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When you think of sweet potatoes, it conjures images of festive dinner sides that are smothered with toasty Brown sugar, marshmallows and marshmallows. Many people don’t think of them to be anything more than the sweet, sticky ingredient to the holiday menu.

But for us and our pets, they provide numerous health benefits. The experts at nutrition consider sweet potatoes to be as a complete superfood. These tubers with a bright orange color also known as root vegetables are rich in nutrients. They’re loaded full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C as well as potassium and fiber, a nutritious punch that few tubers beat. Also, they’re low on fat and calories. In the end, sweet potatoes provide delicious nutrition and taste to the diet of your dog.

Potatoes are healthy root vegetables which provide vital nutrition and carbohydrates. However, can dogs take a bite of sweet potatoes, yams and potatoes? It depends on the type of potato’s characteristics and whether it’s been cooked. Potatoes are an ingredient that is commonly used in commercial dog food due to the presence of their vitamins and minerals which can benefit the health of your dog and its coat.

But , potatoes and yams must be cooked before feeding dogs in smaller portions. In this article, we’ll discuss six points that you must know prior to feeding your dog yams. The sweet potato, a humble and humble potatoes are an extremely starchy root vegetable that is grown all over the world. Oft, sweet potatoes are mistaken for yams. the majority of American grocery stores sell sweet potatoes, with only specialized stores that carry the genuine Yam.

What’s the difference between Sweet Potatoes and Yams?

Sweet potatoes are more sweet and contain greater nutrition than Yams. It would be easy to believe that the two vegetables were connected, but they’re not. Sweet potatoes belong to the Morning Glory family. Yams belong to the Lily family.

Both are ground tubers with Yams being significantly larger than sweet potatoes and having the bark-like flesh, and the drier and more starchy meat. Sweet potatoes are smoother and have thinner skins that have less starch, but they are also rich in nutrients. White potatoes are not as sweet as those that are sweet potatoes. White potatoes belong to the nightshade plant family, making them poisonous if consumed uncooked. Sweet potatoes aren’t harmful but they could cause stomachache when your pet consumes them raw.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrition. As a superfood that is considered a complete one sweet potatoes are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are vital to their health as well as the owners of dogs. Here are some advantages sweet potatoes offer Food Fiber Sweet potatoes are one of the most abundant source of fiber found in vegetables.

Dogs are awestruck by these vegetables. Fiber is vital to keep the digestive system running smoothly. If your dog suffers from constipation or diarrhea The fiber found in sweet potatoes can help to alleviate these issues. The obese dog can benefit from a more fiber-rich diet. Fiber increases the feeling of fullness following meals, which helps your dog shed weight.

Studies have shown that a diet high in fiber can lower the risk of heart disease and help prevent certain cancers in dogs. Sweet potatoes cooked to perfection are great for your dog, however raw sweet potatoes can cause stomach pain or upset stomach. Therefore, it is best to serve them cooked form.


Can my dog eat sweet potato skins?

The skin of sweet potatoes is safe for dogs however, if it is eaten in large portions, can result in choking hazards.

This is particularly true for dogs with small breeds. The skin is difficult to digest for dogs. Peeling vegetables before eating is recommended, but if you don’t leave the skins of your sweet potato to cut it or cut it into smaller thin pieces to make it easier for digesting and eating.

Can my dog eat canned sweet potatoes?

The majority of canned sweet potatoes contain artificial sweeteners and added sweeteners that could pose a risk for your pet. Organic sweet potatoes that have water as the only ingredients are safe for your pet. It is important to remember that certain nutrients are lost through the process of making canned food.


Can dogs be allergic to sweet potatoes?

Yes but no. Sweet potatoes are considered to be a whole food. This means that your pet is less likely to develop an immune reaction or sensitization to the sweet potato. But, if you give your pet the new food, keep an eye out for any signs of itchiness or breathing issues, as well as itchy rashes.

Since sweet potatoes contain starchy carbohydrates dogs suffering from candida or yeast problems (ear inflammation or excessive itching) must be monitored for flare-ups of symptoms. Carbohydrates transform into sugar in the body. Sugar is a food source for candida or yeast.

Best ways to feed your dog sweet potatoes

Dogs generally love sweet potatoes. I’m sure my dog does! They’re best cooked or baked, and then cut, mashed, or chopped. These vegetables are great snacks for training because they’re low in calories and fat. You may also incorporate them into your dog’s meals, such as a kibble or wet food for a tastyand nutritious treat.

Sweet potato chips and fries that are designed for humans could contain sugars, salts or other artificial ingredients in the ingredients. These aren’t good for dogs and could cause stomach or stomach discomforts. If you’re planning to share sweet potato chips or fries with your pet, consider making them with fresh sweet potato instead of frozen or processed foods. My dogs are fond of sweet potatoes that have been dehydrated as an alternative to chewing rawhide.

They are a result of either the oven or dehydrator with a stiff and have a slight chew that satisfy their chewing requirements. There are a variety of resources available online to make simple and quick sweet potato chews for people who would rather make it themselves. This is particularly beneficial for dogs who are older or puppies.

Combining sweet potato with different fruits and vegetables is a fantastic option to provide a nutrition boost to your pet’s diet. Mix them in with strawberries, broccoli, blueberries, bananas or mix them into plain yogurt smoothies or freeze them to make a tasty summer snack.


Can my diabetic dog eat sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are rich in starch and are regarded as to be a vegetable with a moderate glycemic load. This means it rapidly transforms into sugar and may raise blood sugar levels to levels that are high. Also, it could cause blood sugar levels to drop or fall rapidly. Because of this, diabetic dogs are advised to eat sweet potatoes infrequently as a treat.

If your dog suffers from diabetes ask your veterinarian regarding the possibility of giving sweet potatoes for your pet. Sweet potatoes are also known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy can be found in dog breeds. Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) can be described as the expansion of the heart. This reduces its capacity to circulate blood efficiently through the body of a dog. This could lead to serious heart failure due to congestive or sudden heart attack.

Recently it has become a source of concerns and a number of studies about the impact of grain-free or low-intensity diets in dogs suffering from DCM. The research was in response to the concerns of dogs who were found to have DCM in breeds that are not believed to be predisposed genetically to the disease. In a majority of instances dogs, they were fed only a few ingredients in their diet.

The research has not yet identified the root cause of the rise in the incidence of DCM however they have found that, in the instances of dogs that were diagnosed with DCM 93 percent of them ate diets that included lentils or peas as the principal ingredient. The majority of dogs with DCM consumed foods that contained sweet potatoes or potatoes. So, sweet potatoes as treats, won’t harm your dog , or cause DCM.

There are more research studies on this topic however, for the moment sweet potatoes aren’t thought to be a factor in the increase of DCM in dogs that are not already predisposed to the disease.

Are sweet potatoes safe for my dog?

Like many other vegetables or fruits Sweet potatoes must be consumed by your pet in moderation, and only as treats for occasional occasions, but not as a routine diet.

Too too much of anything good even though it’s healthy is best served in small quantities first to avoid an allergic reaction or intolerance. A balanced dog’s diet includes a scientifically-formulated wet food or kibble including treats, and any food supplements such as sweet potatoes, which should be added in moderation to their normal diet.

If you’re serving sweet potatoes in this manner there’s no need to be concerned of developing dilated cardiomyopathy. We always suggest checking with your vet first before you introduce a new food or treat for your pet. If your dog suffers from heart disease, kidney illness, diabetes overweight, or suffers from an ongoing skin or ear disease, you should consult your veterinarian prior to giving sweet potatoes.

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