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When your pet barks when you hug someone, you may be thinking about the reasons and how you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand several reasons you might be experiencing this and the steps you can take to make it stop.
Then, why is my dog bark whenever you hug someone? One of the reasons that it barks whenever you hug someone include that it’s seeking attention and has discovered that it can earn rewards for doing this, or it believes that something is wrong.
Dogs are extremely social and intelligent animals. They have strong relationships with their owners. This can cause jealousy or a sense of pettyness when they observe someone else receiving affection from their owners. This is referred to as codependency and is common in all kinds of relationships, not only those between dogs and humans.
The nature of dogs is protective. If your dog barks when you hug, kiss or even get close to another person (including other animals) it’s triggering the fight/flight instincts of your dog. The dog is barking, most likely, to protect reaction. His bark signals that he’s been triggered by something.
There are plenty of reasons that it might be doing this and it could be because of an array of factors. But, there are many options to address the issue and there are options to consider to determine the root issue.


Why your dog barks when you hug someone

Here are some of the most common motives for doing this and what could increase the likelihood that it could be the cause.

It wants attention itself

The reason for it to do it might be because it is seeking attention for itself. It’s more likely when you tend to be attentive when it barks and trying to get between you and your partner while it is doing it.
It’s best to not reward the animal with attention whenever it barks, and instead avoid it when it stop barking, and to give it attention whenever it doesn’t bark. If it doesn’t, it will discover that if it is seeking the attention of others, then all it needs to do is shout.

The behavior has been rewarded

It might also be it’s learned to earn rewards for its efforts. It is more likely if you are inclined to offer it treats, toys, or food whenever it barks. Also, it is helpful to keep from rewarding the behavior and to reward it when it’s acting the way you would like it to.

It’s confused

It is also possible being confused or cannot comprehend why you hugging one another. It’s most likely if the animal shows indications of being anxious or confused when you hug, by tilting its head.

It thinks you’re in danger

It could also be that it’s doing it due to the fact that it believes you’re fighting. It’s more likely if you do it while you’re in a relationship with someone it’s never had a relationship with before, especially in the event that it uses the appearance of threatening and it is trying to make you stop.


Things to consider

What else happened when your dog first started barking when you hug

If your dog was not often bark whenever you would hug someone, it might be beneficial to think about what else occurred when it first began doing this, as an incident might have led to it to begin.
If it began doing it in a sudden manner It’s more likely that it earns rewards when it barks when you’re hugging. If it’s always done it, the reason is more likely to be because it is seeking to be noticed and doesn’t want to lose out.

What is different when your dog barks when you hug

It might also be helpful to look at whether it does bark when you touch it it and what’s different in the event that it does not do it.
If it is a regular thing it could be that it is doing it to make sure there’s something wrong, which is more likely when it does it when you’re hugging someone who it doesn’t recognize. If it consistently is doing it, then the reason could be that it is seeking attention for itself.


How to get your dog to stop barking when you hug someone

Here are some tips you can do to help your dog to not bark when you kiss.

Avoid rewarding it

It could be the dog has learned it will get the reward of barking whenever you kiss. It is best to stop rewarding it when it behaves this way and wait until it stops barking for a time prior to rewarding it. If it continues to bark it is essential to stop rewarding it so that it can learn that barking is not a bring rewards.

Avoid punishing it

If you are shouting at your dog for barking It will help you refrain from doing this. In fact, punishment can be a way of praise and is often used as a reward to your dog that could increase the likelihood of it happening. Instead, it is best to encourage it to not bark, and ignore the barking when it occurs.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training is where you encourage your dog to behave a certain way by rewarding it when it shows signs of behaving that way.
Watch this video to learn how you can use positive reinforcement training to teach dogs from barking. Go up to 2 minutes and skip the introduction.

Distract it

Another option is to distract your dog when you kiss. The things you could offer this include bones, toys or games of puzzle.
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