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Persimmons are safe to your dog to eat , and contain Vitamins C as well as A. However pits and seeds could cause intestinal blockage, leading to digestive issues. The pit and seeds aren’t harmful, and need to be removed when dogs are fed persimmon. Additionally, dogs who consume too many persimmons could suffer from diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmons? What You Need To Know About Dogs and Persimmons

Persimmons are a rare fruit that are not widely available in the United States – but can dogs consume persimmons? Learn more about the health benefits as well as warnings.

They are also known as autumn fruits. They look like tomatoes and taste similar to honey and actually are the berries. If you’ve ever wondered if your dog could eat it read on. This article is specifically for you.

Do dogs have the right to eat persimmons? It’s possible but be sure to watch them carefully. There’s nothing harmful in them, however it is important to ensure that they don’t eat pits or seeds, as they could hinder the dog’s small intestine.

Let’s examine the security of persimmons to dogs and what you need to be aware of if they decide to eat persimmons.


Persimmon For Dogs

Persimmons contain vitamin C as well as vitamin A. These vitamins can be beneficial to the dog’s immune system as well as eyes.

The flavor of this fruit is soft and sweet, and also has a tangy texture and a delicious texture, dogs are awestruck by the taste and texture of these fruits. It is important to be cautious with the amount your dog eats because eating too much can cause stomach upsets. It is also important not to allow your dog to consume seeds or the pit.

Will Persimmons Hurt Dogs?

The fruit in itself won’t cause harm to dogs, however the seeds or pits can be very dangerous.

Persimmon pits can lead to obstruction of the intestine. A sign of a blocked intestinal tract include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Lethargy
  • A lack of appetite
  • Burping or drooling
  • Abdominal Pain and Bloating

If you observe any of these symptoms in your dog and suspect they consumed persimmons, you should contact your veterinarian right away.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Fruit?

Yes, dogs can consume persimmons. There are a variety of aspects of the persimmon, and methods to consume it, therefore let’s take each one in detail so that you can make sure your pet stays in good health.

Although persimmons are safe for dogs to consume, they are still a fruit extremely high in fiber, so be mindful of the amount they consume. Consuming too much persimmon could cause dogs to have an upset stomach as well as diarrhea.


Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Skin

Yes, it’s permissible for pets to consume persimmon skin. You don’t need peel it before serving it to your pet. Be sure to clean the pits first.

There is nothing harmful in the skin of persimmons, making it safe to consume.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Leaves

The majority of people use persimmon leaves in tea. If you own persimmon trees, do not let your dog consume the leaves. They aren’t harmful to your dog, however the consumption of too much fiber may cause stomach upset.

The best rule of thumb to follow in regards to leaves and leafy plants is to allow them to consume the same food items that you eat.

Can Dogs Eat Fresh Persimmons

Yes, it’s permissible for pets to consume fresh persimmons. Just offer them just a tiny amount per day to avoid digestion issues such as diarrhea.

The Health Benefits of Persimmons

After those cautions are taken care of it’s worth noting the persimmon fruit itself is rich in antioxidants and is great for treating yourself — with moderation, of course.

Persimmons have high levels of each Vitamin A B and Vitamin B which are responsible for supporting energy levels and vision, respectively.

Persimmons also have high levels of lycopene. It is believed to aid in fight cancer-causing tumors.

It’s not recommended to feed your dog more than a persimmon every week, because you don’t want them to develop the habit of demanding to be rewarded with sweets each meal. Additionally, too much persimmons may cause vomiting or stomach upsets.

Things to Watch for Feeding Persimmons to Your Dog

Another thing to keep in mind is that your dog should not be eating too many persimmons. Persimmons that are too much for your dog can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

If your dog shows signs of lethargyor abdominal pain, dehydration or vomiting after eating persimmons, don’t be afraid to seek assistance. There is a chance that you not be aware of seeds when you pets eat persimmons, and you would like to assist your dog in the event of an issue.

Remember that your dog may be a fan of the taste and the smell however, they should be served in a manner that is respectful to dogs. In general, you need to ensure that your pet doesn’t receive seeds when they consume them. You aren’t likely to give them too much persimmons. Persimmons may be good for dogs, they are harmful if pets consume too much of them as with all other foods.


Can Dogs Have Cooked Persimmons

Yes, dogs are able to consume cooked persimmons. Be aware of the ingredients used to cook them. There are many ingredients that can be harmful for dogs. For instance cinnamon is safe to dogs however nuts are poisonous.

Sugar intake can negatively influence a dog’s blood glucose levels and increase the chances of developing obesity, heart issues and diabetes. It is recommended to feed dogs fresh persimmons that are free of added sugars

Can Dogs Eat Dried Persimmons

Yes, dogs are able to safely consume dried persimmons. The risk you must be aware of is the quantity they consume. dried fruit is rich in sugars, even though it’s naturally sugar.

Dry persimmons are rich in vitamins, and are a great alternative to processed sweets.

Final Thoughts

Persimmons possess a delightfully sweet taste that dogs and humans enjoy! If you plan to gift some of them to the dog you love, make sure you are sure to get rid of the pit and seeds first as these could cause obstruction in the intestines.

If your dog is showing indications of a poor health condition after eating persimmons, consult your vet.

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