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Apples are a popular fruit among both people and birds, thus the answer is yes, we can feed them to the latter. Apples provide natural, low-cost sustenance for birds because they are high in vitamin content and relatively inexpensive.

Almost every species of garden bird favors apples over any other fruit. However, you can go shopping or perhaps just feed the birds an apple from the garden. Here’s a quick response to the age-old question: do birds eat apples?

Are Apples Good For Birds?

Indeed, apples are a healthy and tasty supplement to any bird’s diet. As an added bonus, apples are great for the health of birds of every kind.

Serving apples to your feathered friends is a great idea because apples are completely safe for them to eat. Even if the apples are peeled and sliced before being given to the birds, it is still important to remove the seeds, as it is possible for the birds to get sick from eating them.

All bird species are poisoned by the toxin found in apple seeds. On the other hand, while birds enjoy eating apple flesh, they should avoid eating apple seeds.

Vitamins and minerals included in apple flesh are beneficial to birds. A bird can get all the nutrients it needs from eating just one apple every day.

What Kind of Birds Eat Apples?

Do Birds Like Apples

The Eastern bluebird, the bunting, the Gray Catbird, the House Finch, the pine grosbeak, and the cardinal are just few of the birds that enjoy eating apples.

Similarly, birds such as the American crow, downy woodpecker, grosbeak, northern cardinal, purple finch, mockingbird, and northern flicker are included.

The blue jay, thrashers, American robin, hairy woodpecker, red-breasted sapsucker, and red-headed woodpecker are among the several species of birds that enjoy apple pie. Waxwings, Scarlet Tanagers, European Starlings, Wrens, Cedar Waxwings, Eastern Towhees, and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers are only few of the fewer species.

How To Feed Apples To birds?

When you take the apple and chop it in half, you can feed the birds.

Apples can also be given to birds in another fashion. Instead of slicing the apple in two, you may just set it on a branch by forcing and impelling it to stay put.

A dilemma arises, though, because crows will eat an apple even while smaller birds won’t. Also, crows have been known to steal food from other birds.

Do Birds Eat Apples From Trees?

Apples falling from the tree are fair game for birds. If you want to save money, don’t buy apples from the store but instead cultivate them in your own yard or garden. Leave some apples for the birds to eat while you are picking them.

You shouldn’t worry about ripening apples because birds eat them, too. Slice up the delicious apples and hang them from the feeder. The apples, however, must be cut in half before being hung from the branches of various trees using skewers or sharp objects.

You can also feed birds by nailing apple slices to trees. Birds might be attracted to a garden or home with fresh fruit such as apples.

There is a backup plan if you are unable to carry out the first technique. If you want to keep the birds safe, you should cut apples into thin slices without peeling them and then take out the seeds.

To accommodate the smaller beaks of birds like hummingbirds, you can also cut apples in half lengthwise and remove the core (the core). At that point, you can sprinkle sugar over it to entice birds.

Put the apple slices on the spike of the bird feeder after that. Apples can be easily accessed by birds thanks to the spike that holds them.

Do Birds Eat Apples In The Winter?

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In the winter, fruit-eating birds disperse. Those who choose to make a life in a snowy region can do so with great satisfaction throughout the entire year. They consume a wide variety of fruit, not limited to apples alone.

Sapsuckers, in particular, are wintertime visitors to the garden. Both fresh apples and apples that have been left on the tree to ripen can be enjoyed by sapsuckers.

Apples can be offered to birds in a variety of forms, including chunks, slices, and even a variety of squiggles. If you spread peanut butter on a tree, you can stick peanut shells to its bark. Melted suet can be transformed into ice cubes by being poured into a silicone mold.

Take the tray out of the freezer just before the contents begin to solidify. Then you may fill it with a variety of bird food, such as apple chunks.

Once you’ve added it, return the ice cube pan to the freezer to harden the mixture. Your cubed bird food will be ready when it finishes cooking.

Fruits like pears and apples, which contain a lot of water and sugar, are excellent bird food because they keep the birds hydrated and energized.

These fruits can be readily prepared as bird food by slicing them in half and placing them on the bird table or even the floor. Blackbirds, waxwings, thrushes, and robins are just some of the bird species that relish these treats.

Winter is a particularly challenging time for birds to survive. Because of their small size in relation to their weight, young birds have an even harder time finding and digesting food. To make up for this, they release heat more quickly. They consume a great deal of food, but many of us do not know how to best provide for their nutritional needs during the colder months.

Do Garden Birds Like Apples?

Most fruits are bird-friendly, but those containing seeds or pits are off limits. If you want to feed birds from your garden apples, pears, apricots, or peaches, you should first take the time to remove the pits and seeds, as they can be harmful to the birds’ health.

It’s safe to assume that common garden birds like robins, blackbirds, and hedge sparrows will eat anything from bird seed to apple to nut to mealworm. If you want to make sure the birds in your garden are getting the nourishment they need to thrive, an apple is your best bet.

Are Apples Toxic To Birds?

Apples themselves are not poisonous to birds, but birds should avoid eating apple seeds. No one faced death or any health issue after feeding apples to any bird breed.

The explanation for this is obvious: don’t feed any bird an apple with the seeds still inside. If you’re feeding birds, be sure to handle this with extra caution.

Apple seeds are poisonous due to the presence of Amygdalin, yet they never prove fatal to the bird. Moreover, the cyanide content of amygdalin is negligible.

About 0.15 milligrams of Amygdalin can be found in an apple seed. Amygdalin from 20 apple seeds is equivalent to 65 mg of cyanide, as determined by some quick math.

Therefore, it is preferable to remove the seeds from apples and other fruits prior to feeding them to birds.

Fruits are a popular food source for birds, although not all fruits are suitable for consumption by birds. Some fruit seeds, such as those of apples, pears, cherries, and peaches, contain a trace amount of cyanide, a cardiotoxin.

Apple seeds and pits are harmful, thus they can’t be fed to birds. Also, if any of the above fruits have seeds, don’t give them to the birds or pick them out.


Apples are one of the most widely consumed fruits in Western culture, and providing them to birds is beneficial to their health.

As mentioned in the piece, there are several ways to offer apples to the local bird population.

If you want to feed the birds apples, you should do so only after you have removed the seeds. You can attract more birds by slicing apples into very thin slices.

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