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The small kiwis are fruit that are packed with lots of flavor. They are tart and sweet. The tiny fruit is with essential vitamins for humans, including vitamin C Vitamin K, vitamins E folate and potassium, but what does it mean for dogs? Find out if it is possible to take kiwi to your dog?

It is available all year round and loaded in vitamin C that is higher than oranges and more potassium than bananas Kiwi is a sweet fruit that tastes delicious and has a myriad of nutritional benefits. What about dogs eating Kiwis? If you’re enjoying a snack of Kiwi, it’s okay to give it to your pet. But be aware of a few things to consider prior to sharing.


Is Kiwi Good for Dogs?

Since they’re a bit small in terms of size, you should not give your dog a full Kiwi. Although smaller breeds, like the Havanese aren’t in a position to put a complete Kiwi in their mouths larger breeds, such as that of the Golden Retriever, could potentially consume it in one bite. If this occurs, the fruit may become lodged in the dog’s throat and hinder his breathing.

To prevent a potentially dangerous situation cut the kiwi in tiny pieces or slices and feed your dog just a tiny amount at a time. When you introduce something new, particularly food items for humans begin slowly to determine what your dog’s reaction. “Some dogs just don’t tolerate things other than their own food,” doctor. Ann Hohenhaus, a staff veterinarian at the city’s Animal Medical Center.

While dogs have developed to be better at consuming the food we consume however, not all dogs are adept at digesting the foods we love to serve them. Kiwis have a tough outer skin that, along with the flesh , contains significant amounts of insoluble fibers, often called “roughage.” This stimulates the intestines, allowing food to flow through them faster. A high intake of fiber in dogs’ diets can cause upset stomach or worse condition of diarrhea.

While the skin is edible however, it’s best to take it off the skin prior to feeding kiwi to your pet. If you’re wondering if your dog will reap all the health benefits you enjoy from eating kiwi it’s not the case. “Dogs don’t have the same nutritional requirements as humans,” Dr. Hohenhaus. This doesn’t mean that a Kiwi isn’t beneficial for your dog. However, it does help humans more than canines.

Kiwi for your dog must only be taken as a pleasure not a replacement for other foods that are healthier for dogs. It is always best to talk to your vet prior to feeding your dog something new.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Kiwi?

Although it could seem like a simple question on whether your dog is able to take pleasure in kiwi however, it’s somewhat complicated. The simple answer is that kiwi is fairly healthy fruit that dogs can consume. It is advised to remove the seeds and skin before giving this as a snack for your pet.

As with all new foods it is advisable to introduce kiwi to your pet gradually, in order to quickly determine whether your dog is suffering from an intolerance, allergy or has difficulty digesting the fruit. Although there are many advantages when eating kiwi but the benefits that could be claimed are not completely understood for dogs and feeding them this food is not without a certain amount of caution and discretion.


Potential Health Concerns For Dogs Eating Kiwi

While the inner part of the fruit can be an excellent snack for your pet, not feed your dog any part of the skin or the seeds. As with many other fruits they contain seeds. These can be poisonous for your dog if they are consumed in large amounts, so it is advised to take out the seeds before feeding it to your pet to ensure that they are sure. Also, make sure you get rid of the skin. Although it’s not harmful however, the skin of kiwi is difficult to chew, and may cause choking for small dogs.

If consumed whole, it can possibly block the digestive tract and cause severe health problems. The skin that is tough is generally harder to digest, which implies that it is much more likely stomach upset. Because kiwi’s are very small in size, it is recommended to not feed your dog a complete Kiwi. Smaller breeds, like the Chihuahua can’t manage to take the entire kiwi in their mouths, larger breeds such as the Labrador Retriever, could potentially consume it in just one bite.

To prevent a potentially dangerous scenario, like a kiwi being lodged in your pet’s throat cut the kiwi into small pieces , and give your dog small portions at one time. In excess, kiwi can cause stomach discomfort. If your dog suffers from any of these after eating a kiwi talk to your vet:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia and lack of appetite
  • Distended or painful belly
  • Lethargy

Like all types of food it is important to be moderate. A handful of pieces of kiwi are suitable for dogs to consume. Although doggy-safe fruits and vegetables are generally thought of as healthy and low-fat treats but eating too much of them can result in upset stomachs.

In general, too many treats in addition to an energizing diet, could cause obesity in dogs, which can cause havoc to the dog’s body, particularly in dogs that are prone to hip dysplasia.

Always Select A Ripe Kiwi for Your Dog

Kiwis are readily available all year. Selecting a fresh, good fruit can help make the snack more suitable for your pet. A fresh kiwi must be soft, brown and soft. It should not have dark spots, bruises, wrinkles, or mold. If the kiwi has been broken, shriveled or has mold or has a dark spot, the fruit isn’t suitable for consumption and may be overripe.


How to Serve Kiwi to Your Dog

Like any fruit It is crucial to scrub and wash the surface completely prior to preparation. Take off the skin and seeds, and cut the kiwi into smaller pieces of about two inches in thickness according to what size your dog is. Offer kiwi to your pet as a treat that is not as part of their normal diet.

It can be utilized as the healthy food mix for a treat-themed toy such as Kong. Kong. It is a fantastic way to exercise your pet without feeding them too much. It is also possible to combine it with a healthy frozen fruit or vegetable popsicle maintain your dog’s cool during the hot days. In the end, kiwi can be offered to dogs as a special treat, provided the seeds and skin are removed.

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