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Common backyard birds may pass up on a static water source in favor of a moving one.

The water in a bird bath can be kept rippling with the help of a solar-powered fountain, which also adds the soothing sound of falling water. The Wiggler is a battery-operated device with a dome shape that may generate waves. A leaking bottle can be suspended above your bird bath while the bird bath dripper gently pours water into the basin.

How To Keep Bird Bath Water Moving

Birds won’t pay attention to a silent, stationary bird bath, therefore it’s vital to add some kind of noisemaker to attract their attention.

Birds can be drawn to feeders full of tasty treats, but it can be more challenging to entice them to use a bird bath, especially if the water source is out of the way or unseen.

Make a splash and draw attention to your bird bath with the sight and sound of falling water.

Start with a solar-powered fountain for your bird bath since it serves dual purposes: creating those all-important ripples in the water and drawing birds in with their reflections, and also providing the soothing sound of cascading water.

I recommend a bird bath with a flat base and a big basin if you plan to employ a fountain or other flowing water feature.

If a solar-powered fountain isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d be interested in “The Wiggler,” a device that, instead of spraying water in a uniform pattern, generates ripples in a finished structure. It runs on two D batteries.

A ‘bird bath dripper,’ which is really just a glorified garden hose, can be hung over the bowl of your bird bath to provide a steady stream of dripping water with minimal effort on your part.

The result is the soothing sound of running water and ripples in the water.

If you want to attract birds to your yard, try suspending a water bottle from a tree branch, clothesline, or bird feeder pole such that it leaks into the bird bath below.

An added bonus is that the water in the bird bath dish will likely get warmer when it overflows due to the Dripper or leaking bottle. If you have a bird bath and need to keep the water chilly, one of these devices is perfect for the job.

Submerge solar powered pump

The first step in keeping a bird bath’s water circulating is installing a dependable and visually appealing fountain.

This isn’t like any other fountain because it uses solar energy to produce a constant stream of water.

Introducing a solar-powered bird bath, complete with a solar panel that is permanently attached to the roof; better yet, you can keep your existing bird bath in place with a portable solar-powered bird bath fountain pump that needs to be immersed in water to operate.

A solar panel bird bath fountain has the disadvantage of only functioning when exposed to sunshine.

The solar-powered bird bath fountain is ineffective or produces insufficient energy when clouds cover the sun or the bird bath is placed in the shade.

Because it is solar-powered only, it does not have a backup battery in many configurations; however, combining solar and battery power is an option.

I can attest that solar-powered bird baths indeed function, drawing in birds with their flowing fountain water and creating a constant ripple on the water’s surface.

The Wiggler to create continuous ripples

How To Keep Bird Bath Water Moving-2

Use a battery-operated bird bath fountain as the next option on your list of options to keep water circulating in your bird bath.

On top of that, the battery life can go up to two months with constant use, or even longer with daytime-only activation.

A constant ripple is produced on the bird bath surface by “The Wiggler.” Using an agitator, which is itself silent, it generates a strong vibration that does not frighten away birds.

Instructions for Constructing This Dome Wiggler is to put it in the middle of your bird bath at a depth that isn’t too great because it needs to be sticking out of the water a little bit.

Two D batteries are used as the power source, and no other cords or wires are required for operation.

When activated, the device will cause ripples to form under The Wiggler, which will then be observed to spread uniformly to the sides.

Because it isn’t limited to bright days, I think this battery-powered Wiggler is preferable to the solar-powered model.

Move water with drips

A bird bath dripper, which is designed to release a steady stream of clean water into the bird bath, may be the best device of all.

This allows you to fill your bird bath with fresh water from an indoor or, better yet, an outdoor faucet, which then flows through a hose and out of a nozzle mounted above the basin.

In other words, if you leave it on all the time, your bird bath will always be filled with a steady stream of water, giving the illusion of motion.

So far I’ve proposed using solar energy and then batteries to power a pump to move the water in a bird bath, but now you have the option of relying on your water supply, which is more dependable but can be pricey over time.

Putting together a “Dripper” for a bird bath is connecting the hose to an outdoor or indoor faucet and then hooking the other end over the lip of the bird bath bowl, raising it a foot or so above the water.

The water’s ripple effect, which is perfect for the birds, will be generated as it enters the bird bath basin.

In order to keep your yard looking neat, I recommend burying the hose if you plan on making the bird bath dripper a permanent feature.

Suspend leaky water bottle above

How To Keep Bird Bath Water Moving-3

Most importantly, a little creativity goes a long way, and you don’t have to spend any money to keep your bird bath active.

Let’s get a bird bath with a stand and put it somewhere in your yard where you’ll have room to hang a bottle from the top of the bird bath. A bird feeder pole, a clothesline, or even a branch from a tree would all work.

Put water in a drink bottle of your choice and hang it up.

The next step is to pierce the bottle’s base, resulting in a constant stream of water that is effectively seeping out of the bottle.

Use a few holes if you must, but keep in mind that you want the water supply to last as long as possible before it runs out.

The birds will be attracted to the sound of the running water and the continuous ripples created by the dripping bottle as it falls into the bird bath below it.

This method is the only way to ensure that the old water spills out of the bird bath as the new water from the bottle is poured in from above, which is why it is recommended that the water be changed once or twice a week.

Water noise over irritating sound

The trick to luring birds to a bird bath is to introduce running water, since this will generate reflections in the water that will catch the eye of passing birds.

Remember that the sight and sound of water in a bird bath is what attracts birds, while the trickling of water can be soothing to you and your neighbors.

The equipment used to make the sound of moving water in bird baths should not be used in a way that is distracting or unpleasant.

The movement and noise of a fountain bird bath attracts a variety of birds. Birds in your yard won’t come to a bird bath feature that uses a loud mechanism to make it work – as it can be an annoyance to birds and people.

Whatever bird bath water moving feature you decide to setup in order to keep your bird bath water on the go, be sure it remains quiet at all times.

The material from which your bird bath is manufactured may contribute to annoying vibrations, but a more sturdy bird bath will help keep it from doing so.

Battery-powered devices tend to be noisier than their corded counterparts, but unusual noise levels could indicate a problem.

To summarize it up

There are mechanisms you can buy or construct yourself to keep the water in your bird bath moving, so it’s not as tough as you may think to maintain this vital environment for your feathered friends.

To begin with I do like a solar powered bird bath fountain as no batteries are required nor are cables used which can spoil your garden decor.

The sound of a flowing fountain is one way to bring birds to a bird bath, and the ripples created by the fountain are another.

My advice is to get something called “The Wiggler” instead of a solar-powered bird bath fountain if you don’t plan on using one.

The Wiggler is a dome-shaped accessory that should be placed in the middle of your bird bath’s bowl. The vibration from the agitator, which is completely silent, causes the water to ripple in a steady, rhythmic motion. It runs on two D batteries, which can power it for up to two months.

You can avoid use of solar or battery power by depending on your water mains.

What is called a bird bath ‘Dripper’ the device hangs over your bird bath which is connected via a hose. You insert the hose into an outdoor or indoor faucet, then its turned on to a calm, slow flow of water only.

Water is wasted, so the bird bath dripper isn’t as efficient as you’d want, but it has other uses, such as flushing out old water and replenishing it with clean municipal supply.

You can generate a constant leaking effect by puncturing a plastic soda bottle, and you won’t need any batteries, solar power, or wasted water. In which the bottle, while suspended immediately above the bird bath, drips its contents into the water below.

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