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Strawberries are a popular warm-weather snack for dogs and human companions. The warm weather means that they there is a bounty of them and when we’re incorporating the fruit into our diets they can be fed to our pets.

It might be difficult or confusing to know what fruits and vegetables are suitable for dogs (here’s an indication that grapes aren’t healthy for dogs) However you can enjoy fresh strawberries. But you shouldn’t give your dog strawberries that have been canned or in syrup. These aren’t good for your pet in any way. Are Strawberries Safe for Dogs?

Although there are some summer fruits that aren’t pet-friendly, like grapes and cherries Strawberries are an option which can be served safely to your pet so you ensure that they’re cleaned, the leaves removed, and they are cut into small pieces to prevent the possibility of choking or intestinal obstructions.

However, as with every good food item, they should be consumed in moderate amounts. The fruits like strawberries are full of fiber and sugar Ingestion of too many could cause digestive problems like diarrhea and other health issues.

Benefits of Strawberries for Dogs

Strawberries are healthy sweet treat that is low in calories and sweet for your dog. They are packed with antioxidants and rich in fiber as well as vitamin C. This is a great bonus. If you give your pet strawberries, you’re aiding him in staying healthy in a variety of ways.

For instance, over time fresh fruits can help slow the aging process and boost the immune system and aid in weight loss. Strawberries also can help to whiten the teeth of your pet. Like all things, make sure you consult your veterinarian prior to giving your pet food items such as strawberries. If you’re granted the go-ahead to start, you should only offer small pieces of strawberry and keep an eye on your dog to make sure that he or does not have an adverse reaction.

It’s best to wait to offer the fruits such as strawberries to pets who are overweight or suffer from ailments like diabetes or digestive issues, because the consumption of fruit by humans can aggravate these conditions. How to Feed Strawberries Safely to Your Dog Now knowing that you can feed your pets strawberries, what’s the most secure way to go about it? The best way of serving them is to thoroughly wash them and then cut them into small pieces to avoid choking and to make it easier to digest.

In the case of a dog with a small size it is possible to mash the berries, or blend the berries and then add them to dog food. When frozen, cut-up strawberries can be a delicious cold summer treat. If you are introducing a new food item to your pet’s diet, it’s advised to contact your veterinarian first. If you decide to begin to feed your pet strawberries make sure you are cautious to begin with smaller characteristics and observe the dog closely for changes in his behavior or digestive problems.

If you observe anything unusual you should stop feeding the berries to your dog and consult with your vet. Certain canines (particularly small breeds) might enjoy mashed the berries, or even a purée that is added to their meals. Most dogs love cutting frozen strawberries into treats to keep them cool during hot summer days.


Other Fruity Treats for Your Dog

Veterinarians suggest that any kind of food should comprise around 10% of the diet of your dog. There are many other fruit you can offer your pet that are healthy and could help keep their health. Here are a few of them.

When Are Strawberries Bad For Dogs?

Hives, breathing difficulties and breathing problems. Too many good things is not a good thing. Strawberries are loaded with sugar, which some dogs are unable to handle. Anyone who eats excessive amounts of them can develop upset stomachs and may experience stomach upset.

It is best to eat in moderate amounts, and consult your vet or nutritionist about the right serving sizes for your specific pet. If your garden is a strawberry plant make sure your dog has access to it and ensure they’re not eating too much. If you are using herbicides or pesticides, don’t let your dog eat these fruit at all. The canned or processed strawberry sweets, desserts that contain strawberries, or foods which contain artificial strawberry flavors typically contain excessive sugar syrup, sweeteners chemical preservatives, chemicals including chocolate or xylitol. Both can be harmful to dogs.

If your dog consumes these types of food, they could require a visit to the emergency vet. Like most foods that contain strawberries, there’s a possibility that your dog might suffer and develop an illness that could be life-threatening. If you observe symptoms for an allergic reaction in your dog, such as coughing, swelling, or other signs, you should stop feeding your dog strawberry treats and consult your veterinarian immediately.


How Should You Feed Strawberries To Your Dog?

Always consult with your vet prior to feeding your pet human food with your pet. Certain breeds have medical issues that may be made worse by berries, and you must always consult your veterinarian or nutritionist for the appropriate portions for your pet.

If you’re given the green light to, make sure that you are feeding fresh, organic strawberries that haven’t been treated with pesticides, preservatives or herbicides. Also, wash them thoroughly. Strawberries are quite small and soft, so the chance of getting choked is very low. However, you might want to chop them into pieces or mash to make them more digestible, especially for dogs with smaller breeds.

Mix them with food items for your dog as treats, make them reward for training, or even freeze them to enjoy an energizing summer treat. They can also be blended with other fruits that are healthy to make delicious smoothies or fruit salad.

However, always remember to consult your vet before giving additional human food items to your pet. Does your dog ever eat strawberries? Do you have recipes for strawberry dog treats? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


Top Dog Treats/Foods with Strawberries

Apart from giving fresh or frozen strawberries directly to your dog, consider making a treat at home using an easy recipe approved by your vet. You can also buy prepared treats which incorporate strawberries and strawberry flavors in their meals and treats.

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