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We all cherish our pets and wish to be the best for them, however, sometimes it’s easy to forget they are not cute little creatures with fur. They are curious about everything that we do and demand the food that we consume, however some human food products can be dangerous for dogs. The tomato is one of those foods to which you need to be cautious. Let’s take a look at the question, Do dogs consume cherry tomatoes? Of course, this information is not a substitute for your advice given by a certified vet, and you should always ask your vet to get recommendations.


Can dogs have tomatoes?

If you’re an avid tomato fan, the months of July and early August are some of your favorite seasons. This is the time when the tomatoes growing in your garden are at their peak and you will find plenty of them at the supermarket as well as farmer’s markets. Dogs seem to like them just like we, however, can you feed your dog tomatoes or could it be dangerous?

The answer is complicated, and a variety of aspects are at play. What happens when a dog consumes tomatoes? There is a consensus that there is a way to give your dog tomatoes in limited amounts However, tomatoes are a source of two chemicals which can be toxic for dogs.

How toxic are tomatoes to dogs? They contain alpha tomatine as well as solanine that can be toxic to canines. The two substances are also found in the other members of the nightshade family, including green potatoes, eggplant, in addition to deadly nightshade. Tomatoes can only be eaten by dogs and humans as the concentrations of these chemicals are very low.

It is important to remember that different areas of the plant are able to contain different amounts of these compounds. For instance, the leaves as well as parts of the stems that make up tomatoes are home to the highest levels of solanine. Do not let your pet to chew the stems and leaves too. This is the reason why garden predators such as rabbits and deer are not allowed to eat tomatoes. The most important thing to keep to keep in mind that solanine found in tomato is its defense mechanism. It’s purpose is to shield the plant from insects, fungus and other creatures that want to consume it.

If your dog wanders around your garden, it’s recommended to watch the dog, to ensure they don’t chew the leaves of tomatoes. The solanine present in tomato plants causes redness and inflammation when contact is made with the skin of some dogs. If your dog is suffering from this, consider a shampoo for dogs with itchy skin conditioner and natural itchy skin treatment, or an all-natural paw and nose and skin balms to calm the skin.

What About Cherry Tomatoes?

Many people are interested in knowing what can dogs eat when they consume tomatoes that are cherry? The answer to this question is it’s not important. The size isn’t significant as long as your dog isn’t eating excessive amounts. The color can be more significant than the size and you should be looking for symptoms of illnesses.

Are small tomatoes bad for dogs? It is best to begin with small quantities and observe what your dog’s reaction is. A small amount of cherry tomatoes could be a good method to observe the way your dog responds to tomatoes. It is a good method to limit the amount they consume at the beginning.


Can dogs eat red cherry tomatoes?

If your veterinarian says that it’s fine for your dog to consume cherries, then it would be more beneficial to select tomatoes that are ripe and red with the leaves, vines, and stems taken away.

You should also serve the red cherry tomatoes to your pet fresh and with no other added ingredients like salt, as they could be harmful for dogs. Make sure you are aware of which part of the world these tomatoes come from to ensure you be sure to stay clear of pesticides and herbicides which could cause illness for your pet.

Green parts in the cherry tomato plant contain tomatine and solanine, each of them poisonous substances that can cause harm for your dog. Since solanine is present in the green parts of the plant and tomatine is found in the green parts, feeding your pet an ripe, fresh red tomato will be safe. If you allow them to consume the red tomatoes on occasion snacks, your pet is safe in the event that they ingest tomatoes.

Can dogs eat cherry tomato sauce?

It’s been discovered the consumption of cooked tomato could help with absorption of nutrients especially lycopene, which can provide a myriad of incredible health benefits for dogs.

But, make sure you do not allow your dog take a bite of the cherry tomato sauce, or cook tomatoes if you are aware there are only mature red and fully ripe tomatoes were used in the making. Also, be aware of all the other ingredients in the sauce prior to you allow your dog to take a bite of. For instance two of the most common components that are used in tomato-based dishes, onions and garlic, are known to be poisonous to dogs.

What fruit is bad for dogs?

Fruit. Avoid Cherries: Cherries can be toxic for dogs and cats Grapes and raisins can damage kidneys. Citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and grapefruits as and persimmons are a source of upset stomachs.

Is rice good for dogs?

Safe: Cooked White Rice and Pasta

Dogs are able to eat simple white rice or pasta when it has been cooked. A serving of plain white rice along with some cooked chicken may help your dog feel better if they’re having stomach issues.


What happens if my dog eats cherry tomatoes?

The most frequent indication for dogs suffering from tomato poisoning is stomach upset. However, dogs can also experience vomiting diarrhea, drowsiness confusion, an unusual heart rate, or other signs. If you notice signs of tomato poisoning on your dog, take it to the veterinarian.

Final Thoughts: Can Dogs Have Tomatoes?

It is the answer whether dogs can eat tomatoes is yes or no. There is no way to know exactly where the idea originated that tomatoes are harmful to dogs at all times however, it could have been following an adverse reaction. The article we have discussed the various reasons that may cause a dog to experience an adverse reactions to tomatoes. The answer is it’s all about your dog’s condition and degree of sensitivity. As with humans, all dogs are unique, and what isn’t affecting one dog may lead to death in another. Here are a few additional questions you may be asking.

Like humans, dogs do not love tomatoes. However, if you happen to have dogs that likes tomatoes, they are able to take them however they want. They can eat them cooked or raw. They can be served in sauces that don’t contain other ingredients that could be hazardous for dogs. The most important thing is to make sure that your pet isn’t allergic to them.

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