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The setting in which a bird bath is placed or hung might be the main pull for attracting local wildlife, so don’t focus too much on the color of the bath itself.

You can paint your bird bath any color you like, as long as it looks nice in your yard. The addition of color is as simple as placing the bird bath in a flowerbed or next to some potted plants. The most important thing is to install a noisy fountain feature, as the sound of running water is the single most effective method of luring birds to your yard.

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Because of the wide variety of possible locations for a bird bath, I, or anybody else, would be unable to recommend a specific hue.

To be honest, a weathered grey stone bird bath looks great in my yard and is the greatest color choice for my bird bath.

My most common backyard birds can be lured to the bird bath by other ways, so I’m considering disguising it as a garden item.

I’ve found that the sound of falling water from a solar-powered fountain is quite effective at attracting birds.

With the fountain function, I could attract birds’ attention by the sparkling of water observed by flying birds — or at least not miss out on the chance every time a bird lands to rest in my yard for a minute or two.

In the wild, birds may be drawn to bright colors because they indicate a region rich in insect and other bird food.

If I want to attract birds without worrying about the aesthetics of a fancy bird bath, I need only place my current bird bath in a patch of flowers or move the bird bath’s stand closer to the potted plants on one side of the yard.

At this point, the only addition to my yard that I’m considering is a bird bath, rather than the costly landscaping modifications that are sometimes necessary.

Any color will do for a bird bath; however, adding a fountain or stones to the base of the bowl will liven up even the most boring-looking bird bath.

Birds need clear water, so if you want to add some color to your bird bath bowl, don’t bother with the red or green algae that will inevitably grow there.

Bird bath can be any color

It is not necessary for a bird bath to be any specific color; rather, it should be chosen to complement the setting in which it will be displayed.

It’s up to individual taste, but bird baths come in a rainbow of colors depending on their material composition.

For my part, I prefer bird baths constructed of stone, so a neutral hue like grey is ideal.

In a similar vein, many prefer to save money by purchasing a plastic bird bath in either green or bronze-like coloring. Your preferences for a bird bath’s ideal hue are irrelevant, as long as you find one that serves your purposes.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider using colors you enjoy, as long as they go well with the rest of your garden.

Actually, a green lawn in the middle of which you have set your bird bath could benefit from a bird bath in a contrasting hue; if you didn’t know, wild birds can be attracted to color, and a strategically positioned bird bath could capture their attention.

Consider a more visually pleasing bird bath color scheme instead of one that could be a distraction in your garden.

Colorful bird baths do attract birds

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Although it’s true that a bird bath with a bright color would likely attract birds, the color won’t do the trick if you don’t also use other bright hues.

While wild birds can easily detect a white bird bath, the birds might not be able to find it if it were placed on a white stone patio.

You may, for instance, place a white bird bath on the lush green grass or tender turf that serves as the perimeter of your backyard.

The point I’m trying to make is that a colorful bird bath may entice birds to land, but it may also be obscured from view by the surrounding decor.

If you already have a bright green or blue plastic bird bath but find that it isn’t getting as much attention as you’d like, I recommend using a non-toxic, waterproof, safe exterior paint to paint flowers or contrasting patterns within the bird bath water bowl or around the outer rim.

It is unnecessary to decorate the sides of a bird bath with paint, as passing wild birds will see it only from above.

Forget the hassle of painting, when you can simply add the necessary equipment to the bird bath water to achieve the desired effect.

Color in additional extras

Stop worrying about what color a bird bath should be and start adding color to your bowl by adding wild bird enticing gadgets to the water.

If you didn’t know it already, keeping the water in a bird bath moving can attract any birds that may be flying overhead or landing nearby.

Many people assume that birds don’t use their bird bath setup or any bird bath because it is stationary and hence invisible to them. But if the birds can’t see the shimmering water in the bird bath bowl, then the quietest bird bath can go unnoticed.

If you want birds to visit your yard, you need at least put things in the bird bath that will attract them.

The first thing you should do when deciding what to place in a bird bath is to weigh down the base of the water basin with stones or pebbles. These stones are perfect for a fish tank, but keep in mind that the entire bird bath will need to be cleaned at some point.

Use a colorful assortment of pebbles rather than uniform stones to line the bottom and add visual interest to the water.

Pebbles can be used to reduce the depth of a deep bird bath, which is ideal since adding a solar-powered fountain to the top of the shallower bird bath is a great method to attract birds without the use of bright colors.

Prioritize a noisy bird bath

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If you want to attract birds to your yard, you can do it not just by making the water sparkle in the bird bath by moving it in the way you find most appealing, but also by generating some noise.

Nothing to do with the question of what color is ideal for a bird bath, but trust me, you’d still need some method of creating a noisy bird bath spot.

The only audible disturbance will be the soothing trickle of a solar-powered waterfall fountain.

Purchasing a new bird bath with a fountain can be pricey, but installing a universal solar fountain for use with any bird bath design would be far more cost-effective.

A simple solar-powered fountain, I might add, will not add any color but will add reflection, which is similar to color.

Plus, the solar panel that is partially immersed under the water in a bird bath’s shallow bowl can alter the reflection’s hue.

Bland theme complimentary

If you want your bird bath to attract birds, choose a color that you like and that you think goes well with your garden or wherever you plan to put the bird bath.

If you want a green bird bath, that’s fine; just don’t put it amid a forest of other greenery, otherwise the birds won’t be able to see it.

A bird bath, which is typically the same color as the stone patio block it would rest on, might be placed in the yard’s center to maintain the yard’s well-landscaped appearance.

Placing a deck-mounted bird bath on a railing is possible, but the bowl’s color will likely stand out against the painted wood; nevertheless, the typical black metal frame of a deck-mounted bird bath can hide in plain sight against a black metal railing.

As you can see, it is not necessary for the entire bird bath to blend in with its environment, as long as certain aspects of it do.

Stone, especially if it is set in an environment also made of stone, is the best material for a bird bath.

In time, the weathering impact on that stone bird bath will make it mix in even better within a stone area in my yard.

Whether you put it in the middle of a flower bed or near some potted plants, a bright glass mosaic bird bath will attract birds because of the reflection they’ll see in the glass.


A bird bath does not need to be a specific color to attract birds to it, thus the answer to the question “what color should a bird bath be?” is largely up to your own personal preference.

The best way to attract birds to your bird bath is with a variety of colors, rather than just one. Keep in mind that a bird bath of any color will be largely inconspicuous unless it is placed in a setting with a lot of contrast.

Instead of worrying about what color a bird bath should be, you should focus on how to make the space it’s in as cheery as possible.

If you already have a boring bird bath, there’s no need to replace it because you can easily make this one stand out by painting flowers or odd patterns onto it with a brush and setting it out from its surroundings.

Anyone who maintains a busy bird bath should use items to place in the water, but they should not use paint.

To entice birds with their visual sense as well as their auditory one, you can line the bottom of a bird bath with a variety of colorful pebbles.

Put in a solar-powered fountain feature; the birds will be attracted to the shimmering ripples created by the running water.

A bird bath is a nice addition to any garden, but I would put my landscaping plans first before considering where to put the bath.

If I give top priority to a means to keep the bird bath water moving, such as with a fountain element, then the stone can be a boring stone gray bird bath and still look great in a stone setting.

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