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A homemade vinaigrette for your salad, or a sprinkle of pecorino on perfectly pasta — all of these final factors elevate the human dining experience. Like us, our dogs enjoy delicious additions to bring a meal to highest level. This is particularly relevant for dogs that have stopped eating, be it because of illness, age or boredom, or due to their dietary preferences. When you add toppings to the food your dog eats it is possible to not only make your dog’s day by providing them with delicious fresh and delicious tastes, but also provide additional nutrition along the way.

If you’re thinking Wait! Dogs don’t have nearly one-sixth of the taste buds as we do. Why would you bother to serve something that isn’t normal? Be aware that when it is about smell dogs have more than 125 million sensory cells, compared as opposed to our 5 to 10 million. They are able to detect every single ingredient. Research has revealed that they can identify at least four different flavors: sweet, salty and sour, which they are inclined to enjoy as well as bitter that they don’t.

Are you looking to make your pet’s next dinner? It’s good to know that you don’t have to travel beyond your pantry and the shelves of your local pet supply or supermarket to find easy and healthy ways to liven up a boring dinner for your pet. Explore the suggestions below for quick, easy-to-use toppings and delicious, home-cooked alternatives. Every dog is different , so it’s best to discuss any diet changes by consulting your veterinarian before attempting the new foods.


Homemade Dog Food Basics

Before you begin rummaging through the fridge, be aware of the components that make an nutrient-rich dog food.

Three Rules for What to Feed Your Dog When You’re Out of Dog Food

Be aware of the excessive fat and sodium, that can lead to an excessive thirst and stomach problems.

You should aim for a balance between lean protein as well as complex carbohydrates.

Be aware of any allergies or food requirements your dog might be suffering from

One of the fastest, easiest meals for dogs to prepare in accordance with the rules is simple, cooked chicken and rice. Actually, vets usually suggest rice and chicken meals for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. However, that’s only a starting base! If you’re a vegetarian, such as me might not have chicken in your fridge, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer your pet an excellent pantry food.

Homemade Dog Food Toppers

Organ meat is a favorite of dogs and you should inquire with your local butcher or market vendors whether they sell prepared organ meat including liver, the heart or kidney meat. Slice the organ meat in small pieces and sprinkle some of them over your dog’s food. The meat is either cooked or braised lightly. Here are some options for toppings with minimal preparation

Grated carrots

Sauteed zucchini

Frosty vegetables, steamed and chopped

Another method for cooking at home is to buy a variety of fresh vegetables and bake roast as many as your dog could consume in between four and five days. Store them in the refrigerator , and include them during the time of eating. It’s a nutritious “fast food” your dog will be able to enjoy.


A Quick Note About Calories

Keep in mind that the addition of toppings to your dog’s diet requires you to reduce the quantity of kibble and other food items you provide them with it. These general guidelines may not yield the most effective plan for your dog’s specific needs and you should determine the correct caloric intake with your veterinarian prior to making major modifications to your diet.

A Delicious Dog Food Topper Recipe

Lucy Postins, pet nutritionist and the founder of The Honest Kitchen, developed this delicious recipe that is healthy for dogs. Fennel and cherries contain powerful antioxidants. Fava beans support the health function of the dog’s spleen, kidneys, liver and pancreas.


  • 1 cup of fresh fennel chopped finely, raw, or steam
  • 1/4 cup fava beans lightly cooked
  • 1 Tbsp. cherries cut into dice, pitted, and diced
  • 1/2 cup plain, live-culture plain yogurt
  • 1 cup cooked ground meat , such like turkey (optional)


Mix all the ingredients with a spoon and place them in the bowl of a large size.

Include a few spoons to every pets’ usual food items.

Refrigerate any food leftovers up 3 days or more in a sealed container.

In terms of the types recipes for homemade pet food toppings that you can provide your dog, the world’s yours to explore (which dogs particularly love smoke, especially). Make these suggestions your ideas, but keep in mind that every dog is unique and if one recipe isn’t appealing to them then try a new one.



Kefir, otherwise known as the “grain of life” has so many health benefits. A lot of people compare kefir with yogurt since they are similar in appearance however kefir is actually yogurt with steroids! Kefir is a fermented food that’s loaded with probiotics and beneficial yeasts (30 different strains!) which help fight off harmful yeasts and bacteria.

When your pet is eating diet that is dry the food they eat could have up to 70% carbs in a single meal! Carbohydrates cause havoc to the body as they serve as the primary fuel source for pathogenic yeast. If your dog’s breath is foul and itchy, is losing fur, or suffers from frequent ear infections, they could be suffering from yeast overgrowth.

If your dog recently experienced stress (like being in an dog kennel) or is taking medications, particularly antibiotics You must add the probiotic kefir as soon as possible! (I would also recommend an additional probiotic or prebiotic)

Here’s a quick description of the advantages of taking kefir as a supplement Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial assists with candidiasis IBD as well as allergies. it’s full of beneficial minerals and vitamins.

Kefir is traditionally prepared with cow’s milk, but it is available with sheep or goat’s milk – it’s just harder to find. There are also dairy-free versions made with almond or coconut milk however, it’s a bit difficult to locate.


There’s been lots of discussion about the amino acid taurine, lately! Many people are seeking ways to add more taurine into their pet’s diet and sardines are a great food source for taurine. They’re also an excellent food source for omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for healthy health.

Sardines are my favorite fish because they’re tiny and short-lived fish. This means they are less likely to accumulate the toxins that are in their bodies and they do not eat larger older fish that have the capacity to accumulate toxic elements. Therefore, they’re relatively “clean” fish.

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