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If your dog is giving you bones and you’re thinking about the reason and what you can do to fix it. This article will provide several possible causes and how you can do to fix it.
What is the reason my dog take me bones? The reasons your dog is bringing your bone could be that it’s sharing the bone with you, it’s discovered that this behavior can be reward-based, it is eager to be with you, or it simply loves to put the bone with its mouth.
There are a variety different causes that could be cited, it might be helpful to think about what could make each one more likely. When you have an idea of what the root cause is the issue should be much easier to convince your pet to cease it.


Why does my dog bring me his bones?

Here are a few possibilities for the reasons your dog is doing it , and what might make each than likely to represent the most important cause.

It likes to carry the bone in its mouth

It could be that it simply likes to put the bone inside its mouth, but it’s not actually giving your the bone. It is more likely if it is carrying the bone in the home and doesn’t release when you attempt to remove the bone from it.

Encouraging the behavior

It may be the case that it has been taught that it is rewarded for doing something. If you are prone to giving your dog more treats, toys, or even extra attention when it offers you its bone, it’ll likely do so more often to receive more rewards.

It wants to share

It is possible that it’s sharing its food with you, show that it is trusting you. Research has shown that dogs share food with their companions It is therefore likely that the dog has been sharing bones with you.

It wants to play

The reason for this is it might be because it is looking to play. It is most likely if it exhibits indications of excitement, for instance when it shows you its bones and does things like wagging its tail or swoop at you.


Things to consider

Here are some points to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog didn’t always bring you his bones, it is helpful to look at what else went on at the time it began to do it. If it began to do suddenly it could be because of things like the fact that it is a behavior is rewarded, or it may have started to carry its bones around because of anxiety.

What is different when your dog brings you its bone

If there’s a specific period of time when it will bring its bones to you It is also helpful to look into what’s different in the time frame. For instance If it happens more frequently when you are getting ready leaving home it could indicate that you are suffering from separation anxiety.

The body language it shows

It’s also helpful to look at the body language that it uses when it does this.
If it exhibits indications of anxiety by making noises like crying, not making eye contact, and making it appear smaller it is more likely to be doing it because of something that has caused it to become anxious.
While if it displays indications of excitement, such as things like wagging the tail of its dog, then it will likely be that it’s doing it because of things like desire to play.

How to Solve it

While some people don’t like receiving an unwashed bone It is possible that you are wondering what you can do to prevent your dog from continually giving their bone before you. If your pet is a snob you can try to ignore him completely when he is carrying the bone. Are you tired of being a chewing toy? Let him take a specific area and reward him for chewing on your bone in that spot. Laying the bone on the floor and rewarding your dog for chewing on the floor is beneficial. If your dog is still insisting to place it on the lap of your pet you could always stand up and walk out of the room to convey the message clearly. The majority of dogs will be able to understand after a few times.


What to do about your dog bringing you its bone

Here are some tips you can do to stop your dog’s tendency to bring you bones.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

As stated above It could be the animal has come to understand it is rewarding. If you would like to change it then it is best to encourage it to behave in the manner you would like and avoid rewarding it when it doesn’t.

Give it attention throughout the day

It is possible that your dog was doing this to gain focus from your. It is helpful to give your dog time to be attentive throughout the day by engaging it in activities or playing with it. You can also help in practicing with it.

Allow it to do it

It’s not uncommon for dogs to take the bones of their owner. If your dog hasn’t been acting out in a strange manner and is not acting out of the norm, it’s probably okay to continue to bring its bone to you whenever it feels it.

Don’t give it extra bones

Another alternative is not to give it bone even though it already has a few. It’s less likely to to give its bone away since it’s the only bone it owns.

Why does my dog bring me his bones when I come home?

The most likely reasons your dog gives your bone every time you return home is the fact that he’s showing you are excited to meet you and is giving the bone an opportunity to give you a gift.

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