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Birds of a more common variety can be drawn to a wide range of hues, but if the feeder also serves as a food supply, even the most unremarkable feeder will attract a good number of birds.

Red bird feeders seem to be the most popular, although birds will also flock to those that are yellow or blue. For the most part, birds will continue to visit bird feeders if the food they provide is suitable for their diet. Hummingbirds, who are particularly drawn to the color red, often use red feeders with yellow port holes.

Do Birds Like The Color Red

Hummingbirds, on the other hand, will identify red bird feeders with the red nectar flowers they visit in the wild, just as birds can recognize yellow sunflowers as a source of sunflower seeds.

If an Oriole or hummingbird sees a red feeder, they know it’s likely a source of prepared nectar.

Although certain species, like hummingbirds and orioles, are capable of similar behaviors, most others are not. Birds are attracted to bird feeders in the yard because the birds learn to regularly access the food within the feeders and then remember the position of the feeders.

Hummingbird feeders attract a variety of birds, including chickadees, who don’t care what color the feeder is since they can smell the sugar water from a mile away.

In fact, red bird feeders are favored by avian species. I can attest to the fact that feeders painted in any vivid hue are more effective at attracting birds.

Furthermore, the color red is known to entice honeybees to Hummingbird feeders.

Hummingbirds may be the only ones attracted to a red bird feeder, but the usual birds that visit your yard will likely not care much about the color.

RED feeders appealing to birds

To hunt for food on the ground or to find a water supply, birds often visit our yards, but these features don’t have to be red or even particularly brightly colored for them to be attractive to birds.

But there’s no denying that a red bird feeder will bring in a wide variety of native species.

Regular birds like Northern Cardinals and House Finches may view a red feeder favorably, even though this is more of a factor when attracting Hummingbirds.

Birds using the ground or a higher vantage point to forage in the wild often visit colorful flora, leading to the conclusion that these hues are associated with a favorable food source.

I will emphasize that the color red is not the deciding element, as bird feeders of any color can provide birds with a tasty treat.

Since many recycled wild bird food isn’t very vibrant in color, the only place you’ll find it is in the plastic bird feeder, or maybe a spruced up metal bird feeder.

Color NOT deciding factor

Do Birds Like The Color Red-2

Even if you paint your bird feeder a vibrant red, that won’t necessarily attract wild birds.

In fact, the success of a bird feeder does not depend on its aesthetics but more on the fact that it is constantly refilled with food.

Seeing as how red isn’t an often used color when molding or painting bird feeders to attract birds that consume suet, seeds, or peanuts, the results of a bird seeing such a hue can be unexpected.

Even while hummingbirds are particularly drawn to the color red, you shouldn’t assume that a red bird feeder will entice any other species of bird.

Don’t come to rely on this strategy as a way to attract birds to a new bird feeder arrangement, as the color of ordinary bird feeders won’t be the deciding factor then.

You can instead rely on nature to attract a wide variety of birds by positioning feeders near brightly colored flowers that will hopefully attract insects.

Hummingbirds attracted to red

Bird feeders typically come in green plastic or copper metal, depending on whether they are designed to hold nuts, seeds, suet balls, or cakes.

You probably already know that red is the most common color for hummingbird feeders because studies and observation have proven that hummers prefer it.

In the wild, hummingbirds find their sustenance from a variety of different colored nectar plants, including red, purple, yellow, and even blue flowers and plants.

Red is a comforting color for hummers, therefore that’s why it’s commonly used for hummingbird feeders.

Hummingbird feeders are uniquely designed to attract hummingbirds; as a result, they are almost generally constructed in vivid hues, such as red, with contrasting yellow well ports.

Regular birds, such as House Finches or Sparrows, have learned to rely on even the most unremarkable bird feeder setup, whereas hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors.

Can red attract predators

Do Birds Like The Color Red-3

Objects designed for birds that are too visually striking can attract the attention of animals who would otherwise not bother with them.

To prevent unwanted visitors from destroying your hard work, you should either paint your birdhouse or leave it unfinished.

The same is true for bird feeders; any red finish will call cats and other predators, making it dangerous for birds to eat.

Commercially available bird feeders in plastic typically come in shades of green or a dark brown or black, but a wooden bird feeder would be painted a shade of brown to mix in with the landscape, or left unpainted.

This shows us that even producers are aware that a bird feeder needs to fit in with its environment to avoid drawing unwanted attention to itself.

A crimson bird feeder, for example, may be too garish for some yards and may even attract unwanted insects.

To summarize

Although red bird feeders for use with peanuts, suet, or seeds are somewhat rare, they are not impossible to get.

Birds associate red, or any bright hue for that matter, with being a source of food since they are attracted to colorful plants and will graze or forage beneath them.

In general, most backyard birds will be drawn to any type of bird feeder, from the most basic plastic model to a wooden one that has been left to weather. Wild birds will turn up promptly if they know there will be food available for them.

Even though hummingbirds are an uncommon sight, they are attracted to red, therefore red bird feeders are a good way to attract them.

Since most hummingbirds in the nature prefer to sip nectar from red flowers, red feeders are the norm for attracting these tiny winged beauties.

A red bird feeder designed exclusively for hummingbirds’ nectar needs will attract these winged insects.

Red bird feeders are popular, but other colors will attract just as many birds if they don’t specialize in nectar.

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