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Does your dog turn back to you when you are seated? Do you reverse while you take the walk, and then take a break for a while? In a flash, he returns to you, turning around by putting his bum in your legs?
You may even see your dog reverse-ing into your acquaintances when they visit. Strange, isn’t it?
I’ve observed it in our own dog and have researched the causes. If you’ve ever thought about what happens when a dog reverses to you, or who has a dog reverses onto you or vice versa I’m able to explain.
Does your dog turn back at you every time you are sitting down? Do they reverse their positions while you take the walk, and then take a break for a while? Then, he comes back to you, turning around while his bum is tucked into your legs?
You may even see your dog reverse-ing into your acquaintances when they visit. Strange, isn’t it?


Why does my dog reverse into me?

Although it could be an strange behavior, once you understand the reason behind dogs that rub their backs against you, it makes sense, even though it makes the dogs vulnerable.
The thing is the human and animal communications may be confused at times. When a person turns their backs to you, it’s typically an indication of disapproval. However, when our dogs turn toward us, indicating their backs, it’s simple to think that they are doing the same.
In reality, it’s got a completely different meaning and is an excellent one. It’s the most common sense!
To answer your questions once and for all take a look at this article and learn the reason why your dog, or the dog of someone else is showing your back and turning towards you.
Here are a few possible reasons why your dog is rubs his back at you. Check to see if any of these are typical for your dog.

Your dog is greeting you

Watch any group of dogs having a jolly time at the nearby dog parks. It’s likely that they’ll spend lots of time looking between their bums. This is an usual behavior for dogs. What are they doing? They’re greeting one the other.
If your dog runs into you or shows his rump at the door, be aware that he’s playing with his friends.
It’s a way the dog greets other dogs and if you’re wondering, it’s more confusing for you dog if you don’t show your back end to him! or begin to sniff him!

He trusts you

If your dog is hesitant to back into you, he’s demonstrating his trust and vulnerability in you. Many dog owners are worried they’re letting their pet establish the power over them. Instead, what they’re doing is saying how they feel about you.
Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe For those who are concerned that your dog is backed towards you in order to assert dominance it’s worth checking out these indications that they don’t like you as the superior!
When you’re sitting down, and your dog turns and turns his back Be aware that he’s trying to be and be friendly. He knows that you’ve “got his back” and is confident that he’s in good hands.
If your dog squirms back into your face, you’ll know that it’s a signal of how calm and relaxed you are with him. There’s no reason for him to look at your face and show his teeth!


Your dog wants a scratch

We’ve all seen our dog lay on their backs, opening their tummies to get a massage and then their legs begin to kick out. But did you know that they’re also looking to a pat as they lay back towards you?
This might be considered a sly behavior for some, but what your dog really does is saying, “Hey, give me a back scratch!”.
Dogs love to scratch especially a scratch on the rump ranks high on the list of their favorite scratching spots. If you’re doing a good job of rub his ears and the dog suddenly turns his back, then reverses towards you, you can be sure that he’s displaying his preference to rub his back.
Tips A few dogs play on to their playthings in order to assist them to reach that difficult to reach spot.

Your dog is being protective

While it’s not one of the reasons that you’ll find your dog to rub his back against you, I’ve seen dogs do it when they feel they are in danger. The teeth of the dog are their weapon against dangers he perceives.
If your dog is convinced that you’re in danger and is afraid, he might revert to you to try protecting yourself. It may appear minor to you but your dog does not believe it.
If your dog is doing this and gets angry or show his teeth, be aware that he’s in risk. It’s possible that he’s doing it as a method of grabbing you.
What is the meaning of an animal backs up?


The Root of the Behavior

When your dog turns back on you, he’s showing you that he’s a friend and believes in you. In the world of animals facing away from anyone puts you in a dangerous position. Your dog is relying on you to ensure that you will not attack him by snatching him from behind.

Is it normal for a dog to walk backwards?

Dogs can walk backwards. Most dogs that walk backwards have been trained to do this but it is still possible for a dog walk backwards without having to train. If a dog is frequently walking backwards without a cue to train can be an indication of fear or a health issue since it isn’t normal.


In most cases, when your dog is hesitant to come back it’s because they love the person they trust. This is a way to show appreciation by responding to his display of confidence and trust.
What better way to establish a strong bond with your dog than to give him the best rub on his back?
Just stroking him while you relax and watch TV while he is laying back towards you will create an intimate connection that you share with him. Dogs enjoy being near to human counterparts. The way they can back into you is one way they are able to experience this closeness.

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