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The dogs are extremely sensitive and compassionate animals. Your dog is placing their head against yours as they’re seeking the security and peace they need. The bond you have with your dog will make you the center of attention and they often seek for you whenever they feel stressed or anxious.

Like humans and dogs, dogs may employ a single behavior to signal a range of emotions or feelings, usually at the same time. It can be difficult to comprehend what they are trying to communicate however we can help. We’ll discuss the reasons behind the behavior and how to end it (if you’d prefer to) as well as many similar behavior that could cause you to be a bit confused.


Why Does Your Dog Bury Their Head In Me?

Dogs can exhibit a variety of emotions, and often they display them in bizarre ways. Although we are used to seeing dogs run, bark, jump or roll around or even roll on the floor. There are some behaviours with which you’re not used to, especially when you recently adopted your pet and/or it’s your first pet.

Letting their head rest in the pet’s owner’s head is an extremely common occurrence however it may not be the case for all dogs. Every dog has its own personality and temperament as well as their own nature. It could take time to learn to get to know your dog in a way that you can be able to recognize the behaviors that are normal in their environment, as well as which are unique and unusual for them.

There’s a distinction between a dog that always been known to put their head within you, and one who has recently started doing it. Be aware of this when you consider the reasons below for the dog could be digging its head into the direction of you.

Expression Of Love

Many dogs show their love by running around their owners and waving their tails in circles, there are some who bury their heads into their owners’ bodies to show their love and affection for them. The sense of smell of dogs is their most potent instrument, and being able to smell the scent of their owner can bond them with them on a more intimate degree.

Seeking Comfort

Dogs usually feel most at ease when they are with their owner. Thus, putting their heads within your lap could mean they’re looking for the most comfortable place. So they feel more secure and feel secure knowing that someone is nearby.


Showing Empathy

Dogs are extremely sensitive to the moods of people in their vicinity. This could be because of innate abilities to feel emotions, or the result of hours of constant watching their human companions they will be able to tell the moment someone is anxious or angry.

Many dogs react to the changing mood in their pet by trying to soothe them. Burying their heads is an attempt to provide the comfort they need and also offering assistance.

It is likely that you know that cuddling is a fun activity for them and could aid in calming the mood that’s thrown them off their of life. It’s basically the same as humans giving you an embrace during tough times.


Doing the head-on-the-wall may indicate it is a sign that the pet scared of something and are looking for a safe space. This fear may be newly established, or it could occur only on certain occasions such as when there’s a hurricane outside. Most dogs are scared of the thunder’s sound which is why they try to find a secure and cozy place for their owners.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety might begin with their heads inside yours as you prepare to go away. Certain breeds of dogs are prone to become anxious when they are left alone, and start to feel anxious when they realize that the departure of your in the near future.

If you’re not the only proprietor of the pet the situation could have occurred earlier and your dog may be experiencing it in relation to experiences from the past. Separation anxiety is an extremely troubling problem and affects both dog as well as the owner. If your dog has severe signs of anxiety as well as anxiety, fear and fear after you leave it is advisable to consult an experienced trainer who specializes in this type of condition.

Alerting The Owner

Certain dogs use this kind of behavior to alert their owners to the possibility of danger. Even if the dog hasn’t been trained to act as a security dog, many instinctively are inclined to alert their owners when they see something that isn’t quite the norm.

Marking You

There is also the possibility that dogs possess smell glands on their facial skin, they might be making a mark on your body using their scent. Although this could be taking place, it’s unclear whether the act is deliberate by the dog or accidental. The “marking” could occur anytime your dog’s face comes into contact with clothing or your body and it’s hard to determine if your dog is intentionally marking you.


Why Does My Dog Bury His Head In The Couch

Dogs will bury their heads on the sofa because they feel it safe and comfortable when sleeping. It is also common for them to do this while sleeping in their bed.

If you take a look at wolves and wild dog dens, they are generally closed spaces like caves, holes or caves dug around the roots of trees or beneath the boulders. It is evident that dogs feel more safe in an protected space. This may be one of the reasons your dog is digging their head on the couch.

Other possible causes include the food that has fallen or toys that they’re trying to reach. There are many issues that arise with things falling into the cushions of our sofas, especially the remote of the TV. Your dog could be trying to find something they smell. Be cautious If there’s something stuck that they might try to get into the couch, so the best solution is to get it out prior to any damage occurs.

If your dog loves to bury their heads in your sofa think about changing the couch into a more comfortable one. Consider having additional cushions that have lots of spaces and crevices to put their heads in. Read our article about the main reasons why your dog deserves his own bed “Do Dogs Need A Bed”.

Final Thoughts on “Why Does My Dog Bury His Head in Me?”

There are a variety of reasons your dog could get into the habit of placing their head in your body, and it is important to determine the reason why they do this and what you can do to end it, if that’s your intention. You might enjoy the niggling in the event that you’re sharing the intention of your dog. But you shouldn’t think that love is the only reason for this behavior, as your dog might be trying to convey something else more important to you.

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