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If your dog is in a position to look away from you for some time it is possible that you are contemplating the reasons and how you can do to fix it. This article will help you understand the various reasons it is happening and how you can take action to address the reasons.
What is the reason my dog face towards me? The reasons your dog’s face is away from you include that it’s protecting itself It finds a certain location comfortable, or you have accidentally encouraged this behavior or it may not wish to bother you or feel more secure.
There are a variety different causes that could be a factor, it might be beneficial to think about what could make each likely. When you have an understanding of your most probable causes, it’s much easier to decide the best way to deal with it.


Why your dog sits facing away from you

Here are some possible explanations for why your dog might do it and the reasons that make each one more likely.

It is being protective

It could be that it is doing it in order to protect itself. It is more likely if it is sitting or is placed in a place where it is able to see openings into the room, and, if it has a tendency to be cautious around the home.

It finds it more comfortable

It could be that your dog has a certain method that it prefers to lay or sit in a specific location. It’s more likely if your dog is inclined to look towards you when sitting in a particular spot, however it is less likely when it is sleeping with its back to your face even when in a different place.

Encouraging the behaviour

It is possible that you’ve encouraged it to do so by rewarding it whenever it is facing towards you. For instance, if you rub its back while it lies or sits in front of you, it is likely to repeat the action to receive more rewards.
In the meantime, it is helpful to make it rest the way you like by rewarding it every time it is sitting in that manner and not noticing it when it doesn’t.

It doesn’t want to be bothered

The reason for it doing it could be because it is trying to stay away from being annoyed. It is more likely to be the case if it doesn’t lay or lie down facing away from you, and if it is more frequent in the evening when it is trying to rest. In this instance it’s best to ensure that it can rest comfortably at night as it is possible that it’s trying to sleep in the day because of problems sleeping through the night.

It feels safer

It may also be that it does this because it makes it feel more secure since you’re behind it and it is able to detect what’s coming from the other side.


Why your dog sleeps or lays facing away from you

Here are some common reasons your dog may be doing something and the factors that make you more likely that it is the most likely factor.

Encouraging the behaviour

It may be that you’ve encouraged it to do this by rewarding it whenever it lies down facing away from you. If, for instance, you rub your back when it is asleep or lies in front of you, it is likely to perform it again to earn greater rewards.
It is better to make it sleep in the way you prefer by rewarding it every time it is sleeping in that manner and not ignore it when it isn’t.

It doesn’t want to be bothered

The reason for it doing it is that it would like to not be concerned. It’s most likely in the event that it doesn’t always lie down facing you , and if it does this more frequently than it would like to go to bed. In this instance it’s best to ensure that it can rest comfortably at night as it might be that it’s trying to get more sleep in the day because of problems sleep at night.

Things to consider

Here are some suggestions you should consider when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started sitting facing away from you

If it didn’t always be seated in a straight line It is a good idea to determine if something else changed since it first began doing it. It could be because it realized that it earns rewards for doing it, so you started taking a different place or you may have begun having it bother you a lot during times in the evenings when it was trying to sleep.

What is different when your dog does not sit facing away from you

It’s also helpful to think about if there’s something different about it sitting in front of you. For instance when it is facing you when you are sitting in a specific place, it may be that it is sometimes facing away from you due to the fact that it’s comfortable.


What you can do about your dog sitting facing away from you

Here are some tips you can do to stop your dog’s tendency to be away towards you.

Train it to sit where you want it to

One possibility is to help your dog learn to sit when you command it to do so using the application of positive reinforcement when it is in the place you want it to be sitting in, you can instruct it to do this several times throughout the day, then reward it doing this. Repeating the procedure and repetition, your dog will learn that sitting in a new area results in receiving rewards.

Avoid encouraging it

As we mentioned earlier it could be the animal has discovered that it receives rewards when it is facing away from you. Instead, it is beneficial to make it face you, and to reward it when it is facing you.

Give it a comfortable place to sit

It can also be helpful to make the space that you would like it to lay in comfortable so that it can inspire it to lay or sit there.
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