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Looking for the best product in the market takes most of your precious time, especially when looking for the right food for your dog. That is why nutrition is among the most critical steps you can make in a dog’s lifetime. Luckily, the Royal Canin breed nutrition for Chihuahua is specially designed to provide for the different nutritional needs. This will ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy always.

Indeed, most of the brands have a capable team of veterinarians with a keen interest in science and medical knowledge to ensure they provide the right formula for a beautiful end product.  The Royal Canin is not left behind, but before you acquire the product, ensure that you go through the ingredients since some ingredients may not be good for your dog.

Diving deeper in to the world of nutrition, let’s look at an in-depth review of the Royal Canin Breed Nutrition for Chihuahuas.

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The Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Dry Dog Food.

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Ensure your Chihuahua has the best food to suit its nutritional needs by acquiring the best food in the market. The Royal Canin adult Chihuahua is among the best products you can be sure your dog will enjoy thoroughly.

Chihuahuas are among the best smallest breeds in the world. However, they demand high nutritional needs. But, thanks to the Royal Canin, they can enjoy digestion with the right diet. The product is well crafted for these small beautiful creatures. Moreover, the Royal Canin is explicitly designed for pure breeds of Chihuahua. It does not matter if you are keeping an apple head, fawn, or any other kind of Chihuahua. You can supply this food to them as see them thrive.

It comes with a customized small kibble designed to help them pick up and chew, the best way to ensure that they can eat with no complications. With the fiber content and highly digestible proteins, you can promote optimal stool quality, reducing unpleasant stool odors. This is probably the best way to keep your rooms and backyard form stinking.

In terms of weight, the whole package weighs around 2.65 pounds at the same time occupying a space of 4 by 7.5 by 12 inches. This should be light enough to move from one point another, it can also fit in your cabinet perfectly.

The product is also edible for cats, so if you find your cats eating your dog’s food it’s no problem.


Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua

The product features several incredible aspects to ensure your Chihuahua has everything in terms of nutrition.

  • It has an exclusive tailor-made kibble to assist the Chihuahuas in picking up and chewing food.
  • Thanks to its highly digestible protein content and precise fiber content, you don’t have to worry about the excess odor emanating from the stool.
  • It has omega 3-EPA, DHA and Biotin to support coat health.
  • Almost any Chihuahua will fight for this product due to its palatability and pleasant aroma and flavors.


The product has many nutrients to offer to your dog. This includes:

  • Chicken by-product meal- They are an amazing source of protein, essential fats, vitamin and minerals to the body of your dog.
  • Brewer’s rice- They are a great source of carbohydrates, vitamins, dietary fibers and lastly low glycemic indexes.
  • Chicken fat-This product is used to enhance the aroma in dog food promoting healthy skin and coats.
  • Natural flavors- They are used to make the food taste better to the dog.
  • Dried plain beet pulp
  • Vegetable oil-It contains omega 6 which is highly essential in helping the dogs coat inside out.
  • Calcium carbonate- It is used for coloring and also as an acid regulator
  • Silica aluminate-
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate
  • Niacin supplement- It helps in braking down of fatty acids in your pet’s body. Moreover, it is also a great source of Vitamin B3 used to convert fats into carbohydrates providing energy to your pet.

Other ingredients include:

  • L-ascorbyl 2 polyphosphate
  • D- Calcium pantothenate,
  • Biotin
  • Choline Chloride
  • Salt
  • Trace minerals
  • Zinc Oxide

Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult dog food


  • It has precise fiber content to reduce stool odor
  • It is designed to provide adequate nutritional need to an adult Chihuahuas.
  • Has irresistible favor, to encourage every picky dog to eat.


  • The product has corn
  • It is not ideal for feeding puppies
  • The food is costly compared to many formulated products from other brands.

Customer review


“I have the fussiest Chihuahua when it comes to dry dog food. The latest were science diet, wellness, and Caesars. My doggie turned her nose up at every one of them. She would flat out, refuse to eat dry food. Not anymore! She loves this food! I still can’t believe it! Five nights in a row she has eaten every last morsel of food in her bowl. I would give this product 10 stars if I could. If you have a fussy Chihuahua, you must try this food.”


Q: How can one preserve the royal canin diets?

A: Naturally, the diets are preserved with the tocopherols, rosemary extract, and citric acid. Moreover, the canned foods are always sterilized when cooking and canning, ensuring they remain fresh.

Q: How can I store my pet’s food?

A: Well, there are some ways you can store the food, but first, you must ensure it remains in their original bags. But you can choose to keep the food in a smaller bag with a zipper. Ensure that the food stays dry and airtight.

Q: Why do some of the Royal Canin diets have by-products?

A: In most cases, ingredients in a product are selectively mixed to deliver high-quality nutrients for customized pet food formulas. A good example is the use of chicken by-product instead of using a chicken meal.

Q: How comes there is a color variation in the Kibble?

A: Since the Royal Canin does not use artificial colorings in the diet formulations, there are natural variations in the raw ingredients resulting in an exception in the Kibble color. In most cases, this variation only exists in diets providing quality standards.

Moreover, this is also the best way to ensure that you have the best in the market. Artificial coloring has not benefit to the pet since it has no nutritional value. Most pets may even neglect the product due to its color and flavor.

Q: How frequently should I feed my Chihuahua?

A: Depending on the feeding habit of your Chihuahua, you can opt to for different feeding schedules. But the best way to do it is 3 to four times in a day .This should be ½ to 1/3 cups a day for dogs with 4 to 10 pounds .Given the small size of this type of dogs you should not put too much food or else it may go to waste.

Final words

Ensure your dog gets the best nutrition by providing customized food products. Not only are these products very essential to their body, but also very sweet and enjoyable for your pet. If you are keeping a Chihuahua, then it is high time you acquired the best product in the market. The Royal Canin Chihuahua’s dry food is the best in the market. Make every meal count with the ultimate choice for your adult Chihuahua.

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