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Pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit is an unusual fruit that grows on a cactus North, South, and Central America. Find out whether dogs are allowed to eat dragon fruit. Just look at the Pitahaya plant and you’ll question what the reason anyone would want to eat something from it.

It’s a spiky plant with bright red fruits that are able to grow at the edges. This exotic fruit comes with an unusually sweet flavor. Can dogs eat it? Learn more about it here. Dragon fruit also known as pitaya or pitahaya, are the the moonlight cactus. It thrives throughout Central as well as South America. Most of the time, the outside that the fruit has is bright red and has spines that are yellow-green.

However, the inside is white, with tiny seeds that are black. The texture is similar to that of that of kiwis, however, the flavor is less sour. The fruit isn’t widely used in many American households, however there’s a chance that your dog might be able to get it.


Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

The positive side is that dogs are able to safely eat dragon fruits. It’s safe and not harmful for your pet’s best pet. Actually, it’s healthy for them as well. Dogs will love the simple-to-eat flesh of the fruit as an treat or snack. Although seeds can be poisonous to dogs,

Dragon fruit seeds can be completely safe. However, it is important to always introduce new food items to your pet slowly. Check how your dog’s stomach reacts to the food. If they become sick, do not take them off of it.

The majority of dogs do not react negatively to dragon fruits, but it is always best to be sure. There are many varieties of dragon fruits, based on the region they come from.

Is Dragon Fruit Good For Dogs?

While dragon fruit isn’t often even an essential part of the diet of dogs, the pitaya can provide some minor health advantages. As with many kinds of fruits that are rich in fiber and lacking in calories which makes it ideal for digestion. Also, it contains a good level of calcium which is crucial to build strong bones.

But, the majority of pet food products already contain everything your dog requires. In contrast to many other seeds in the fruit the dragon fruit seeds don’t pose a risk to dogs. They’re small enough that they’re barely the risk of choking, though the whole fruit could be in the event that your dog attempts to eat all of it in one go.

If you’d like to allow your pet to taste dragon fruit, be sure you cut it into smaller pieces and begin with only a handful at a time. As we’ve mentioned before that dragon fruit is rich of vitamin C. But even though humans must ensure that they include vitamin C into their diets does not mean that dogs must too.

As per the American Council on Science and Health the dogs are able to synthesize the vitamin C they need from of the glucose they consume. That means that there’s no reason to feed your pet dragon fruit or any other diets that is high in Vitamin C. It’s not harmful to their bodies, and they won’t require it.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Too Much Dragon Fruit

Do not be concerned in the event that your dog accidentally consumes the pitaya in a couple of bites. If they do not experience an allergic reaction, they’ll be okay. If your dog is sensitive stomach, they could experience some minor digestive discomfort or irregularities but they should be minimal.

If you’re worried be sure to keep an eye on your dog over the next couple of hours. The only reason to bring your pet to the vet would be if they exhibit vomiting or breathing issues however the odds for this to happen is low. In fact, eating too much of the dragon fruit should not cause more than small amounts of constipation.

It’s true that it isn’t recommended to feed your dog dragon fruit regularly or in large amounts because it contains more sugar than dogs require. However, the dragon fruit is expensive enough that you may not keep plenty in your house to cause issues in the first place.


Pink Dragon Fruit

Yes, dogs can enjoy the pink fruit. Dragon fruit that has vibrant pink flesh and bright white skin mostly originates from Vietnam. Countries that are located in Central America like Nicaragua and Ecuador have a pink-skinned variety with light to deep pink flesh.

Purple Dragon Fruit

The purple dragon fruit is safe for dogs to consume. It’s rich in folate and high in antioxidants, including betalain. It is also rich in beta carotene that is beneficial for dogs’ eyes.

Red Dragon Fruit

Dogs can take a bite of red dragon fruits. They are readily available throughout the year all year round in Costa Rica and other Central American countries. It is rich of vitamin C and fiber as well as potassium, and other minerals.

Yellow Dragon Fruit

The yellow dragon fruit is suitable for dogs to take in. The kind of fruit is found within South America. It is yellow in its skin and white flesh , with black seeds. The yellow dragon fruit is high in levels of vitamin C than other varieties of this fruit.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit Skin?

The leathery, spiky dragon fruit skin can be difficult to digest and chew. When you feed the dragon fruit to your pet chop it into two pieces, then scoop out the soft flesh. Discard the skin prior to giving the fruit to your pet.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps boost your dog’s immune system. It also aids in reducing inflammation and boosts cognitive performance. Although most dogs produce the vitamin C themselves, providing them with some extra vitamin C from these kinds of fruits is sure to help.

Low In Calories

It’s also a fruit that is low in calories. If you’re trying to control the weight of your pet, offer them food that is lower in calories. There’s only 60 calories within 3.5 grams from dragon fruit. This isn’t bad!


High In Fiber

Consuming foods high in fiber can help your dog control their blood sugar levels. It could help reduce cholesterol levels. In 3.5 grams of Dragon Fruit, you will find 1.8 milligrams of fiber.


Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. This is good for both dogs and humans since when oxidation occurs within our cells and free radicals are created, they can cause. Free radicals are a terrible thing which harm our cells, and are connected to cancer. Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants. It protects cells from ageing and harm.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat pitaya also called dragon fruit? It’s fine for your pet, but it might not be the best option for your pocket. If your dog’s favorite is fruit for treats on occasion it is better to choose fruit options for dogs, such as apples and pear. They are both cheaper and have a little higher in fiber than the dragon fruits.

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