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If your dog is put its head in one of the corners, you may be wondering what the reason is and how you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand the various possible causes, and the ways you can do to address them.
The reasons your dog tucks his head in your arms could be because it is affectionate or is afraid, it’s diffusing its scent over you or has learned that this behavior is rewarding.
There are plenty of reasons your dog may bury its head inside the armpit of your body. It could occur due to any mix of factors. There are many options to think about to determine the root issue and there are many ways to deal with it.


Reasons why your dog buries its head into your arms

Below are a few possible causes , and what might make each probable to represent the most important cause.


The reason for it doing it could be because it’s loving. It is more likely if it exhibits emotions while doing the act and will do things like getting the attention of a pet. It’s also more likely to do it frequently when you have not given it much attention in the past.


The reason for this is it could be because it suffers from anxiety about separation. It is not a fan of being in its own space and the thought of being alone triggers it to be anxious. It is most likely the case that your dog will be more anxious when you are getting ready to leave the house and becomes anxious prior to going to leave.

Encouraging the behavior

It may be possible the dog is aware that this behaviour will be reward. If you often give your dog items like treats, toys, or even extra attention when it is your dog’s turn to put its head into your arms, it’s likely to repeat the behavior in order to earn more rewards.


Another reason that it is doing this could be because something is causing it to be scared. This is especially likely if it’s been doing it more frequently at an exact time of the day that you are more likely fear for instance, when you hear noises outside or when you’re outdoors and in close proximity to other animals.

To spread its scent

It could be that it is doing it to spread its scent on you, so that other dogs aren’t able to approach you. It is more likely if it is excessively protective near other dogs, and when it is known to put its head inside you when you’re standing and also when you’re around other animals.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when trying to figure out the reason why your dog is doing this.

If it has always buried its head in your arms

If your dog hasn’t always put its head in the arms of your loved ones, it could be helpful to think about what was going on when your dog initially began to do it. If it began doing abruptly and suddenly, it could be because of factors like something that caused it to become nervous, or suddenly receiving less attention or understanding that it is rewarded.

What is different when it does not bury its head in your arms

It’s also helpful to think about the time the time it occurs since the timing could have some connection to it. For instance, if it tends to occur more in the evenings when you’re away from your home, it is most likely because of separation anxiety.

The body language it shows

It’s also helpful to look at the body language they display when it is doing it. If it is displaying signs of being calm, it could be more likely the case that it is expressing affection or doing it simply because it feels to be comfortable. However, if it exhibits indications of anxiety for example, like making noises or wagging its tail or wailing, it is more likely to be that something is causing it become anxious or submissive.


What to do about your dog burying its head in your arms

Here are some suggestions you can consider when dealing with the behaviour.

Avoid encouraging it

Like we said the possibility is that it was taught that behavior is reward. Instead, it is best to reward it for doing in the manner you would like to, and refrain from rewarding it, using things like attention even if it is not.

Limit reasons why it might be anxious

If your dog is having signs of being anxious and is exhibiting signs of anxiety, it can help to identify the reasons the dog is anxious. Some suggestions include feeding it to eat, peeing it out, doing some exercise before you leave the premises and allowing it to stay in a space that’s not too noisy and in a place in a place where it can lie down.

Redirect its focus

Another option is to try redirecting your attention to something else when it’s poised to place the head of your arm between your thighs. Things to divert its attention toward could be bones or toys. By doing this, it could be able to get out of the habit digging its head into your.
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