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Many species of birds include peanuts in their diets because they are a tasty and nutritious addition. However, many people wonder if it’s safe to feed mourning doves peanuts.

Serving peanuts to mourning doves is always well received, and the birds enjoy munching on them for their nutritional content. Be sure they are getting enough to eat.

Are Peanuts Safe For Mourning Doves?

What Do Mourning Doves Eat

To answer your question, peanuts are fine for mourning doves to eat. It is a common misconception that peanuts are harmful to mourning doves because they will choke on them.

Even though nuts can become lodged in a bird’s trachea, they do not have the same choking and suffocation effects as, say, marshmallows or popcorn. Peanuts are a great treat to give your dove because they are full of protein.

To ensure your mourning dove enjoys its new nut treat as much as possible, soak it in clean water before offering it to it in its feeding dish.

Do Mourning Doves Like Peanuts?

Mourning doves enjoy peanuts, that much is true. Mourning doves are a species that enjoys nut offerings, just like many other birds.

Peanuts are a favorite food of many different species of birds. They can’t help but pay attention when they hear this magic word, thus using it is an effective strategy for getting their focus. Numerous animals will congregate around these little treats.

How To Feed Peanuts To Mourning Doves?

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Mourning doves can be fed peanuts in a few different ways. These methods are outlined below:

Spread peanuts on a bird feeder and hope that the mourning doves land on it to devour their meal. This is the least expensive and most reliable way, as you are assured of either successfully presenting or witnessing mourning doves eating peanuts in person.

You may also put out a bird feeder with peanuts; the mourning doves will have to fly to it and land in order to eat. This is a trickier approach because the birds usually take off when people get too close to them.

Attach peanuts onto a line or wire and dangle them out of your window so mourning doves flying past your home can eat them. However, this approach frequently results in problems, such as strewn peanut pieces or trapped birds.

Build a peanut building on your property. Mourning doves can be attracted to a peanut or peanut butter spread on a tree trunk or in the cavities of dead branches by providing a food source—the doves will scratch at the food with their feet to retrieve it.

Mourning doves will use a birdbath that has peanuts sprinkled in it as a food source after they’ve finished bathing. Because birds are drawn to water, this strategy has proven effective even in arid regions.

How Often & How Much To Feed Peanuts To Mourning Doves?

Peanuts are typically offered to mourning doves on a daily basis. But how many peanuts should be given to a dove and how often should you feed it?

There is no ideal quantity or schedule, however there are some suggestions. Peanuts should only be offered when the dove is eating “normally.”

Everything means as long as they do not start pecking at anything else other than that dish of peanuts, then it is fine.

Aside from that, there are two distinct options for when to stop: if the bird becomes aggressive or loses hunger. If the bird begins to exhibit signs of hostility or disinterest in feeding, then cut by half and offer again seven days later.

Mourning doves can eat 1 to 2 peanuts in a day. Due to their high metabolic rate, they require extra food during the warmer, more active summer months.

Every day, people trek out to their backyard with bags of nuts to feed their family of mourning doves.

Because of their misunderstandings, far too many mourning doves end up getting fed, which might contribute to their becoming overweight. Is there a recommended feeding amount?

Depending on the number of mourning doves you have and the local environment (birds living in warmer climates may require more calories), a diet of one to two peanuts per bird per day should be sufficient.

Do Mourning Doves Eat Shelled Peanuts?

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Mourning doves will eat peanuts if they are shelled. However, this is not the final chapter. Shelled peanuts are one of their favorite foods, though they also eat cereals, fruits, nuts, and wild plants.

The Nutra-Shelled Peanuts or Cargill Peanuts are the more expensive variety of “shelled” peanut (also known as coated nuts).

These are tougher to locate than conventional peanuts because they have been treated with chemicals that make them live longer and dry out faster to resist mold or mildew.

Do Mourning Doves Eat Peanut Butter?

Mourning doves can consume peanut butter; don’t worry. But, like humans and many other birds, the doves’ stomachs are not equipped for digesting solid foods.

The doves will regurgitate the peanut butter in just a few hours and then eat on insects again. It’s recommended that you provide your dove a special supper of mashed worms or tuna flakes combined with baby bird food pellets on a paper plate.

For good digestion, mourning doves need soft meals like baby bird chow or worms, yet they will consume peanut butter if given the chance.

Final Thought

Mourning doves are known to eagerly devour peanuts, but it is important to remember that too much of a good thing may be bad. The protein in peanuts also promotes healthy development.

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