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We’ve all been awestruck by the sudden barking of our dog. Sometimes, they’ll be in the middle of the room and bark with no apparent reason. At other times, they stand in front of the door or window and bark in a threatening manner at something that is not visible in the outside. Some dogs may have legitimate reasons to bark like a stranger who is approaching the door. However, at other times, there appears to be no cause whatsoever for this kind of behavior. At TCAP we’re here to help you solve this mystery. Knowing the reason your dog is barking at random times can be the very first thing in reduce the frequency of barking.


Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs seldom bark without a motive. Behaviorists categorize barking into the following categories: attention barking, separation anxiety, fear/territorial/protection, and excitement. Recognizing the kind that your pet is engaging in will allow you to in encouraging the correct type of barking, while avoiding barking that is disruptive.

Attention barking can be good and harmful. It could be used as a reminder to take your dog outside to go potty, or remind that you should feed your dog. However, it could be just an unending call to be noticed. As with all behaviors that seek attention it is important to be calm and avoid him when he starts to bark especially if you’ve determined that he is only seeking attention. It is possible that this will temporarily intensify the frequency of his behavior, however it is essential not to speak to the dog until he’s to a halt for 15-30 seconds.

A dog who barks when left alone requires assistance with coping with separation from her owner. Separation anxiety must be addressed with a methodical and gradual approach where the dog is allowed to be alone for a short period of time in the beginning. The addition of something for your dog to keep her busy, like toys for her to play with or remote treat dispensers can help her deal being alone. In some of the more grave cases, you could require the help from a professional trainer or behaviorist.

Why your dog barks at nothing

The many reasons why your dog is prone to barking are likely to include indications of why it behaves.

Below, I’ll show you some possible reasons for why it does it and the factors that be the most likely reasons to do it.

It can hear something

The reason your dog barks incessantly could be because it is hearing something. Dogs are generally able to have better hearing than humans, and it is a possible situation that you’re not hearing things that they is able to hear.

It is most likely the cause in the event that there is a lot of noise happening, like when there are people out or there is thunder.


It is possible that something is causing it be suffering from discomfort. It is more likely to happen if it been doing this for a while and is showing signs of discomfort, such as being limping. In this situation the best course of action is to bring it to a veterinarian.


If your dog is one that is supposed to get plenty of exercise each day it may be due to being overstimulated. If your dog is one that is supposed to get lots of exercise daily and is healthy, it is important to ensure that they take in the appropriate amount.


Territorial barking

It could be that it does not bark at all because it is territorial in its barking. It barks to defend its territory and warn any other animals to not come close. This is probable to be the cause should your dog bark in the presence of other pets or humans around.

It’s seeking attention

The reason for it doing it is that it’s seeking attention. It is more likely if you are inclined to pay it more attention when it does it , and should it do it more often when you haven’t been paying the item a lot of attention.

In this instance it’s best to pay it attention throughout the day, in the form of exercises, training as well as engaging in it. However, it is important to not reward it with a snarl and to attempt to identify the time when it’s likely to begin to do it and shift its attention.

Compulsive barking

It could be that it’s been doing this habitually. It is when it is triggered to bark, but it is unable to stop it from barking. It is more likely the cause when it’s been barking excessively for several weeks or more. In this situation the best choice is to go to a veterinarian.

You have been reinforcing it

It could be because you’ve trained it to behave this way by giving it the things it would like when it is barking at nothing. If you have a tendency to give it additional attention, treats or rewards in the event that it behaves this way, it could have been taught to do it better to earn more of those things.

It is helpful to try to keep it from rewarding itself for it when it does and to attempt to identify when it’s likely to begin barking and then shift its attention. It could also be helpful to encourage it to not bark, but normally will.

Why does my dog bark at nothing outside?

If your dog is barking at nothing outside, it may be because your dog is smelling the scent of other animals , or the dog hears other animals around the area. Another reason could be it is because your dog been taught that their behavior is being rewarded or is aggressive.


Why does my dog bark at nothing in the dark?

If your dog is barking at nothing when it is dark it could be that it’s trying to be visible, is anxious about separation or could hear something.

Why does my dog bark at nothing in the morning?

The most likely reason your dog is barking at nothing at the beginning of the day could be because the dog demands that you rise in the morning and feed it. It could be because your dog has been taught that behavior is rewarding.

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