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Birds’ diets can range from fruit and vegetables to seeds and even other bird food. People often wonder if they may feed their birds dried fruits, but the answer is often unclear. Dry fruits: do birds like them?

Dried fruits are a great food source for birds because they are always available. The nourishment provided in them provides value to the health of birds and assists in the growth of birds. However, they will benefit more from a balanced diet than from being treated like any other type of food.

Are Dried Fruits Safe For Birds?

Can Birds Eat Dried Fruits

Yes! When fresh fruit is rare during the winter, dried fruits offer a healthy and nutritious supplement to bird diet.

They can also be utilized as a typical element of the diet year-round, offering a good supply of vitamin A and other nutrients.

Larger birds like macaws and cockatoos may need to switch to cooked fruits and vegetables since their smaller beaks may not be able to chew through the tougher skins and seeds of dried fruits. A common misconception is that dried fruits are fine for birds to eat.

Because of the high levels of sugar and fat in them, which can cause diabetes, heart disease, liver damage, dehydration, and a host of other health problems; also, an excess of just one of these ingredients can be harmful or even fatal.

This means stocking up on a variety of healthy, high-quality treats for your feathered friend.

Do Birds Like To Eat Dried Fruits?

Indeed, dried fruits are a popular food choice for birds, and they may even prefer them to seeds. Some varieties of fresh fruit are too bitter for birds, therefore the fruit should be ripe and mushy, without any tough skin or seeds.

Since dehydration makes the texture of dried fruit softer, it is better tolerated by those with digestive issues than fresh fruit.

Dried fruit is a delicious and nutritious treat for birds because of its natural sugar content. Birds love dried fruits like raisins and cranberries. They are easy to keep, affordable, and filled with antioxidants.

How To Feed Dried Fruits To Birds?

Dried fruits scattered around the yard will attract a variety of birds. Remember to give all fruit a good rinsing before serving.

Bird food should always be clean and free from dangerous toxins. The second excellent choice is to stock up on delectable dried fruit for your birds. Making this supply is as simple as gathering a few items typically seen in bird seed blends.

How Often To Feed Dried Fruits To Birds?

Do Birds Eat Dried Fruit-2

The frequency with which you should provide dried fruits to birds depends on a number of factors. The kind of bird being fed is the primary factor. Below, we also discuss a few other considerations.

  • Do you know how many birds you have?
  • In what quantities of fruit should they take in each day?
  • What do you normally feed your pet bird?

Do not abruptly switch your bird’s diet from seed-based meals to another type of food. You should reduce the seed by 10% and then add 10% more dried fruit.

Your bird needs at most 10% of its diet to come from dried fruits, while the other 90% should be comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dried fruits are a healthy, twice-daily snack for your feathered friends. Birds should be fed after they have thoroughly soaked in a birdbath. Feeding people on a regular schedule reduces the need for them to engage in pointless pursuits.

How Much To Feed Dried Fruits To Birds?

Each bird can be fed a single piece of dry fruit. Thus, if you keep a single bird in a cage or aviary, you would feed it a single raisin every day. Feeding your bird a variety of fruits is ideal for its wellbeing.

Dry fruits combined with fresh fruit and vegetables can make for a balanced and nutritious meal. Over time, your pet may develop vitamin deficiencies if you feed them a mixture of the same kind of food.

What Can Dried Fruits Birds Eat?

Dried fruits are a common addition to a bird’s diet and are a tasty treat for your feathered friend.

Due to the lack of a requirement for soaking or rehydrating, pet owners have found them to be convenient and palatable alternatives to fresh fruits and vegetables. Your birds can enjoy dried apricots, cranberries, cherries, dates, figs, apples, and pears.

When shopping for dried fruits, always check the label to see what your bird can safely eat. Some have had sugar added to them or been treated with sulfur dioxide, both of which could be harmful to your bird’s health.

Dried fruits that haven’t been treated with anything besides sunlight are your best chance. You may want to consider spending the extra money on organic dried fruits because they are better for your birds than the conventional variety.

Best Dried Fruits For Birds?

Do Birds Eat Dried Fruit-3

To help you get started providing nutritious treats for your feathered friends, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for dried fruits for birds. For birds, there is no universally ideal dried fruit. However, figs, raisins, and unsweetened pineapple seem to be the most well-liked.

  • Figs

Carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body, low in fat, and high in fiber (they have a low glycemic index)

  • Dried Mangos

Low glycemic index and high vitamin C content; contains no fat.

  • Dried Cranberries

High in antioxidants, fiber, and complex carbs (reduce the risk of heart disease)

It is not hard to see why so many birds appreciate these three tasty treats. In order to keep your bird’s sugar levels stable and their diet from becoming unbalanced, we advise you to limit the amount of fruit you offer them.

Should I Soak Dried Fruit For Birds?

Dried fruit is a popular addition to the diets of many pet birds. There are pathogens on some fruits that could make the bird sick. However, you shouldn’t become sick from eating the fruit; the bacteria are already there when you buy it.

Soaking dried fruits for birds in pure water for approximately a week and then rinsing them in fresh water every day is a healthy approach to prepare them.

It will sterilize the dry food and make it safe for your avian companions to ingest.

Can Birds Eat Dried Strawberries?

Yes! Dried strawberries are a bird favorite, and a pound a day is nothing to them. They get the antioxidants and vitamins they need from dried strawberries.

Many of the most popular types of bird owners also use them for their parrots. Additionally, they are a simple and quick snack to prepare for your sugar glider, sugar baby, or tamandua.

However, if birds are constantly offered dried strawberries, they may lose interest in fresh produce.

The birds get fat because dried fruits contain sugar that isn’t metabolized the same way as human sugar is. On the other hand, if the birds are left alone for a few days after eating dried strawberries, they will stop to enjoy some fresh fruit.

Final Words

When presented in the right way, dried fruits are readily consumed by birds. However, there are a few details to remember, such as how often and how many dried foods you plan to serve.

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