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Your bird feeders may be stocked to overflowing with a variety of tasty treats, but the birds simply aren’t coming.

Birds may be discouraged from returning to feeders if the surrounding area has changed significantly since they first arrived.

The neighborhood around the bird feeders may have become noisier and busier, or the introduction of additional pets into the area may have frightened the birds away from the feeders because of the presence of potential predators.

My Hummingbirds Have Disappeared 2021 (1)

Birds may suddenly stop coming to feeders if they find better food elsewhere, and they won’t wait around for you to refill their food if you don’t.

Another issue that may arise is if the position of the bird feeders has changed, or the feeders themselves are not visible to the birds because they are too low to the ground or too obscured by foliage.

When you want to attract birds to your peaceful, quiet backyard, you need to put out bird feeders with food that mimics the birds’ natural diet.

We could spend some time investigating the causes behind the disappearance of birds from feeders, but for the time being, it’s easier to just say that your neighbors are better at maintaining their feeders.

Feeders plentiful elsewhere

My bird population declines when I forget to refill my bird feeders, which can happen for several days or even weeks at a time.

Unfortunately, I know from experience that it takes the birds some time to return to my feeders, and that the food will rot before the birds will eat it.

My backyard birds may have simply moved to different bird feeders in the yard, but I like to think they’ve ventured out into the wild to find a new source of food.

The birds won’t wait around for you to refill their empty feeders. Finding food for your regular birds is a matter of life and death.

It’s your own fault, I think, that the birds have stopped visiting your bird feeders, because you’ve become too lazy to keep the feeders refilled.

Do not let bird feeders run dry; if birds have to find food elsewhere, they may change their feeding habits.

Pests or pets turn up

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That’s consistent with the seasonal shift that causes birds to move between eating insects and fruits, but it could also be due to something more nefarious.

Predators, especially those that venture out of the woods, may be hiding close to your bird feeder location, either nesting there or waiting to pounce on unsuspecting birds.

Birds have a keen sense of smell, and if there are cats or other predatory creatures around, the birds will likely stay far away.

Predators can wipe out a bird feeder’s population in as little as 24 hours, leaving only the occasional visitor to enjoy the suet, peanuts, or seeds.

Bird feeders should be hung at least 10 feet off the ground and kept out of reach of cats and other predators, so keep an eye out for any newcomers.

Migrating only birds were present

When birds disappear from feeders it could be because what you mostly receive in your yard is migratory birds, thus come winter these bird will be all gone.

Naturally, you should anticipate that all of the hummingbirds in your yard will leave for the winter.

If your birds hummingbirds depart in August through September – this is the period when hummingbirds migrate – hence its time to take hummingbird feeders down rather then continuing to attract hummers to feeders who have long gone.

Other backyard visitors like martins, swallows, and warblers may have left for warmer climes.

And despite a bigger number of Orioles staying in colder climates, you may also expect all your Orioles to depart.

Migrating birds don’t all travel south for the winter but some will stick behind to continue in what is a hotter southern State, such as Florida or Texas.

Why birds disappear from your bird feeder then is because you primarily get migrating birds on your bird feeders, therefore it can look like they suddenly disappear elsewhere, while its in their nature to migrate on time.

Still NEW bird feeders

My Hummingbirds Have Disappeared 2021 (3)

I understand your birds disappear from a feeder that is established in your yard, while attracting birds to a new bird feeder can be an issue of its own.

Let’s imagine then you’ve lately placed hanging bird feeders on a bird feeder pole, although you are only obtaining a few birds at this early stage.

Some reason or another then what looked to be a reliable flow of ordinary backyard birds arriving to your yard, actually disappear just like that.

It’s happened to me, but if you quit providing birdseed, the birds will find another, more trustworthy source of food.

Newly put up bird feeders are different though, they are new hence unknown to birds in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, the same birds can be seen returning to their favorite nearby backyard.

For the same reason that birds will continue to visit a well-established bird feeder, even if you haven’t yet determined your birds’ specific nutritional requirements, they will do so.

What I mean is that there are species of birds that only eat seeds, or maybe only eat insects during particular periods of the year.

The birds visiting your feeders right now prefer seeds and suet to nuts, so you’re providing the wrong kind of food for them.

If the incorrect food is made accessible to birds, then their population may decline. If you want to see a variety of birds at your feeders, you need to provide them with a variety of food sources.

With it comes the responsibility of ensuring that even the smallest birds can reach the food at bird feeders, which can be a challenge for those with smaller beaks or shorter beaks.


If birds are suddenly disappearing from your feeders, it can be because your neighbors have a more attractive or more effective feeder setup.

The same is true of your neighbors; they may have been feeding birds for so long that they know what to do and what not to do at different times of the year.

Meanwhile, you’re trying to attract birds with very specific dietary requirements while providing them with only a restricted selection of bird food.

I know why the birds stop coming to my feeders: I get lazy and forget to refill them when they run out of food. No birds have visited my feeders in what must be only a few days or a week.

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If you notice a sudden decline in the number of birds visiting your feeders around the end of summer, it may be because you are attracting primarily migratory species, like as hummingbirds and orioles, which leave for warmer climes in the fall.

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