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A cruciferous, leafy vegetable The cabbage is a popular ingredient that is used in numerous stews and recipes. It’s also is one of the best comfort food items. It’s inexpensive and simple to prepare, as well as being a great source of nutrients and vitamins. However, is it safe to feed cabbage to your pet? Yes, it is.

It is safe to feed dogs to consume and is a great source of fiber and vitamins C and K. These vitamins aid in fighting illnesses and support your dog’s digestive system and immunity. Consuming too much cabbage may cause gas, or even hinder the function in the thyroid gland. Therefore, give your dog this food in moderation.

Cabbage is among the best vegetables for health and is therefore easy to be leafed. It’s good for our pets as well. It’s possible that you’re wondering whether dogs can take cabbage as a food if you’re trying to incorporate healthy vegetables into their diets to provide them with an additional source of nutrition and nutrients without adding more carbs. What is the best way to ensure that dogs can take cabbage?


Health Benefits of Cabbage for Dogs

If you’re thinking of including more vegetables in your dog’s diet then leafy greens are a great starting point. It’s not only safe for dogs to consume cabbage, it can also be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be served in its own form as a snack or chopped and served along with their food, or baked and filled with other ingredients that are pet-friendly (or perhaps their food) Dogs can relish cabbage along with their pets.

It’s even better, it can provide your pet with numerous health benefits. Cabbage is an excellent source of vital vitamins, including Vitamins B6, C, K and B1. It’s also a treasure trove of nutritious fiber as well as essential minerals such as copper, manganese and potassium. The red cabbage, particularly is believed to possess potent cancer fighting properties. While dogs receive the majority of their nutrition from their diet but it’s never hurt to give healthy human foods like cabbage every once every now and then (unless your doctor recommends against eating it).

In addition, cabbage is known to contain high levels of phytonutrients, which are powerful antioxidants. Polyphenols found in cabbage are the reason it is the cruciferous vegetable with the highest antioxidants, which are able to improve the health of canines and human beings alike. Antioxidants can reduce bloodborne free radicals which assists in the fight against diseases like cancer.

They also aid in helping your pet improve their immunity by taking a natural approach, and could also reduce the likelihood for your puppy developing ailments or illnesses, like heart disease. Another advantage is that cabbage has been found to support the health of the gastrointestinal system in dogs. It also aids in digestion due to the effect of its high content in fiber. The cabbage can also benefit their skin as it helps protect it from irritation.

Consuming cabbage can promote healthier skin from inside out for dog and human and is a fantastic food for pets suffering from hard or dry skin. Of of course, dogs are carnivores, and while vegetables are healthy to enjoy occasionally, meat should be the mainstay of their food intake.

Serving Ideas

Dogs can enjoy eating green cabbage cooked, instead of eating raw. It’s more easy for your dog to digest. It can be added to a homemade food which is balanced and has a great protein source. Sprinkled on top of your dog’s meal.


Dangers of Cabbage for Dogs

One of the main risks of eating cabbage in dogs is similar to the dangers that exist humans. If we consume excessive amounts of this green leafy vegetable, it could cause stomach upset and other symptoms like flatulence and excessive gas. So, just because it is safe for dogs, that doesn’t mean they are allowed to eat the amount they like.

Always check with your vet prior to giving cabbage or similar “people food” to your pet, since he or will be able to provide advice in accordance with your dog’s health condition. In general make sure to offer only the smallest amount of new food such as cabbage, and keep an eye on your dog for approximately 24 hours to look for any signs may not be in agreement with, like the presence of watery stool.

One serious danger of allowing your dog to eat too much cabbage is that it can actually cause hypothyroidism–although your dog would have to eat a lot of raw cabbage over multiple days in order for this to happen. The cabbage is a source of thiocyanate. It is a natural substance that affects the thyroid gland. But, cooking it thoroughly cabbage (such as boiling it or steaming) prior to offering it to your dog is one method to eliminate this substance out of the cabbage.

While dogs are able to take any form or color of cabbage however, it is always recommended to cook your cabbage as it is more easy for your dog to digest and chew on and will protect from the risk of hypothyroidism. And, of course, whether you’re preparing purple, Napa, Savoy, red, or any other type of cabbage, always be sure to skip any spices, seasonings, or other additives that may not be dog-friendly–believe us, your dog likely won’t mind the natural “bland” taste of cabbage or any other vegetable.


Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Yes, dogs can consume cabbage. This nutritious vegetable offers variety of benefits for your dog, from boosting their immunity to preventing cancer. This makes cabbage an excellent ingredient in dog food that is healthy, or as a nutritious snack for your pet. A lot of Pure recipes already include cabbage due to its health benefits.

And our air-drying method is gentle, which means that the nutrients are lost and the goodness of cabbage is retained. It’s even more gentle than cooking at home and operates significantly lower temperatures. The dogs who consume natural foods have been found to slow down the growth of cancer cells by 70 to 90 percent, so think of the benefits of eating a nutritious food that is all natural every day! Find out more about the advantages of a diet that is natural here.

Pure has a variety of recipes that can be found on an individual diet plan for your dog’s needs, all of which are loaded with every nutrient that they require to be healthy and happy. Cabbage is among the ingredients found in Pure recipes, which means that your dog will get every benefit possible from the leafy green in each chew.

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