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Birds have a diverse diet that includes fruit, seeds, insects, and other items. As an added bonus, certain birds have gained notoriety for feasting on pesky mosquitoes. However, the question of whether or whether birds consume spiders is poorly understood.

The simple answer to your question is yes; with the exception of a small number of deadly spider species, many kinds of birds will happily consume spiders. Get acquainted with some of the spider-eating birds described below.

Why Do Birds Eat Spiders?

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Eating spiders is beneficial in many ways for birds, thus many species eat them. Birds eat spiders in two ways: by hunting them and eating them, and by feeding them to their young to help them develop a strong immune system.

Young birds only eat spiders when they are getting ready to leave the nest, and only then do their parents give them to them. Birds will prefer eating spiders over other insect species if given the option.

As a result, they fail to notice different kinds of bugs. Insects like spiders contain a chemical called taurine. One of the amino acids found in abundance in spiders. Birds’ growth and development are greatly influenced by taurine. Because of this, the bird experiences less stress. Birds’ taurine intake has been linked to higher IQ levels.

In addition, taurine improves birds’ eye sight. The bird will be robust, shrewd, and healthy if it consumes spiders. Spiders are an excellent source of protein.

Moreover, they provide a lot of energy and are a healthy choice for birds to eat. Spiders serve a crucial purpose during migration when high-energy food is necessary.

Smaller birds in particular that do not eat spiders can benefit from spider webs as a source of food (insects entangled there).

What Kind of Birds Eat Spiders?

There are a lot of species of birds that eat spiders. There are several insectivorous birds and even some backyard birds in this group. birds that consume insects, such as blue tits, common blackbirds, wrens, and jackdaws.

Blackbirds, blue tits (the European cousin of the chickadee), sparrows, wrens, crows, and bluebirds are all insectivorous birds. Birds such as cardinals, chickadees, flycatchers, orioles, titmice, towhees, and warblers eat spiders.

Only when the young birds are about ready to fledge do blue tits feed them spiders. Wrens are among the bird species that feed heavily on spiders.

Even enormous spiders aren’t too much for a wren to handle. Like wrens, Carolinas enjoys snacking on spiders. Hummingbirds eat spiders too, although they can only handle the smaller ones.

How Do Birds Eat Spiders?

The wolf spider isn’t the only type of spider that doesn’t utilize its web to catch prey; some species are vegetarian. When they venture outside to find sustenance, the birds end up feasting on them.

Some birds visit their nests just to feast on them, and they also consume the insects caught in spider webs.

How Often Do Birds Eat Spiders?

Birds can get along with a moderate daily intake of spiders. In May and June, they primarily eat spiders, whereas in July and August, they eat primarily insects.

For instance, in May, 13.1% of spiders were consumed, in June, 14.3%, in July, 7.9%, and in August, 4.5%.

Do Birds Keep Spiders Away? (Do Birds Help To Get Rid of Spiders?)

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Nature oftentimes provides its own form of regulation for certain issues. In order to keep spiders at bay, for example, birds play a crucial role in system control.

Although larger birds provide a danger to spiders, smaller birds pose no threat to them since spiders can kill them. With the exception of tarantulas, one of the exceptionally huge spiders, they pose a serious danger to all other spider species.

Most typical US birds, such as robins and wrens, often consume spiders as a food source. Their diet consists primarily of spiders. Planting low-lying shrubs like the American beautyberry might attract birds to your garden or backyard.

After being planted, this species will provide birds with nesting material, food, and potential cover. Putting brush piles at the garden’s border or in the backyard will provide the bird with a source of food.

Birds are easily attracted to plants and food, and once they’re there, they’ll eat anything, including the spiders. As a result, you won’t have to worry about any more spiders in your yard.

When it comes to spider webs, it’s the smaller birds who tend to be entangled. Therefore, any baby birds who wish to eat spiders should be extremely cautious when doing so. Large spiders are able to consume small birds as a source of food. That’s why pigeons and other similarly-sized birds should avoid them.

A spider’s popularity as a food source amongst birds is not shared by songbirds. Songbirds often don’t have any trouble with them. And only in flight do domestic birds eat spiders.

In captivity, however, a spider is a tasty reward for a successful flight. The birds in your area often eat spiders and other insects that could otherwise damage your garden.

By using birds as a natural bug killer, the usage of pesticides can be minimized or eliminated altogether. Since less pesticides will need to be purchased, you’ll save money without breaking the bank, and the toxins in your garden will be eliminated.

Do Birds Eat House Spiders?

Birds pose a greater danger to smaller spiders than to larger ones. Small spiders like house spiders are safe for birds to eat and can be found practically anywhere.

Therefore, birds do, in fact, consume common house spiders. Spiders are common in homes all across the world. See below for a list of common household spiders.

  1. Grass spiders
  2. American house spider
  3. Orb-weaver spiders
  4. Wolf spider
  5. Yellow sac spider
  6. Black widow
  7. Jumping spider
  8. Brown recluse
  9. Hobo spider
  10. Daddy longlegs

Do Birds Eat Wolf Spiders?

Do Birds Eat Spiders

Wolf spiders are an extremely common food source for birds due to their small size. Birds may be found just about wherever on Earth thanks to their widespread distribution and wide range of food preferences.

They have a wide diet range, taking in everything from insects to berries. Birds such as the elf owl and the scream can consume wolf spiders. Birds like the owl and hawk are among the few predators of wolf spiders.

Because wolf spiders don’t utilize webs to catch prey, they are easy for birds to locate and devour. This necessitates their foraging for food in the open air. In addition, birds will devour them if they come into view.

Can Birds Eat Poisonous Spiders?

The vast majority of avian species enjoy a tasty spider meal. Their work is crucial in maintaining a manageable spider population. But most birds won’t repeat the mistake of eating a black widow spider (also called a dangerous spider).

The bright red markings on the underside of a dangerous spider’s body serve to attract predators and guarantee the spider’s untimely demise. Black widow spiders (poisonous spiders) are not actively sought out by birds.

Since the venomous spiders known as black widows can cause stomach problems in birds. Due to the spiders’ venom, they experience gastrointestinal distress.

While these poisons are not fatal, they are nevertheless dangerous and should be avoided. Black widow (venomous spider) consumption is the route of entry for the venom, which can induce a variety of symptoms in birds, including high body temperature, muscle spasms, chills, trouble breathing, convulsions, distorted vision, and fainting.

The poison will also infect and irritate the skin around the bite, so this is just the beginning of the unpleasant effects.

Do Birds Eat Spider Webs?

Incorrect; birds do not consume spider webs. Small birds often construct their nests out of spider webs. The silk from spider webs is useful for making nests.

Hummingbirds, vireos, gnatcatchers, and kinglets are among the small birds that employ them in this way. Some birds even go so far as to devour insects caught in spider webs. Hummingbirds with a ruby in their throats look like this.

Do Birds Eat Spider Eggs?

Some insects, such as flies, birds, and wasps, find spider eggs to be a tasty and nutritious food source. Since they are beneficial to birds’ health, they can be eaten by them. Baby house wrens might get their start in life by eating spider egg sacs that the parents have brought into the nest.

Do Birds Eat Spider Mites?

Spider mites are not edible by birds. Birds are at serious risk from spider mites that feed on their blood, but birds are not helped by spider mites that reside on plants.

Final Words

Spiders come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and some are even toxic. Birds consume both large and little spiders, although generally avoid poisonous species.

Attracting birds that feed on spiders is one way to lessen their numbers if you’re experiencing a spider infestation.

Keep in mind that most birds will eat spiders if given the chance. It’s important to lure only the spider-eating birds into your yard.

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