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You’ve just come back from a tiring day at work, and you remove your shoes before settling upon the couch. Your dog walks up to greet you, then chooses to lie on your feet. Then you realize that she’s touching your feet. It makes you think about the reason. Your feet smell disgusting since they’ve been wearing shoes for the entire day, however, to her, they taste completely different. Actually, your dog is a fan of the smell of your feet like they enjoy the scent of your face or your hands. The answer to this question could help you change the way you think about the dog’s desires.

If you like it or hate it there’s one thing for certain: Your dog likes to kiss your feet! It’s difficult to grasp the reason behind this for the majority of us, our feet are stinky and sweaty despite being important part of our body. What makes anyone or anything touch their feet?
Dogs are dogs, and have their own reasons. We have identified eight reasons why dogs love slobbering on our feet. We also explore ways to curb this behaviour in the event that it’s something you don’t really enjoy.


Tasty Salt

It may sound disgusting to us however for dogs, our feet can be a tasty salty, delicious, and tasty snack. Because our feet tend to be sweaty and wet and sweaty, they smell more like us as opposed to almost any other place. Our feet are good and smell just similar to us, which means your dog will be at peace!


If your dog begins to lick your feet, it’s likely that you’ll react. No matter if you yell, laugh or squirm or offer your dog a pet and your dog will recall that you paid attention to them. Even if your reaction is not positive (like shouting) the dog will repeat the behavior to earn more focus.


The Root of the Behavior

Dogs are created in a different way from humans. How they communicate, express affection, and behave on the day-to-day is different to the breed they belong to, and this helps them to be the most loving animal they are. Dogs enjoy doing whether it’s touching other animals, humans or even themselves. It is possible that your dog is fond of licking your feet. Although it can be uncomfortable it actually serves some reason behind it. The reason dogs lick your feet is to show you respect and reverence. They recognize that they are your pets and love playing the same position, as well as being your friend. Like they would lick your face or other part of your body they will also be sure to lick your feet as the hope of giving you affection and attention. They are also collecting data about you as well as communicating with you. If they are looking for your attention or food, or walking, they could communicate with you by kissing your feet. As dogs grow older they are more likely to touch other animals particularly their mothers in order to communicate with their family. Dogs also like to lick you in a way that gives pleasure to them. If they do are licking you, they release the pleasure hormones released. They are also more humid than other areas of your body. because of this your sweat and the scent of your feet may seem more pungent than elsewhere. When they groom you or simply savoring your scent, there’s some reason the reason they choose your feet. It’s unique to each dog’s need to kiss your feet. There are also adverse causes that are not related to affection and also a desire. If you notice that your dog is licking at your feet repeatedly you should try to take your dog to be examined at the vet.

Encouraging the Behavior

If your dog is making a habit of licking the soles of your feet, then it might be a good idea to first determine the reason for it. If your pet is licking at your feet because of a desire and the desire to show and be loved it is probably better to allow them to be able to lick your feet, or even encourage it occasionally. Liking of all kinds is a way for animals to communicate and is in no way dangerous. Because of this when your dog is licking in a natural and positive manner it is better to allow it and encourage it, if it is what they require. Sometimes, licking may be to aid in relaxing them. Your feet might be showing the scent of you and if this is the situation, the scent could alleviate any stress or negative feeling your dog is experiencing. If you notice that your dog is chewing on the outside of compulsive thinking or seems to get attached with your shoes, it could be beneficial to assist them deal with the issue in a different way. If they are struggling and are unable to come up with an alternative method of dealing with the situation, taking your dog to the vet may be beneficial. So the dog heals in some way, which means that the licking process is more balanced, particularly when they’re doing it for someone else than themselves.


Other Solutions and Considerations

Licking is an act of nature that all dogs participate in. The fact that they prefer to do it to themselves, another dog or their owner, it is not important however, understanding their motivations can assist you in taking the proper care of your pet. If you think it’s an issue, you may need to guide your pet to be licking in an appropriate speed or to assist them in coping with and resolve any issues of stress, anger or anxiety. It could also be beneficial to ensure they are comfortable and secure during stressful times to ensure that licking doesn’t become obsessional.


No matter if we’re humans or dogs We all seek to feel peaceful and secure, as well as loved. For canines are, licking their fur is a method to attain those objectives and also to communicate with their world. Being supportive by loving them and making sure their needs are met will aid you and your pet to keep in touch.

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