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When we first met our Frenchie I wasn’t ready for how much they are known to bite their ankles. To say that we were an ankle-biter was an understatement! The period of biting my feet, ankles and shoes as well as shoelaces continued until around 9 months old. thankfully, he was able to get rid of it.
It’s not always the case for all puppies, since some dogs with a tendency to bite their ankles have issues that extend beyond the puppy stage. I’ll discuss how to stop this in a subsequent guide however if you’re thinking about why your dog bites my ankles every time I’m walking around, below is a quick solution, followed by a more detailed explanation.
What is the reason my dog bites my ankles? The puppies and dogs will bit and nip at your feet and ankles when they walk. This is because of an ancient trait which saw dogs as protectors of animals and herders. The dog who bites your ankles is mimicking this behavior that is ingrained to demonstrate authority , but it is also observed in puppies who are teething.


Why do dogs bite ankles when you walk?

There are a variety of reasons puppies and dogs bite your ankles as you walk through, so I’ve broken the sections into two One for dogs of all ages and one for puppy.
There are a few possible reasons the reasons why dogs nip at ankles of people, the puppy section is further down the page.

1. It’s in their DNA as herders

While certain breeds of dogs possess more herding instincts the breeds than some others all dogs exhibit some element of this behavior. Herding serves a purpose for dogs that are part of the field However, these instincts may be observed at home too!
It’s all it takes for your dog to notice any movement, and then he could be enticed by the desire to bite your ankles. It’s wired and activated by your walk and isn’t necessarily a sign of aggression or bad behavior.
It doesn’t mean your dog thinks that you’re sheep not at all. Dogs bite their feet and ankles simply because it’s part of their DNA it’s a common response.

2. Anxiety and fear

It’s also not an inherent or hereditary characteristic. Dogs may also bite ankles when they are walking from fear and anxiety that manifests as an aggressive act.
In most cases the dog’s nipping at your ankles is completely acceptable, e.g. it’s part of their DNA. What could be more troublesome is when they’re not chewing on your ankles and feet, but rather gnashing – and it’s often difficult to discern the different.
One method to find out the answer is to observe the body language of your dog when your feet and ankles are biting. For instance, a playful kiss or nip is likely to be performed by a dog who has relaxed facial expressions with no hackles and there is no stiffness in the body.
An aggressive bite is likely to be caused by a dog who exposes his gums and teeth with wrinkled and wrinkled muzzles and a painful bite than a dangerous biting of the ankle.

3. Lack of stimulation

When a dog bites you ankles, it may indicate that they’re lacking something that they need in their daily lives. such as exercising or stimulation for their minds.
This seems to make sense to me. If a dog is locked in a cage all day long, with no toys, toys, or even a walk, the ankles of a dog passing by could be an enjoyable game to relieve the boredom.

4. Lack of training

Adult dogs often stop biting their ankles as our dog did. If they’re still doing it, it’s typically due to lack of instruction and preventative measures during their puppy years.
It was relatively simple to eventually influence my puppy to alter his behavior using my own body communication, stop commands and treats-based rewards. I also noticed that puppy classes for socialization helped and so did finding alternative methods to help him harness his natural instincts.


Why do puppies bite ankles when you walk?

Puppy dogs are known chewing on your ankles as they pass. Particularly in the case of an elongated shoelace you have it, be ready for your ankles, feet as well as your shoes, to be smacked!
Although it is fun for a while but over time, it can turn into a major hassle and annoyance especially if you have younger children or elderly relatives that could be prone to falling over as their feet are poked at.

How to Stop Your Dog From Biting Your Ankles

While it is fun to watch your dog curiously discover the world around them but this isn’t exactly something to be embraced or avoided. Don’t worry. We’ll give you some ways to resolve it.

Discourage the Move

A dog that is mouthing another’s lips gentlely is not something to worry about. However, as we’ve said before If it escalates to a painful biting there is something you need to look after.
If it’s another dog, you’ll be able to tell that they’re hurt as they’ll yell. If your dog is doing similar to you, you may yell too.
It is often a signal that they’re harming you. And if the biting was designed to play then they’ll begin to understand the message.



Puppies and dogs can do all sorts of weird and unpleasant behavior that can only be explained by their ancestral roots. I’ve put together a list of behaviors that can be traced to times when they were wild, or more similar to the wolf.
Most people don’t take pleasure when their dog gets aggressive with their teeth , or even biting at your sweaty walking clothes. Fortunately, this isn’t something that can be solved.
If you are able to determine the exact cause with your dog (and it’s not hard to determine) you’ll be able to think of the best solution to get them to stop in the span of a few weeks, or even days.
Keep in mind that they are an individual that is adapting to the world around them and your lifestyle. Be patient and kind.

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