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If your dog continues to bring you toys, you’re probably thinking about the reason and what you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand the possible causes and how you can take action to get it off your plate.
Why does my dog take me toys? One of the reasons that your dog gives you toys is that it likes to play, has learned that this behavior gets rewarded, it’s acknowledging its gratitude, showing you that it trusts you, or simply prefers to hold the toy with its mouth.
There are a variety of causes that could be a factor It is helpful to think about what makes each one more likely. When you have an concept of the primary issue, it’s much easier to bring it stopped.


Reasons why your dog brings you its toys

Here are some possible reasons your dog would bring you toys, and the reasons that make each one most likely to constitute the most important motive.

It likes to carry the toy in its mouth

It could be that it is just a desire to put the toy with its mouth but is not really bringing your toy. This is especially likely if you also carry the toy around your home and doesn’t allow you to try to remove the toy from it.

Encouraging the behavior

It may also be that it has learned it is rewarded for doing something. If you often give your dog more treats, toys or attention, when it hands your pet a toys, it’s likely to be more likely to do so in order to receive greater rewards.

It wants to share

It is possible that it’s sharing its toys with you, and demonstrating that it is trusting you. Studies have proven that dogs will have a tendency to share meals with other dogs So it’s possible that your pet is sharing its toys with you.

It wants to play

The reason for this is it is possible that it is looking to play. It is more likely if it gives toys that you could also use as a rope to play tug-of-war. It’s also more likely to show emotions of excitement when it presents you with its toys. It may do things like wag the tail or leap up at you.


Things to consider

Here are some points to think about when trying to figure out the reason behind why your dog is doing this.
What else transpired at the time it first began to do it?
If your dog was not always bring its toys it is a good idea to look at what else went on at the time it began to do it. If it began to do this suddenly it could be due to factors like the fact that it was being taught that this behavior is reward-based or it may have begun carrying the toy around because of anxiety.

What is different when your dog brings you toys

It is also helpful to think about if there’s a specific time of the day when your dog will be carrying its toys around, as it is possible that the time may have something to do with it. If, for instance, it tends to do it more frequently in the moments before you leave the house this could be an indication that it suffers from separation anxiety.

The body language it shows

It is also helpful to look at the body language that it displays when it is doing it. If it exhibits indications of being anxious, such as making noises like crying, not making eye contact and making it seem smaller in size, it could be more likely to believe that it is reacting because of something that is causing anxiety. However, if it displays signs of excitement through things like wagging its tail could be more likely to indicate that it’s because of things like desire to play.

What to do about your dog bringing you toys

Here are some ways you can do to stop it from giving you the toy.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

Like we said as mentioned above, it could be the animal has imbibed it is rewarding. If you would like it to cease it is best to reward it for doing things in the manner you would like and not reward it when it doesn’t.

Give it attention throughout the day

It is possible that your dog was doing this to gain focus from your. It is helpful to give your dog time to be attentive throughout the day by doing exercises as well as playing with it, and teaching it.

Allow it to do it

It’s not unusual to see dogs bring the toys they play with to owners. If your dog hasn’t been acting in an abnormal manner and is not acting out of the norm, it’s probably acceptable to continue to bring toys towards you whenever it feels it.
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Should this behavior be encouraged?

It all depends on the person you are (and I’m guessing how fast and large your pet is when they meet you)! Certain dog owners love it when their pets bring them toys upon their return because it’s a wonderful opportunity to have fun with your dog while also fostering bonds.
For dogs who are exuberant, barking or even nip at you training them to bring you a treat upon your arrival could be an ideal idea. When their mouths are filled by a toy it is difficult for the dog to bark or to become too stressed.
If you don’t want your dog to bring toys to you, make sure not to participate with them whenever they begin to exhibit it. Be sure to acknowledge them when you come home however, do not play with the toy or get overly excited about it.

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