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Dogs communicate with us via the way they behave and their body language. Since they’re incapable of speaking, one way they communicate with us is to touch us.
Dogs rub us with their paws and noses to show their love, request for attention, playtime and much more.
What is the reason my dog need to touch me? Many dog owners face the same issue.
There are many reasons your dog’s always touching you. We’ll explore the various reasons here.
We also go over how to determine if the dog has been too much and also how to prevent your pet from touching you if you have to.


Why Your Dog is Always Touching You

Dogs are incredibly affectionate and love touching your skin for a variety of reasons.

Seeking Attention

Dogs will often approach us due to the fact that they seek attention. This is completely normal.
Humans aren’t the only ones to do this, especially whenever they want to be noticed.
They’re trying to convince you to take action
It could also be because they are trying to show they are in love with you, especially when they are in need of food or belly rub.
This is especially the case with puppies that require more attention. They require frequent bathroom breaks, plenty of play time in small amounts and plenty of socialization.
Don’t punish your pet for seeking to be noticed. You can deter them from doing it if it becomes annoying by simply not noticing the behavior.
For instance, if your dog licks you when you’re asleep it’s not necessary to do anything to honor their request.
However, this is typically only the case in situations where you don’t give your dog lots of attention.

Protecting You

Dogs are extremely secure of their owner, particularly breeds designed to be guard dogs.
That means that your dog may be sniffing around to make sure you’re secure and safe. It is more likely to occur when you’re asleep.
It’s also often accompanied by your dog gazing at the door or the surrounding spaces as they are wary of predators that could be lurking around.
Sometimes, dogs use this to tell if you’re physically or emotionally okay. It’s especially likely in the case of dogs that do this more when you’re crying or feel sick.
It’s not a problem when your dog licks you because of their instincts to protect. It’s their nature!
The top family dogs are Australian Cattle Dog, Shar-Pei, German Shepherd, and Great Dane.

Safety and Comfort

Although dogs can contact you to make sure you feel secure, other dogs use it to make them feel safe and comfortable.
Dogs are social creatures They enjoy being around other dogs as well as humans.
If your dog lies upon your laps or lies their head on your shoulder instead of lying in their beds is likely due to the fact that they feel more secure around you.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer more than they ought to while you’re absent. The anxiety of separation is a common issue for our furry companions.
They begin to behave inappropriately once they see you’re getting ready to go away. For instance, they’ll continue making contact with you and following your wherever you move.
When you’re away, they get stressed and destructive. When you return home, you find an overly active dog that behaves as if they will never let go.

Vision or Hearing Changes

If your dog is constantly following you all over and even touching you in the middle of the night It could be because they are experiencing changes within their own behavior.
Hearing and vision changes particularly in older dogs, can be frightening and stressful for them. They will stay to your side to help them cope.
The care of a senior dog is not the same as taking care of puppies or an adult dog. It is important to take care to fix issues like hearing loss or vision problems promptly.
If your dog’s behavior is indicating symptoms of hearing or vision loss, bring your pet to the vet right away.

The Behavior was Encouraged

If your dog continues to touch you It’s because you’ve encouraged it for a long time now that it’s normal to them.
It could take a great deal of instruction for the behavior to end even if you’ve done nothing to stop it before.


Velcro Dog Syndrome

Velcro dogs are dog with a tendency to be clingy. They would like to be with their owner at all times regardless of how you move from one spot to another.
If your dog is constantly touching and following you around, they could be classified as a dog with velcro.
Velcro dogs do want to be near to the owners of their pet. This is also a common trait with breeds that were created over the centuries to work with other dogs.
They include:

  • Great Dane
  • French Bulldog
  • Basset Hound
  • Shar-Pei
  • Whippet
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Mastiff
  • Saint Bernard
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Border Collie
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Vizsla.

The dogs are more dependent as they depend on their owners to communicate their body language and give them directions.
Yet, velcro dog syndrome may be caused by our actions.
We stop whenever the dog stops. We chat with them when they bark. We offer them affection whenever they sit on their stomachs for a belly rub.
Sleeping with your dog on your couch could be the reason that they get more dependent and more clingy.

Sudden Onset of Touching Behavior

If your dog’s behavior has just been a bit irritable recently this could be an indication that they require something crucial from you.
As you can imagine the dog may become more attached because they’re losing their hearing or vision. They may look to you for help.
Sometimes dogs may be suffering from pain that leads to touching behaviors. It could be because of an injury or an internal health problem.
Any signs of change in behavior may indicate that your dog is sick. A visit to your veterinarian is crucial to confirm any medical concerns.
It could be caused by unexpected changes in their environment. It’s normal for them feel overwhelmed upon moving to a new home.
Help them to relax by being with them at all times and setting a regular schedule for them.



The relationship you establish between your pet and you is an essential one. Touching, cuddling, cuddling and licking are some of the ways dogs are able to communicate with humans. If you enjoy being with your dog every day as well, dogs are a pleasure spending time with you and reciprocating their love is essential to their well-being and also yours.

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