Why Does My Dog Nurse On Stuffed Animals?

As a baby would with a pacifier, dogs take a bite of blankets and toys to relax themselves. This reminds them of the sense of security and warm with their mom by sucking her baby’s nipple. Why does my puppy nurse on stuffed animals? The dogs who suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety […]


Why Does My Dog Nip At Other Dogs?

If your dog gets aggressive with other dogs while you’re on the move It can turn into uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying. It is likely that you feel like your dog is going to behave in this manner, however with a little training they’ll be able to learn to behave better when they are around other […]


Why Does My Dog Keep Crying At Night?

There are many reasons why your dog might cry during the night like anxiety, loneliness or pain. It could also be a sign to alert the owner to noises outside. There are many possible causes for crying, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause without considering the context first and then working to identify the root […]


Why Does My Dog Nibble?

Dominance. Hunger. Thirst. Signs of Affection. Do all of these motives be the reason your dog has a tendency to nibble? Dogs have a variety of reasons for chewing on their owners’ paws, for example, the display of dominance, to inform them that they’re thirsty or thirsty, or to show love. Mouthing and nipping is […]


Why Does My Dog Always Get Hiccups?

When your puppy experiences Hiccups for the very first time in their life, they’re adorable, and people gather around to look at and soothe them. If, however, it’s a situation that’s frequent it is possible that you are in a quandary as to why it happens constantly. It could also be equally frustrating for the […]