals living who live on farms with small numbers of animals. Animals that are able to eat an apple peel are rabbits, cattle, pigs and monkeys. Let’s look at whether dogs should have bananas on their plates.


Are Banana Peels Toxic To Dogs?

Dogs are fond of eating fruits in general, but especially when it’s so rich in taste and texture as bananas. However, as I’ve already mentioned the key is moderation because fruit has a significant sugar levels. Bananas contain three kinds of sugar: glucose, fructose and sucrose. That means that bananas should be eaten in moderation as they may increase blood sugar levels and body weight.

Experts also say that it’s not recommended to give the dog bananas. But why is this? We’re all aware that the peel of a banana is loaded with minerals, vitamins and fibers. So why should it be removed from a dog’s diet?

The first step is to understand as they are loaded with lots of fibers, which cannot be digested easily by dogs. Additionally being difficult time taking banana peels in the size as they are. And typically the peels will cause obstruction in the bowel.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats a Banana Peel

It’s not a reason to panic in the event that your dog consumes a banana peel. The issue is related to the amount of peel your dog consumed. Be aware of any warning signs or symptoms that might signal the possibility of a more serious issue. Some dogs aren’t likely to show any adverse effects after eating a banana however, they are those with robust stomachs.

Symptoms that can occur after eating a banana peel:



Whimpering, crying or crying

When your pet vomits up, continue to observe for any ongoing discomfort. If symptoms of discomfort last for more than a couple of hours, notify your vet.


Can dogs eat rotten banana peels?

Even fresh banana peels may not be the ideal for dogs, the peels that are rotten are an absolute no-no for the dog. Peels of bananas contain potassium that causes digestion problems. If the banana peel is damaged or rotten the level of potassium increases and makes it even more difficult to digest.

A dog can be found eating banana peels that are rotten when rummaging through trash or when walking along the roads.

Dogs are unable to digest banana peels in a proper way, so it is not a good idea feeding them banana peels on the basis of. There are numerous other food supplements on the market that will satisfy your dog’s cravings while also supply them with vital nutrients.

What to do if your dog eats banana peels?

Dogs are known to eating food that is placed right in front of them. As the peel of a banana is safe, there’s no reason to be concerned and be concerned the possibility of your dog eating a the banana peel. To avoid the possibility of serious health issues make contact with your vet as quickly as you can when you notice your pet eating the banana peel.

A dog who eats the peel of a banana every day might be suffering from pancreatitis digestive obstruction, and gastrointestinal tract condition, which can develop into something worse if it is not addressed and not treated.

After eating a banana , your dog becomes agitated and begins vomiting or displays signs of diarrhea, then it’s time to conduct an exam by a vet. In a more bleak scenario in the event that you are not able to connect with any vet there are some ways you can take to assist the situation.

Do not give them medications, including antacids, or any other. It could worsen the situation. If you can, contact a pet helpline there is one and ask what you can offer them. If there is no helpline accessible in your area and you are unable to contact them, then make contact with any emergency clinic in the vicinity.

Relax their digestive system and avoid feeding them with food or drink for 12-16 hours.

In the next 12 hours feed them a glass of water and observe how the digestive system reacts it. If you don’t vomit, then give them some white rice and cooked chicken. This meal can be served at least 6 times each day.

If your dog is vomiting even after a rest of 12 hours, make contact with your vet.


How to feed banana peel to your dog?

If you’re in a situation that you can’t stop your dog from eating the banana peel and your dog is uncompromising about taking the fruit, there’s something is possible to do in order to satisfy the dog’s desire. There’s no harm to giving him the banana peel since it isn’t toxic. Additionally, the reaction to it is different between dogs, and if the food is made correctly, it will prove beneficial to your dog’s health. Follow the steps for making an apple peel-based meal for your pet.


Do not let your dog eat banana peels. Also, try to keep them away from reach when you dispose of them. The majority of dogs don’t enjoy the bitter taste of the peel, however the smell can be too appealing for certain. The peels of bananas aren’t poisonous but the peels can create abdominal discomfort and even lead to bowel obstructions If too much is consumed.

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