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If your dog is barking at certain people but not other people, you may be wondering why , and what you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand several possible causes, and what is the best way to cause the barking to cease.
Why does your dog barks at specific people? One of the reasons that your pet barks particular people is that they were treated badly by this behavior in the past, or it is thrilling to meet those people because they were rewarded for it in the past. You could be that they consider their body language to be threatening, or that you may have encouraged this behavior.
There are a variety of possible reasons for performing this, however there are some factors to consider when trying to figure out the root cause. There are a variety of options to take regarding it that depend on the cause that is most likely.


Why your dog barks at certain people

Below are some possible reasons why your dog could be doing something and why they are much more probable to represent the primary reason.


It could be because the person who was responsible for it was mistreated in the past, or that an individual similar to them has. This is especially likely to happen if it barks at individuals who look or sound like it and also if it displays indications of threat to body language. The signs include showing teeth, curled nose or pulling back its lips and a stiff neck. It is also more likely to do this if it attempts to stay away from or away from people.


Another possibility is that certain people have a tendency to be excited by it. This is especially likely if these are those it is familiar with or have had contact with it previously. It’s also more likely to be an exuberant expression of body language like waving its tail, licking and glaring wide-eyed.

Encouraging the behaviour

The reason could be that you’ve pushed your dog’s tendency to bark the people by offering it the things it would like whenever it does it. If you are prone to giving it additional attention, treats or rewards when it barks at people you, it’s likely to repeat the behavior to earn greater rewards.
It is better to to reward it whenever it isn’t barking and then wait until it stops barking before giving it items that it would like.

It does not like their body language

Another possibility is that it is not a fan of its body language these individuals specifically. One sign of body language that it may not be fond of is intense eye contact. Dogs usually view an eye contact with strangers to be an obstacle and it could be what caused that dog to growl at people. It could also be more likely when it begins making threats to its body language.

They seem threatening

It may also be that something other that their physical expression making them appear to be threatening. It could be that they are in its territory or are too close to you, and it is thinking that they’re trying to frighten you.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when trying to figure out why your dog been doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started barking at certain people

If it didn’t always do this to certain people It would be beneficial to think about what else was happening when it first began barking.
If, for instance, it began to do it because of a mistreatment or someone else abused you it is likely that it had been barking in response to feeling at risk by the people.
However, if it began acting up after playing with it, the reason could be due to it barking because it is eager to play.

If it knows the person

It is also helpful to determine if the dog knows those it is barking at. If they are familiar then it is much more probable that it is because it is excited since it has had a relationship with them before. If, however, it does not have any knowledge of them, it will be more likely to believes them to be threatening.


How to get it to stop barking at certain people

Below are some tips you can try to stop it from barking at specific people.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training involves encouraging your dog to behave the way you want it to by rewarding it when it shows signs of behaving that way. In order to train the dog to not bark at particular people, you can reward it for doing not bark at other people while walking, but not rewarding for it when it is. By doing this, it will be taught that barking at people can result in it not being rewarded.

Avoid encouraging the behaviour

It can also be helpful to keep from encouraging the behavior by not giving it rewards when it barks at individuals. Instead, it’s better to to divert its attention on the moment it appears to to start barking.

Teach it to listen to your command

It is also beneficial to teach your dog to become more attuned to your commands. When you train it, you’ll be able to train it to follow your commands and be easier to regulate the dog when it behaves in a way that isn’t.

Get help

If you’re unable to convince it to stop or gets aggressive towards them, you may want to seek assistance from a dog behaviorist. If you do this you will be able identify what is causing the behavior and then figure out how to make it stop safely and efficiently.

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