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Avoid the temptation to treat a birdhouse like a feeder, painting it bright colors in the hopes of luring birds in.

When placing a bird home in a tree or on an unfinished wooden pole, the absence of paint is preferable. In fact, the natural pinkish red tone of cedar wood is ideal, and the gray color of aging cedar is the next best thing. You can paint the birdhouse any color you like, as long as it blends nicely with its surroundings.

What Colors Attract Birds To Bird Houses

A bird’s existence in captivity may depend on how realistic its artificial home appears to the naked eye, hence there is no “optimal color” for bird houses.

The natural tone of cedar wood is beautiful on its own, so there’s no need to paint or stain a birdhouse.

Some birds, especially predatory ones, may be attracted to the color of the bird house and thus the birds inside. Even if cats or other animals are unable to locate the entrance to the bird house, predatory birds will.

If you want to attract birds, avoid buying or painting a bird home with vivid colors or patterns.

It’s important that the bird house’s surroundings become increasingly indistinguishable from those around it.

If it’s a Bluebird home, it might be hanging from a tree, but more likely it will be put on a post, and if it’s connected to a wall or fence post, it’ll be secure.

You can blend the wooden bird home into its surroundings by painting it the same color as the wall or ceiling it is attached to. It should match the fence color, so if the fence is brown and the box is tucked into a garden, paint it green.

Inviting predators or pests is counterproductive, thus color isn’t utilized to entice birds to a bird house.

Color to blend in environment

The best color for a bird house is the color of the setting in which it will be displayed.

Never pick a bold color or one that stands out from the background when painting a birdhouse, since this will only attract the attention of predatory birds, people, and animals.

That being said, just as the use of color to lure birds to feeders can backfire, so can the use of color to attract birds to a brand-new bird home.

You want a wooden bird house, but you want it to go in with the rest of your yard, so you paint it a neutral color.

To blend in with the surrounding foliage, a green bird house is a safe bet if you plan on hanging it near a tree or other dense vegetation.

In due time, the box will blend with the yard’s natural greenery as a result of the weather.

If you plan on attaching your bird house to a fence and you don’t have to worry about cats or other predators, you can paint it to match the fence’s likely brown color.

It’s a shame if you’ve used up the entire can of paint, but you can get sample sizes of paint for very little money at the store, and those should be more than enough to finish painting the bird house.

Remember to conceal the wooden circle that serves as the entrance hole when you paint the bird home to blend in with the yard.

No color can apply

What Colors Attract Birds To Bird Houses-2

The best color for bird houses is the color of cedar wood, not any shade of brown or a vibrant tone to attract birds’ attention.

A bird home made of untreated cedar is the best option. I’m not sure what you’d call it, though.

Since cedar is the ideal wood for making bird houses, it’s appropriate to paint your bird house the same pinkish red hue.

You shouldn’t paint your bird house at all, and while a house made of untreated wood will stand out in the yard at first, the weathering process will eventually dull the color so that it blends in.

Since a Bluebird house, even if left untreated, will always be affixed on a wooden pole that hasn’t been painted, the question of what color a Bluebird house should be extends to other species of bird houses as well.

Painting a birdhouse in the hopes of attracting birds may end up doing more harm than good, so it’s best to avoid doing so if at all possible.

If you want your bird home to look its finest, you shouldn’t paint it any other color besides cedar.

Color is NOT used for bird houses

If you’re hoping to lure birds into your yard by painting bird feeders in bright colors, you’ll be disappointed to learn that these structures aren’t as effective as bird feeders themselves at luring avian visitors.

To avoid drawing attention to itself, a bird house should have a muted, natural color scheme so that it may blend in with its surroundings wherever it is placed in the yard.

There is a danger that additional birds will arrive on top of the bird house or outside the entry hole during the nesting process, causing the existing birds distress.

Color can attract birds to a bird home but birds won’t respond to an attention-grabbing box.

Since painting a birdhouse would defeat the purpose of attracting birds, it is essential to use the natural color of the untreated wood.

Bird homes can be any color you like, and even adorned boxes can be useful, but if the box is going to be placed in an environment where it will blend in with the surrounding foliage, then the rule of “no color” should be used.

Color attracts predators

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During the breeding season and the winter months, when birds roost, you must be aware that the birds inside the buildings are vulnerable to predation.

Creatures are hoping to kill and consume the young, steel the unhatched eggs or indeed trap and kill the mother birds. Predators can include squirrels, snakes or large predatory birds.

All of these creatures are just as likely to visit a brightly colored bird house as they are to visit a bird house of any hue.

In contrast, a bird house that gets snow in the winter may be visible from miles away, regardless of how colorful or boring it is.

Let’s try to hide the wooden bird house from these pests so the parents don’t have to abandon their young if they get inside.

Don’t worry; birds can still discover your bird home just as easily as they can a natural cavity in a tree.

Predators may be deterred from a bird home if it is unpainted or untreated.


You should paint or stain the birdhouse the same color as the surrounding landscape.

If you want to hang a cedar wood bird home on a brown or black fence, the bird house should be brown or black, too.

Bird houses attached to trees or suspended from shrubs should also be painted a green color to attract birds.

Color is a terrible choice for attracting birds, as it will do so long after the birds have moved in and begun breeding there.

Great for attracting birds, but the color may never deter them from coming back.

Predators of birds, both those found in the wild and domestic cats, kill millions of songbirds every year, and studies have shown that bright colors attract predators.

You can use color to attract birds to a feeder, but you should never paint bird houses.

The finest hue for bird houses is a reddish-pinkish cedar wood shade, but worn cedar that goes gray is just as nice, if not better, because it conceals the structure better.

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