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If you are caught in an emergency situation and you’re facing an enormous deficit in calories in addition to the real danger of food insecurity, you may have to expand your menu just by a bit. . Can you take dog food as a food source in an emergency?

Most of the time, yes, but eating it comes with some risk. Dog food isn’t nutritionally complete, and is deficient in certain essential vitamins needed by humans. It does, however, provide plenty of calories including fats, protein and lots of minerals and vitamins.

However, dog food is often made up of some questionable ingredients and often contains harmful bacteria straight from the container. However, if you have any option or influence on the matter, you should look for something that is better suited for human consumption. In the remaining portion of this post, we’ll explore the specifics about dog foods as an emergency food source.


Dog Food Does Contain Needed Calories

It’s true that calories are just fuel which is essential for maintaining and sustaining vital bodily functions. If you’re struggling to find energy and are beginning to wear out physically and mentally then you should take a bite of dog food knowing it will certainly supply the calories and general nutritional requirements to fill up your tank.

Furthermore the calories are derived from the ingredients that are essentially the staples of most human diets including animal proteins along with animal fats, various types of grains, and additional minerals and vitamins. It is possible to find eggs or vegetables as well as other ingredients that are nutritious in the dog food. Food for dogs is often supplemented with nutrients for the same reason that humans eat food that is fortified to ensure that the body getting all the nutrition it requires to maintain healthy living.

But even though you and your pet are mammals and have a largely similar genes, does not necessarily mean that you share the same biological characteristics. Your dog could be eating foods (with pleasure) that could upset your stomach or cause you to become extremely sick. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are present in the food for dogs. The dog food you’re considering taking a bite of…

What is Pet Food Made Of?

Before you decide to open a container or bag of pet food to consume it, know the components in the majority of pet food. Note the word “most. There are many kinds of pet food, which means there are a variety of ingredients to choose from.


Dog food Contains Undesirable Ingredients

I won’t argue over the drum: the meat protein that is found in most dog food is derived from what’s referred to as “animal byproducts”. In plain English, these are the components of the animal which most people are not able to consume. This covers a large portion of organ meats, which includes the hide and the brain and bones and blood of the animal that are contained in them. In this regard it is important to note that the flavor of dog food in the label is not always the type of meat that is contained in it.

The food for dogs often contains colors, flavorings, and other harmful additives to appeal to Fido. It’s fine, you may think to yourself. A lot of cultures across the globe consume portions of animals in a safe and regularly, which westerners would never think of. What is the worst thing that could happen? Don’t think I didn’t warn you , because it’s going to get worse from here. The standards for ingredients that go into the dog food and the requirements for care of the ingredients as well as the process are significantly lower than in the production of food for humans to eat.

Chemicals, preservers or flavor enhancers, which could not be suitable in human food are regularly added to the dog food and in large quantities. The health of the animals that provide the protein used in this food for dogs is frequently significantly more deteriorating. Animals that were killed chemically or have died from terrible diseases such as cancer, and other parasitic diseases are typically ground right with the healthy ones and made into a raw protein slurry to be used in production of dog food.

Fecal matter can also be found in the mix too as a result of an accident or through a complete negligence. I don’t know what you think I’m not one to take in cancerous flesh, or animal turds in any circumstance, and I don’t wish for my pet to take it in!

Dangers of eating dog food in an emergency

The people who must feed their dogs in order for survival will choose to do so because of desperation. An individual who is healthy will probably not experience any adverse effects when they consume dog food, however this won’t be the case for someone who is already weak from an insufficient diet.

Wet dog food is designed to be stored in a cool, dry room, away from sun. However, If you have a pet and are feeding them canned dog food , then it’s likely that you store the dog’s meals in your kitchen. The kitchen is likely to be one of the most unsuitable locations to store food for dogs since the kitchen is extremely hot when it is compared to other rooms in your home or apartments. Furthermore cooking frequently, it will reduce the shelf-life of pet food you can store in a canned container.

While you’re unlikely to ruin the food in the can since you serve it up to dogs more frequently before it becomes bad. However when you have a large amount of cans of food for dogs it is possible that some of them have passed their expiration dates and have become rotten. The last thing you’d need in a crisis is eating dog food that is bad. A simple thing like diarrhea can turn out to be fatal as your body begins to be weaker and weaker to the point that you’ll no longer be able to get up.

Dry dog food is a lot more durable and has a longer shelf life, but the issue with dog food that is dry is that it requires plenty of water to digest. Therefore, if you’re in an environment where you possess dog food, and you don’t have water, then take small amounts of dog food that is dry which will enable you to continue for a longer time until you locate water. If you’re dehydrated and you consume as much dog food that is dry as you can, you’ll do worse harm than benefit since the dog food could make you more dehydrated.


In conclusion

In the event of an emergency in an emergency, you may take a bite of dog food, but there are many risks to feeding your dog, specifically when you’re malnourished or weak. Although some people believe that eating dog food is perfect for emergencies but I don’t suggest it. There are many other food items that are designed for human consumption, with a longer shelf-life and taste better than the dog food.

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