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If I inform my girlfriend Kate about my idea to eat absolutely nothing but dog food for a whole week her reaction is typical. “That’s disgusting,” she declares. “I do not approve.”
I’ll attempt to clarify. I’ve been following a paleo diet throughout the year, eating eggs, meat and fruits. I’m loving it and feel fantastic. However, all that fresh meat and other produce can be expensive. In addition, there’s a ton of cooking to do, and I’m occupied with other tasks to fill my time, like looking up the labels on dog food.

Yes, I could not be able to resist noticing that my pet’s premium kibble — similar to my paleo dietis rich in proteins, is gluten-free, and grain-free. It’s made from “simple, holistic ingredients.” It’s enriched with omega-3, omega-6 and antioxidants. The most appealing aspect? Canidae is a costly dog food however, at 85 cents for a meal it’s much less expensive that eating paleo.
Kate doesn’t look thrilled. “I just want to go on the record,” she declares. “You are one cheap lady.”


Days Of Eating Dog Food

Day One

It’s crucial to maintain a civilized atmosphere. Breakfast is a treat. I serve an entire cup of kibble to my border collie and then a large cup of my own. I am at the table and begin to eat using an empty spoon. It is dry and gritty. is nutty with a slight sweet taste, similar to an excellent breakfast cereal. After about half the bowl is consumed my jaw is exhausted. Dog food is plenty of crushing. To get some ideas, I read the ingredients: “Look what’s inside! Four protein sources from animals, fruits and veggies. Yum!”
Yum indeed. I devour the remainder part of this bowl.
About 1 p.m. At 1 p.m., I’m excited about lunch. And then I recall … dogs food. It’s similar to trying to call a loved one and realizing that they’re dead.
Dinner is a mystery. I’m going to meet a friend in Manhattan for a cup of coffee at 5 p.m. before going to an event around 7 p.m. I smuggle a handful of Milk-Bones in my purse. The coffee date is late and I must take a snack while on the move by popping biscuits into my mouth while I jog around in the East Village. I’m not worried about hiding the Milk-Bones. If you live in New York City, a woman eating dog treats in the street is probably to be the most boring thing happening.
At day, I am able to see that there is an unexpected benefit to my new eating habits that the only dish I’m required to clean is my dog’s food bowl. This is the simpleness I’ve sought all my life.

Day Two

Tired of kibble, I went to the local pet store to ask the shop owner what pet food is suitable for us. He chooses a canned item that is labeled Chunky Colossal Chicken Dinner. “It’s chicken, peas, carrots and gravy,” the man notes. Sold! When he calls me I ask him whether he has ever eaten dog food. “No,” he says. “You don’t even know what’s in it. But I’ve had biscuits.”
He hands me the Boo Boo Berry dog cookie. “They’re not bad,” he tells me. “A little dry.” I place one into my mouth. It’s in need of salt.
When I get home, I tear the lid off of the Colossal Chicken Dinner. There are baby peas and carrots. It’s beautiful and smells amazing as if it were a bottle from Campbell’s Chunky. However, the taste is bland and metallic. It’s possible that if North Korea produced a canned chicken dinner, it may look like this.


Can Dogs Eat Apple Seeds?

The apple seed’s casing can be harmful to dogs because it has a tiny amount of a natural chemical (amygdalin) which produces cyanide when it is digested. This is a problem when your dog eats a huge quantity of the seeds and they are consumed by dogs and it enters the bloodstream. To ensure your dog’s safety make sure you cut and seed the apples before feeding the apple to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Persin in avocados causes vomiting, diarrhea as well as heart muscle damage. The most risky part of an avocado the pit since it’s an choking risk, and also contains lots of persin. If you suspect that your dog has eaten the pit of an avocado, contact your vet immediately. If your dog consumed an avocado pit in a small amount and is not ill, it’s probably fine however, you must keep an eye on your dog and contact your vet to inquire about further treatment.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes & Raisins?

Grapes and raisins can trigger kidney problems in dogs. A small amount of both could make a dog sick. Vomiting is a common indication of depression and lower energy. We’ve heard of stories of dogs dying due to just one grape and therefore, don’t feed your pet this toxic food.


Surprise! It Tastes Like Meatloaf. I Could Serve This At A Dinner Party And No One Would Blink.

Humans and dogs evolved in tandem, according to Thompson and, unlike other species, both humans and canines are able to survive even thrive in a myriad of diets. But when it comes down to the best nutrition, our requirements differ. Dogs create the vitamin C they need on their own. Humans don’t. Humans and dogs require various amino acids. Humans have a higher efficiency metabolism.
If the dog is happy to take food, that’s not an sign that it’s safe to be eaten by humans. “Why the heck would a dog, within two weeks, eat two jars of petroleum jelly?” she asks. “I certainly wouldn’t. However, my dog did.”
The final day of the dog food week is an explosion of cans, kibble and Freshpet. The next morning I weigh in. I’ve lost 2 pounds. I received some results from a blood test from my health care provider. My blood sugar has decreased to the lowest part of the optimal range — much higher as when I was on paleo.
I’m looking forward to eating the food of others. But if I were broke? I’d prefer to feed my dog kibble instead of Kraft dinner or Ramen noodles. Perhaps, an all-in one gourmet dog food that is high-end is healthier than a diet consisting of sugar and white flour?
Nobody else has the same opinion.
“Dog food,” says Thompson, “is designed for dogs.”

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