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A bigger bird bath is more likely to attract local birds than a smaller bird bath with a narrow bowl.

There are no hard and fast laws about how large a bird bath should be, so if a broader bird bath will look better in your yard, go for it! The narrower bird bath basin of a smaller bird bath is more appropriate for a tiny yard or other restricted outdoor space.

Large Bird Bath Bowl Only

If you’re not lucky enough to have a lot of birds visit your bird bath every day, you probably shouldn’t worry too much about making it too wide.

The width of a bird bath is an important consideration if the huge bird bath, which it will be, is to serve both little and large birds in a busy yard. In fact, its width can reach 2 feet, whereas the gap between it and a standard bird bath is approximately 6 inches at most.

Since the water in a bird bath needs to last for several days, the basin of the bath is typically rather big.

A narrow bird bath basin will not only store too little water for the birds to use before it evaporates in the sun, but it will also attract fewer birds.

In my opinion, the typical diameter of a bird bath’s basin is between 19 and 22 inches.

Consider less the breadth of the basin of the bird bath and more whether or not you like the bird bath and whether or not it fits in with the aesthetic of your backyard environment.

Most bird baths don’t have particularly deep basins, but those that are deck-mounted or those that are made of glass and painted are likely to have one.

Similarly, a ground bird bath would have a smaller basin so that it wouldn’t be constantly kicked or tripped over by people walking on the grass or patio where it is located.

Also, a hanging bird bath should never be too broad, as it will always collide with a wall or fence if there isn’t at least a few inches of clearance around it.

The typical width of a tall bird bath mounted on a stand is not specified, although the widest bird baths on the market always require a base of some description to support their weight.

How wide is up to you

A bird bath’s basin width should generally reflect the entire size of the bird bath; for this reason, smaller bird baths typically include a narrower basin.

The largest bird baths available at the time, mainly those carved from stone, could accommodate birds as tall as 2 feet. The overall width is what is being measured, therefore the water bowl width of the bird bath will be a few inches.

It’s up to you to decide how broad a bird bath should be, with a larger yard necessitating a wider bird bath and a smaller yard calling for a narrower bird bath bowl.

Really, there’s no hard or fasts laws when it comes a broad or narrow bird bath, it just depends on if you like the bird bath or not.

If you want to attract more birds, use a tall bird bath on a stand and an extra-wide bird bath to create a larger watering hole.

If you don’t have capacity for a large bird bath, at least avoid a top-heavy situation by selecting a narrow basin or a bird bath that rests on a stand.

Width plays no role to attract birds

Large Bird Bath Bowl Only-2

Despite this, I’m sure you’ll agree that the bird bath’s success or failure has little to do with its width.

Birds will find your bird bath if they are soaring above and across your lawn, or if they are perching nearby for even a short time.

OK There’s no way to know for sure, but I imagine a larger body of water in a larger bird bath basin would be more obvious than a smaller body of water in a smaller water bowl.

For what it’s worth, I’m still not convinced that a wider water bowl or basin in a bird bath will result in a greater number of birds.

Birds find bird bath by sight only with sounds of rushing water generated via a water fountain feature or if utilizing a gadget that makes ripples on the water surface.

You can make the bird bath as broad as you desire, but remember to give equal weight to the other features you’ll want to install in the bowl.

Utilize flat basin to use water feature

What you presumably will get out of a broader bird bath, assuming its fashioned in stone or metal specifically – is a wider basin that would be flat rather than the curve associated with little bird bath bowls.

A shallower bird bath, which can be beneficial when trying to attract birds, is one advantage of a larger bird bath basin.

Think of a broader, extra large bird bath basin interior as a playground for adding toys.

Ideally, you’d have a flat, shallow basin in which to place a solar-powered bird bath fountain, as the panel must be submerged in water to work. On the other hand, a small bird bath with a curved bowl can be challenging to include a fountain element.

For a similar effect, you can use a “Ripple” machine designed for use in bird baths, which works best when placed in a large, flat basin.

Birds are particularly drawn to the sound of running water, but the devices used to generate this sound can be blocked by a bird bath that is either too wide or too deep.

If you want to lure birds with the sound of running water or the shimmering of ripples, use a broad, shallow bird bath basin.

Wide bowl if busy with birds

Large Bird Bath Bowl Only-3

An exceptionally large, and thus very wide, bird bath basin can be required in a yard bustling with birds, so a wider-than-average bird bath than is typical is not without its merits.

To accommodate birds of varying sizes in your yard, I recommend keeping the water in your bird bath at a shallow depth of just 1 inch.

This is significant because common backyard birds may flock to your bird bath in search of water and a place to relax.

A bird bath that is sturdy, not too deep, and has plenty of space to play in is ideal.

An extra-wide bird bath can help with this problem by separating the larger, rowdier birds from the smaller, more sensitive ones should both species want to bathe in the same water.

If not, every wild bird in the area will huddle around the edge of the bird bath.

A large top-heavy bird bath can’t easily collapse over if the base on the ground isn’t matches the width of the top basin.

Bird bath width summary

It’s up to you to decide how outlandish your own bird bath needs to be; if you want it to stand out and be the focal point of your yard, by all means, go for it.

The water bowl basin of a narrower bird bath may not be as visible to passing birds, which could lead to less frequent use.

I still think a bird bath, no matter how big or tiny, should be around 19 to 22 inches across on average.

The depth of the bird bath basin, which holds water, will always be a few inches less than the width of the bird bath bowl itself.

Attracting birds to your bird bath is unrelated to its width because of the negligible size difference between birds and human beings.

In order for birds to locate your bird bath, you should either use a bird bath with a lot of color or place the bird bath in a brightly colored part of your yard. Any size bird bath can be made more inviting by the addition of a fountain element or a device to create ripples on the water’s surface.

Extra-wide bird baths often have a shallow basin and, hence, a flat foundation on which gadgets can be placed to create rushing or moving water.

If you have a lot of wild birds in your yard, you may want to use an extra-wide bird bath water basin so that they can all wash and hydrate without being too close to one another.

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