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A dog as a pet is the best friend one could ever be able to. They will brighten up your boring day in a flash. They’ll never make you feel isolated. However, having dogs is a responsibility as well. The behavior of pets can make it difficult to understand, particularly in the case of your dog biting you while you are excited. You’ll probably wonder why your dog is choking me in exuberance?

As a dog’s parent You’ll surely be able to be aware of one thing: your dog enjoys tasting every single thing. It could be your shoes cloth, rug, box, that they like to explore by their mouths. Biting is a normal behavior in all pups. However, as they mature it is important to ensure that they eliminate certain bad habits.


Why Does My Dog Bite when Excited?

It is normal for dogs to bite and jump when they’re excited. However, if the behavior is out of control and you or family members are injured at any time, then you must consider why your dog is threatening to bite me when I’m excited. Let’s look at the reasons why dogs bite when overly excited.

Your puppy is in a playful mood:

If you aren’t sure the reason your dog jumps or bites when he’s excited, one of the causes could be because he’s having fun. He is eager to play with you, and will show his enthusiasm to play by biting you. This is his way to tell you that he’s in need of you now to play with him.

Your dog is known to jump and bite whenever he’s excited, particularly when he’s eager to play but there’s nothing to have fun with. Your dog will nip your face when he’s excited because you’re the only one he plays with at that moment.

He wants to chew something:

You’re astonished and wondering why your dog seems to bite me every time I’m happy If so, it’s because your dog would like to chew on something. In general, dogs love to move their mouths and chew on something, or another.

This urge will increase when he doesn’t have any objects to chew on. If you’re close to him, he’ll take advantage of this chance. If you’re unable to understand the reason dogs are quick to nip at you when they are excited, determine if he’s looking for something to chew on.

He wants to soothe himself:

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why my dog is constantly biting me when he’s elated. However, a dog leaps and bites when he is excited, especially when they are in discomfort. If he’s experiencing tooth or discomfort in his mouth, he might want to grasp something that will ease his pain.

You now know one of the main reasons dogs bite at you when they are excited. Nipping at you can help him relax and relieve the discomfort from his body.

He is looking for some attention:

Are you completely confused and searching for the solution to “why does my dog bite me when excited?” It’s because your pet dog is in desperate need of attention. If you’ve been occupied at work or spent much time with your kids but not with your dog and he’s not happy, then you’ve probably annoyed him a bit.

If your dog feels abandoned and is unhappy, he will hop on your shoulder to signal that he’s looking for love and attention. You’ll notice this behavior when you have puppies.

If your puppy is prone to bite when you are exuberant, then you’ve not paid your puppy enough time and attention. It’s the perfect time to sit to your pup for a few minutes.

He likes to jaw-wrestle:

Dogs love to play jaw-wrestling alongside other dog breeds. If you observe that your dog chews on his toys or your dog leaps and bites when walking this could be a sign that he’s looking to engage in jaw wrestling.

Because he doesn’t have any furry companions that he can call his own you are his companion. Therefore, he doesn’t search for any other animal, and instead begins to bite you when he’s excited.

If you notice that your dog becomes hyper, then the it is likely that he has misjudged by you for one of his furry pals who he is looking to engage in jaw-wrestling.


How to Stop My Dogs from Biting when Excited?

Your dog is tired, as he is a biting and jumping when they are excited and you’re unable to find a way to control them. Don’t worry. Here are some amazing suggestions for you to follow for teaching your pet to cease bites.

Once you’ve figured out the issue, you’ll be able to attempt one or a few of the following methods to prevent the dog’s bite.

Remember that each dog has its own character and personality, so you may need to test some or all of these strategies to prevent the dog from biting.

It’s also the right time to look into this Dog Calming Code I mentioned in the past.

Alongside teaching your dog to stop unintentionally biting and biting, it will also teach your dog to remain calm when they are in a situation that causes it.

Wrapping Things Up

Although your dog’s tiny bites or nips don’t cause any harm or upset it’s vital that they understand that this behavior isn’t acceptable.

It may seem innocent when your puppy is still young and their milk teeth haven’t yet come through. But as your dog grows bigger and older, the playful bites can be difficult as teeth get more sharper and their bodies grow stronger.

As you will observe, there are many simple methods you can attempt to stop the dog’s bite when he’s excited. Although some of them may be more effective in comparison to others, I’m sure that if you follow the same methods over and over, you’ll eventually achieve the desired result.


Final Thoughts-Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited?

If you’ve ever wondered what causes your dog to bite you when he’s exuberant, we hope you’ve now figured out the reason behind this behavior.

In the end, your dog may not be able to intuitively comprehend how you want your dog to act. It’s your obligation to educate your dog that poking you when you’re overly excited is not a good idea.

Practice the above-mentioned dos and don’ts to deter the behavior of nipping, before it becomes worse.

While some of the tips may be difficult to implement, making sure your dog is in good behavior is worth the effort as it’s much easier to control and much more enjoyable to walk through the streets with a well-behaved dog.

Make sure you are conscient with your training since the nipping behaviors can occur due to a insufficient training or long periods of absence from the gym.

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