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Most people know that birds eat items like greens, fruit, seeds, and insects, but spiders are more of a surprise. As a result, numerous people have posed the subject, “What kind of birds eat spiders?” throughout various online forums.

What Kind of Birds Eat Spiders?

Do Crows Eat Spiders

A great variety of bird species, especially those that specialize in eating insects, are able to devour spiders in large numbers. Some of the species shown here include the bluebird, sparrow, crow, wren, and blackbird.

The blue tit, a bird commonly thought of as a European cousin of the chickadee, is also known to eat spiders. Blue tits feed their young a diet heavy on spiders.

Before they leave the nest, they eat all the spiders. Since all insectivorous birds can also eat spiders, it stands to reason that they all do.

Do Garden Birds Eat Spiders?

Certainly, backyard birds will devour those pesky spiders. Insectivorous birds include bluebirds, sparrows, and crows. The spiders provide a tasty meal for these birds.

The presence of taurine in spiders is the primary reason why these birds consume them. The taurine in this supplement aids the birds’ growth, mental health, vision, and intelligence.

All of these birds rely on spiders as a source of food since it helps them grow, gain confidence, and gain brainpower.

Do Wild Birds Eat Spiders?

Spiders provide a food source for some species of wild birds. This list includes the most frequent bird species found in the USA. Birds like wrens and robins rely heavily on spiders for food.

Small wild birds, however, should be wary of becoming tangled up in the sticky webs, as spiders will happily devour them if they get caught.

It’s true that spiders can be dangerous, but it’s also true that they hardly ever eat birds. Birds that consume insects, like the ones in the wild, can devour spiders wherever they turn up.

Popular Birds That Eat Spiders

Do Crows Eat Spiders-2

The following birds will happily devour spiders.

  • Blue tits

Chicks of the blue tit can eat as many as a thousand spiders at once. Before leaving the nest, they consume virtually all of the spider population.

  • Sparrow

When other food sources are few, sparrows will eat spiders.

  • Crow

Crows are similar to sparrows in that they both prefer to consume insects. Also, when food is scarce, it will eat spiders.

  • Blackbird

Blackbirds commonly eat spiders as part of their diet. This is indicative of their habitual consumption of spiders.

  • Jackdaws

Jackdaws are omnivores, devouring anything between 2 and 8 mm in size that may be discovered in the air. That means they also consume spiders.

  • Barn Swallows

The Barn Swallow’s diet often consists of spiders and other insects. They go on spider hunts so their young can eat.

  • Wrens

Wrens have a voracious appetite and are excellent spider eaters. In the event that they come across spiders, they are easily digested by them.

  • Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds typically favor eating little spiders. Hummingbirds are interesting because larger, more massive spiders can consume them.

How Do Birds Find Spiders?

  • Some of the birds frequently engage in spider-hunting. Many of them don’t bother trying since they assume it won’t get them very far.
  • The bird can easily catch the spider if it can fly very quickly.
  • Some birds may avoid the spider web because they know it to be dangerous or because they have learned to avoid it.
  • Many slow-flying birds are adept at navigating spider webs to find prey.

How Do You Attract Birds That Eat Spiders?

  • Planting low-growing shrubs like American beautyberry can bring in spider-eating birds.
  • You can also attract birds and other wildlife by providing shelter, food, and nesting material in your garden or yard, such as brush piles. With any luck, this will entice some spider-eating birds to your area.
  • The addition of a birdbath to your outside space is another option.
  • Putting up a birdhouse in the backyard is a great idea.

How Often & How Much Do Birds Eat Spiders?

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Birds can consume 400–500 million tons of insects annually. If a bird can eat an insect, then it can eat a spider, and vice versa.

Thus, eating spiders will have the same proportional effect as eating insects. In other words, birds can eat as many spiders as they want, anytime they want.

Can Parrots Eat Spiders?

Toxins in spiders are bad for parrots, therefore no, your parrot shouldn’t eat them. If we’re talking bugs, then yes, parrots will eat them.

How many bugs they consume is proportional to how tasty the other food is and how easy the bug is to catch. Wax worms, caterpillars, mealworms, and even termites are all insects that can be safely consumed by parrots. Flies will consume any kind of bug that they can catch.

Do Hummingbirds Eat Spiders?

Spiders are a tasty treat for hummingbirds. University of Delaware entomologist Doug Tallamy says hummingbirds enjoy nectar, but spiders and insects make up 80% of their diet.

There is no limit to the amount of spiders that a hummingbird can consume for food. These birds may refuel on spiders after every flight, and then return for more a few hours later.

Do Chameleon Birds Eat Spiders?

The chameleon birds do eat spiders and other insects. For chameleons, nothing beats the nutritional value of live insects.

They eat mostly insects, particularly grasshoppers and crickets. The chameleon has been known to consume brown recluse spiders. Camouflaged birds could be able to eat these spiders if they aren’t completely black. This is because they are so little, and hence easy for the chameleon to eat.

Last Words

As previously indicated, there are a number of bird species that enjoy snacking on spiders. Also, spiders come in a wide range of sizes, from microscopic ones to massive dangerous ones. As we’ve already established, birds shouldn’t eat poisonous spiders, and with a few exceptions, birds prefer not to eat little spiders.

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