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For the time being, food is more readily available elsewhere than at feeders, so you’ll need to step up your game if you want to attract birds to your feeder arrangement.

It’s possible that the absence of birds at your feeder is due to the fact that the feeders are out of sight. When the birds’ diets need to be tailored to a certain species, bird feed is utilized. Spread bird seed on the grass or use feeders to provide food for a variety of birds.

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There seems to be a great variety of birds coming and departing from your yard, so let’s just assume that they’re not stopping by your bird feeder.

Could it be that the birds aren’t eating because the food in the feeders is bad?

When you offer dry mealworms to the seed-eating birds that are now dominating your backyard, all you’ll get is some bemused looks. Wild birds, however, will never knowingly dine on the wrong diet.

Even if some birds are eating the bird seeds and peanuts you’re providing them, they may not be the right kind of birds to consume from a feeder.

Which means that particular bird species can’t use a bird feeder that’s mounted to a bracket or dangles from a limb.

Always provide bird food on the ground underneath feeders to ensure the birds in your yard have a reliable source of nutrition and encourage them to return in the future.

You can avoid food waste by scattering bird seed on the grass, but you should wait until after you see wild birds using the area.

However, it’s possible that the birds aren’t coming to your feeders because you have them too far out of sight. Keep your bird feeders stocked with food that the birds can easily access, and think about getting one with an open top so that you can feed as many birds as possible.

Birds arrival expected to soon

Although it’s possible you’re just being overoptimistic, it’s possible that the birds you’re hoping to attract to your backyard feeders have other plans.

To attract birds to a new feeder, for example, you’ll need to give them extra time to become familiar with its location.

Instead of assuming birds will magically appear at a bird feeder’s location, you should explore the potential that they may have been drawn there by a particular scent or sound.

It’s normal for it to take a few days for birds to start showing up at a new bird feeder, so there’s no need to stress about that.

However, there is cause for concern if NO birds are visiting your feeder after a week, two weeks, or even a month. It would be unusual to observe no birds at all at a feeder, whether it is new or old.

Even with these obstacles, I’m confident that you can still successfully attract birds to a previously unattended bird feeder; you’ll just need to adjust your approach.

If you want more wild birds to visit your yard, you shouldn’t just put out old bird food in a bird feeder and hope they show up.

Give it additional time to watch what happens in the time it takes to grow or plant a lot of foliage along with bushes, seed-filled blooms, a water source, and of course bird food out of bird feeders.

In light of all this, now is as good a time as any to plant a tree that will attract a wide variety of bird species.

Feeders NOT seen in open

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People forget that the plastic or metal bird feeder they use to feed the birds isn’t designed to be seen by humans.

Birds can only land at your bird feeder setup if they can see it, and since they can’t smell or detect food in the air, it will be difficult to entice them.

That’s why it’s critical that your chosen bird feeder location be visible to passing birds.

However, if you’re having trouble luring birds to your feeders due to their current placement, you should give serious consideration to moving them.

Where you can’t go wrong is in using a variety of bird feeders to attract a wide variety of birds.

Even if you have one bird feeder hanging from a pole or bracket in your yard, you can increase its visibility by placing additional feeders of the same or different models around your yard.

Regardless, trees are a good place to hang bird feeders because that’s where the birds will be.

Bird feeders with different environments can be hung from their own bracket, a clothesline, or safely far up on guttering to be visible from far away, or you can use a tried-and-true bird feeder pole.

Using a bird feeder pole allows you to attract a wider variety of birds by providing them with their preferred food sources.

Neighbors too inviting

No doubt the birds in your area will find somewhere else to eat if you aren’t willing to commit to providing them with a steady supply of bird seed in their feeders.

If birds can’t find food at your feeders, they’ll go to a nearby tree, or if they have to, they’ll travel many blocks to find it.

Common backyard birds do remember where bird feeders are, and once they’ve learned the spot, they’ll return there every day.

If you stop remembering the original intent of your bird feeding, the birds will move on to more stable eating grounds, such as someone else’s yard.

Again, your neighbors might be more organized than you are, using a wide variety of bird feeders and providing birds’ preferred foods that are analogous to what they consume in the wild.

A better bird feeder design can certainly entice more birds if you have always continued to feed birds but they have suddenly disappeared, but if your neighbors have reliable natural feeding grounds, it will be tough to attract birds to your feeders.

Attract a variety of birds to your feeders by making a splash with a bird bath that features a fountain to draw them in with the sound of moving water.

Foraging grounds to far away

No Birds At My Feeder 2021

If this is your first try at luring birds to your feeders and you still don’t see any, you might just be out of luck.

There may be an excess of excellent foraging grounds in the nature, even if one has a nice green grass with plenty of earthworms to forage for or a leafy tree with enough of natural insects or fruits for birds to consume.

Your backyard may be so attractive to wild birds that they’ll happily dine outside your property line.

When there aren’t enough suitable natural feeding grounds in a city or town, birds will use bird feeders; this means that birds who choose to remain in the countryside will have no trouble finding what they need to eat, when they need it.

Maybe you live in a rural region surrounded by farms, woods, and farmland, making your backyard feel secluded and private.

I’ll be honest and say that this climate can be challenging for a country house yard compared to a suburban yard, where birds are seen to feed, due to the lack of natural foraging areas.

Possibly the birds are dining too far away from their native feeding grounds and breeding locations if you live in a suburban area and have bird feeders in other places but not in your yard.

To summarize

Don’t get too downhearted if there aren’t any birds visiting your bird feeders just yet; the situation is likely to improve in due course.

If you suddenly stop or begin feeding birds, you may not see them again for a while, as they will move on to other, more consistent feeders in the area.

Similarly, if you’ve just put up a brand new bird feeder in your yard, or several of them, keep in mind that this is something completely new for the birds in your region, and that it will take some time before they start visiting your feeders.

To persuade birds to visit a bird feeder for the first time, one must be patient.

I can’t tell you not to do anything if I don’t know the full story, and if you can’t explain why there aren’t any birds at your feeder, it could be because of something in your head.

Make sure the bird feeders are visible from the ground or from high up in a tree, as birds can only locate them visually.

In light of this, if you don’t regularly attract birds to your yard, something is wrong.

To attract ground feeding birds, many of which are incompatible at feeders, you’ll need to start growing flowers, shrubs, and bushes, as well as ensuring sure a lawn is laid.

Put up a number of feeders in various locations throughout the yard, and go all out by suspending a variety of feeders from a single pole.

If you have any visitors who are strictly ground eaters or who lack the physical strength to conquer a caged feeder, make sure to provide them with food from the feeders anyhow.

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