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Can dogs consume raw meat? This question’s answer is much more nuanced than simply a yes or no. Every dog is different and so are all types of meat that is raw. Your pet could indulge in raw meat and not suffer any negative consequences, but they could develop a devastating illness.

The article below we’ll be going over the pros and cons of feeding your pet raw meat from the perspective of a vet to assist you in making an informed choice.


Possible benefits of raw meat for dogs

As pet owners We want to ensure that our furry companions are fed an appropriate, balanced diet. There are a myriad of canned and kibble choices, many pet owners are investigating diets made up of raw meats for dogs. A few of the well-known raw dog diets is called BARF which is Biologically suitable Raw Food also known as it’s the Bones and Raw Food diet.

In 1993, the Australian doctor Ian Billinghurst, this diet demands that dogs consume a mixture of raw meat, offal, veggies fruit, eggs and fruits.

Raw meat aligns with dogs’ biological needs

The supporters of this idea claim they are all-omnivores, and a the raw diet is compatible with the needs of their biology. Before dogs were domesticated, their diet consisted mainly from raw meat. It is important to keep in mind that dogs also lived longer in this period as compared to modern-day breeds of dog that are pet friendly.

Wolves still consume raw meat, however it is important to understand that the dogs who live with us today are distant cousins of the wolves that they descendents from. It is also believed that the digestive systems of dogs are designed to aid them to digest raw meat fast and effectively.

The GI system of dogs is smaller than that of humans so food goes through it more quickly. They also have more stomach acids that help break down food items that humans would not eat safely.

Raw Meat & Your Dog’s Biological Needs

Many advocates for raw food cite that dogs are omnivores, and a raw-based diet is more closely with their natural needs than the kibble in a bag. Before the introduction of domesticated dogs were born, their diet consisted almost entirely of raw food.

They still adhere to this diet However, it’s important to remember that in the present they’re not the closest from our pets who are still with us. Another reason is that because of the dog’s digestive system that is efficient and stomach acidity that is strong they are able to break down foods like raw meat, which humans can’t safely eat.


Breath & Oral Health

A study by Brown and Park found that dental issues in dogs generally resulted from eating “soft diets with insufficient dental activity.” In the research, they substituted cans of dog food by beef oxtail, and looked at 30 dogs suffering from the dental calculus as well as tooth loss.

Within 24 hours the greater than 30 percent of the calculus had been removed and 95% was removed after two weeks. The key difference here is that they measured raw meat that contains bones and bone fragments against canned food. Since many raw diets don’t contain bones, they’re not as effective in cleaning dog’s teeth.

Possible Improvements in Certain Conditions

Additional research is required however, there are many who say that a raw food diet can aid in controlling ailments in your dog for example, diabetes. It’s still unclear whether raw meat is beneficial to pets with specific health problems however, as more pet owners are interested to feed their dogs raw food further research is being conducted. It’s important to discuss the diet of your pet with your veterinarian in case they suffer from any health issues.

Improved Digestion

Many raw food lovers claim that their pet’s diet improves digestion overall and helps them to take in more nutrients. Kibble can remain in a dog’s stomach 7 to 9 hours, however it is possible to digest raw meat within a matter of 1-2 hours. As a result, you will notice lower frequency (and less smelly!) stools. Raw diets can help to balance the dog’s digestive system, which can aid in weight control.


Skin & Coat Health

Based on research from research conducted by the University of California Davis, raw meat is more digestible for dogs and also promotes the development of softer, more shiny coats as compared to dry foods. Most likely, the benefit to coats and the skin stem due to the fact that foods that are raw have very little filler and plenty of protein, fresh fat Vitamin E, zinc. Many dog kibble brands include these vitamins and nutrients to their formulas in order to get similar outcomes.


Raw meat is at a greater risk of being contaminated as compared to when it’s cooked. The reason we cook our meat is that the heat kills harmful bacteria and harmful germs are in it, such as Salmonella. Although dogs are more vulnerable to Salmonella than humans but it’s still possible for your pet to be quite sick from eating food that has been contaminated with Salmonella and experience discomfort and diarrhea or even serious symptoms in certain instances.

It’s also important to take this to take into consideration that even if your pet isn’t sick due to the bacteria in the meat that is present in the raw and toxins, they could transmit the bacteria throughout your home, putting your family members at the risk of becoming sick. It’s not advised for families with children or members with immunodeficiency to feed their dogs raw meat because they are at chance of being exposed to harmful bacteria.

How Can I Offer My Dog Raw Beef?

Any kind of beef that is raw can cause your ears to be excited Be certain to cut into bite-sized pieces or smaller morsels. Dogs are equally excited to be served lightly cooked meat in raw form, however cooking reduces the nutrition benefits.

If throwing raw meat at your pet isn’t for you then try freezing it. It’s as good as fresh and retains almost all of the nutritional value. Your dog depends on you for the majority of his needs. If you’d like to give your dog the best chance of living a healthy and happy life, then raw food is the way to take.

Whole, fresh foods will provide your dog with all the ingredients he requires to stay healthy.

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