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When your pup was fortunate enough to find an animal’s nest on the outside the yard, it will surely eat up eggs, shells and everything. Your dog’s jaws are strong and sharp teeth could quickly eat away at the delicate shell. Do dogs have the right to eat eggshells as part of a healthy diet?

Eggshells are safe for the majority of dogs to consume in smaller quantities, however they’re high in calcium. Also, having too many eggs food items for your dog could create nutritional imbalances. Additionally, eggshells may be sharp and cause a scratch on your pet’s throat, even if tiny.

Some dogs could be allergic to eggshells or eggs inside. It’s generally recommended to consult with your veterinarian prior to adding eggshells to your pet’s diet. A majority of dogs will not require the additional calcium.

However, if your pet has arthritis or your vet is in agreement eggshells as well as eggshell membranes can be an excellent healthy addition to their diet.


Benefits of Eggshells for Dogs

Eggshells are an excellent source of protein and calcium for dogs, which will help build strong bone structure and teeth that are healthy. Eggshells are believed to be a better supply of calcium than an purchased calcium supplement.

They could also boost joints, muscles and heart health and strengthen your immune system. A dog on an organic diet will typically require twenty percent of the diet to contain raw, meaty bones. Eggshells can supply the required calcium without the risk of contamination or health risks associated with feeding dogs bones that are raw.

Are EggShells Safe?

In the past in the past, animals (and cats) in the wild could consume raw eggs whole from the nest with no worry about contamination or eating on eggshells. While there is no evidence that suggests eggshells may be the source of salmonella poisoning, a few simple methods are suggested.

Simple steps to follow in the preparation of eggshells to consumption will eliminate the danger of contamination or sharp edges of the shell getting caught inside the throat. Most importantly, the proper absorption of all those healthy proteins and calcium. Although dogs are able to consume an egg in its entirety, eating eggshells in their entirety might not be the most effective option to provide your dog the protein and calcium it requires.

Grinding eggshells prior the feeding process helps digesting the shells and , in turn absorbs proteins and calcium. It is possible to see white specks of sludge in their stool if they consume the eggs whole. This will also prevent any eggshell stuck in throat conditions particularly for dogs that are known to snarl.

It’s also a simple method to incorporate into your feeding routine by having a ready-made eggshell calcium powder in your home.


How Much Eggshell Calcium Powder to Give Your Dog?

When your pet is eating the best commercial food diet, there’s probably no need to add calcium to your diet. Check with your vet prior to adding ingredients to your commercial diet. But, it’s recommended for dogs on homemade diets. What is the right amount of eggshell powder do you need to include? It’s based on the diet and the size of the dog.

How Much Calcium is in an Eggshell?

One egg is typically reduce to one tablespoon of powdered egg shell (approx 5.5gms) that equates roughly 2,000 mg calcium. In general, for 8 pounds ( 1/2 pounds) in fresh foods, you’ll need to add 1/4 teaspoon of eggshell powder that amounts to about 500mg of calcium.

How to Make Eggshell Calcium for Your Dog

If you are able, organic or fresh eggs purchased from farms are recommended. Certain stores chemically treat eggs, which may not only deplete nutrients, but also be harmful to your pet. Wash, collect and dry about twelve shells. Ideally, store the shells in the refrigerator until you’re ready to grind them.

This will aid in drying them more efficiently, but an airtight container kept at the room temperature will suffice until you’ve obtained enough. Place the shells on an oven tray , and put them in an oven preheated with a temperature of 200 (~95) for 10 minutes. It is important for the shells to dry, not to cook.

Are Eggshells Good for Dogs?

The most important nutrient dog owners receive in eggshells comes from calcium. Calcium is an essential component of any dog’s diet to help strengthen teeth and bones. Calcium supplements can also help treat the issue of low blood calcium.

For dogs who lack this mineral, eggshells can be a fantastic supplement in their food. In addition eggshell membranes are proved to be beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis-related joint pain. A study from 2016 found that daily consumption of eggshell membrane reduced joint pain as well as improved joint functioning in the short-term.

The long-term effect was a continual reduction in joint discomfort which then increased living quality of those dogs who participated in the study. If your dog suffers from joint-related issues Eggshells and membranes of eggs could be a wonderful supplement to their diet. Make sure to consult your vet to make sure you’re feeding the right amount for the size of your dog and age.


Are Eggshells Bad for Dogs?

Like all food items there are pros and pros and. The calcium in eggshells is beneficial for certain breeds of dogs, and can help improve their overall health. But for others, additional calcium isn’t necessary. When your dog fed kibble or raw fed, but is not receiving sufficient calcium, excess calcium in eggshells may cause health problems which include skeletal problems for dogs who are younger.

Additionally eggshells are sharp when they break. This could be very uncomfortable for your pet to eat, especially in the event that sharp edges scratch your dog’s throat or another component in their digestion. Another issue that’s frequently discussed is the possibility for salmonella contamination in eggshells. Let’s look at this in greater specific.

Can Dogs Have Egg Shells? A Summary

Like many other foods egg shells come with pros and cons for pets! Some dogs may not require the calcium supplementation in their diets. If they already have enough calcium, eggshells may cause health issues! However, certain breeds of dogs may greatly benefit from eggshells as well as eggshell membranes. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian prior to serving this brand new food.

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