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If you recently bought an hamster and also already have a pet dog living at home it is possible to wonder whether your dog and new hamster could have similar food. In short, it’s not true but read on to find out if there are any exceptions to this policy as well as any particular brands that you can utilize to feed both animals.


Is Dog Food Bad For My Hamster?

There are several reasons not to give your hamster dog the food we’re going to take a look at each one of them below.

Natural Diet

The main reason you should avoid feeding your dog hamster food is because they are fed different diets. While both are omnivores that can eat both animals and plants however dogs are closer to the carnivore side. They’ve only become omnivores due to their interaction alongside humans. About 2/3 of a dog’s diet may be comprised of protein and animal products along with grains and vegetables comprising only a small portion. The dog eats virtually none of the animal protein and spends all day long eating Timothy grass, hay, vegetables, as well as other grains.


The amount of protein contained found in pet food generally more than is found in hamster foods. Foods like Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed Chicken and Barley Dry Recipe Dog Food contain 20% or more of protein. Hamster food such as Higgins Sunburst’s Premium Blend Gerbil & Hamster Food only contains around 15% protein. it only accounts for only a tiny portion of the diet for hamsters.


When you examine the two brands previously mentioned, you’ll discern it is the pet food is an increased amount of fat than the hamster’s food. This fat content is higher and can result in heart disease and overweight the hamster. Because obesity can decrease the lifespan of your hamster It is recommended to stay clear of foods that are high in fat and keep to Timothy grasses, hay and fruits and vegetables.


Another distinction you will notice in the two brands mentioned above one is the difference in that pet food doesn’t have nearly as much fiber, as does the Hamster Food. Hamsters need plenty of fiber in their diets and can become constipated if they’re not getting enough.


Things Your Hamster and Dog Can Both Enjoy

Corn and Soy

The majority of dry and wet pet food brands contain excessive animal protein and fat to be appropriate for your hamster, pet treats are a wonderful occasionally-used treat to your dog. Treats for dogs such as Milk-Bone Soft and Chewy Beef and the Filet Mignon recipe Dog Food can be enjoyed by your hamster because they are usually packed with fillers such as soy and corn. These ingredients might not be suitable for your dog, however your hamster will be delighted and they’re closer to the foods they consume.

Chew Toy

Dog treats are also known to be quite hard, and they may help your hamster to wear down its teeth on the front so that they don’t go out of hand. Timothyhay can be the main method your hamster uses to get its teeth cleaned, however, it can appreciate delicious snacks like a treat for dogs at times.

Vitamins and Minerals

A variety of dog treats such as the Milk-Bones that we talked about earlier include minerals and vitamins that could benefit your pet. There are vitamins A, D, and E found in the ingredients , as in addition to calcium and phosphorus that can aid in the development of your pet’s strong bones. Vitamin B12 helps increase the energy levels of our pets and fight obesity. It can also boost metabolism.

How Can I Feed My Hamster Dog Food?

We’ve previously mentioned that the food for dogs isn’t appropriate for a hamster , either in dry or wet form due to it being too rich in fats and animal protein. But, a variety of can be suitable for dogs for hamsters, and while they don’t consume the identical food, they do connect over a tasty snack.

As opposed to dogs, who can devour several snacks in the blink of the eye, your pet can take a single bite of food for days. If you only give them a few times the treats will add an element of variety to their lives and provide an opportunity to chew. We suggest feeding sweets to the pet not more than every month to ensure that it remains well-nourished and doesn’t add extra weight. Between treats be sure to feed them lots of Timothy Hay to ensure they are getting the fiber they require.


Can hamsters eat other animal foods ?

It’s the safest option – no feeding your hamster any other food that isn’t the food that hamsters eat. It doesn’t matter whether you feed it dry foods (kibbles) and wet or dry food.

There are a few rodent-sized species that consume a lot of similar to the hamsters. Gerbils for instance are quite similar to hamsters, and might even have the same type of food mix.

Other rodents, however, have different requirements.

For instance, guinea pigs require the external supply of Vitamin C and their pellets are infused with vitamin. Hamsters don’t need extra vit. C, which means you run the risk of poisoning your hammy in error.

You could argue that it’s an option to feed your pellets with Kibbles from different animals, or grains and add fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat you can get from your own pantry.

I would strongly advise against it as you might make the hamster’s diet incorrect (the amounts and ratios for various elements) and it’s a huge degree of effort to avoid by letting the hamster eat his own special diet.

The best option is to use commercial food mixes made specifically for the hamster. Find out details about a hamster’s nutritious safe diet here. Here is a list of foods that are safe and not that you can feed your hamster from your fridge or pantry or fridge, should you decide to feed him a extra.


If you have spotted your pet hamster eating the food of your dog even though you weren’t and it was fine, you shouldn’t worry about it. But, don’t offer your pet food to hamsters for a reason, as it’s not compatible with the nutritional requirements of your pet and could result in health issues when fed regularly. It is possible to offer your hamster a few times a year a pet treat however, it’s best to stick to the food is appropriate for hamsters to eat such as Timothy grass, hay and fruits as well as vegetables.

We hope we’ve made it easier to calm your nerves and also helped you understand more about the nutritional requirements of your pet.

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