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Dogs do the most bizarre things at times, such as making strange noises or reacting strangely to objects. Things like touching your dog’s stomach can trigger the leg to kick or your dog could be eating something and then suddenly start talking to their teeth.
Sometimes, you may hear a click, and then find your dog’s jaw shaking and their teeth chattering as though they’re on the streets in cold weather! Why do dogs chatter about their teeth and is it a reason to be concerned?


Why Do Dogs Chatter Their Teeth?

The chattering of your dog’s teeth isn’t something to be concerned about. It could be a bit odd but it could be among the many amazing and bizarre ways that our pups express their feelings.
But, teeth chattering could be a sign your dog is suffering. This is why it’s crucial to understand why dogs chatter with their teeth and what may be causing your pet’s teeth to click. Let’s look at some of the reasons dogs chatter with their teeth.

You’ve Got A Chilly Canine

Similar to us canines shiver and chatter in their teeth when they’re really cold. Despite their furcoats, canines feel cold. Small breeds, like Chihuahuas or smaller breeds such as Whippets are more sensitive to cold than we humans!
If your dog’s teeth chatter and you’re sure it’s cold You can get your dog to feel warmer by moving their bed to somewhere warmer, or putting their favorite jumper in there or even bringing them a cozy blanket to cuddle in.
Unexpectedly, teeth chattering and shivering may also be signs of fever, so it could be worth checking your pet’s temperature as well as examining them for other signs of disease.

They’re Super Excited

Other causes why dogs chatter with their teeth is because of high levels of emotion such as excitement. There are times when a dog may be prone to chatting their teeth when extremely excited, such as during dinner, or when they’ve received the latest toy. It could affect all breeds of dogs but there’s a hypothesis that it happens more frequently in breeds that have a strong background and a an increased prey drive.
Cats also chatter when they’re happy and engage in this behavior more often than dogs. When you’ve got a cat at home chances are you’ve seen your cat chittering at themselves and talking to their teeth when they spot birds out in the open.

It’s A Sign Of Anxiety

In a physical sense, emotions like anxiety and excitement are alike and cause similar reactions in the body. That’s why the majority of the body language used by dogs for anxiety and excitement are identical. In this instance your dog’s chattering teeth could indicate anxiety or nervousness. Some dogs even shake and chatter their teeth as if they’re cold , when they’re stressed or anxious.
If your dog is nervous temperament, they could be more inclined to smile and chatter. The shy, flighty breeds like Greyhounds could be more likely to chatter with their teeth when they’re feeling uncomfortable.


They’re In Hardcore Sniffer Mode

Alongside being a super-powered nose, they possess another organ that is a the olfactory system known as a “vomeronasal system” or the “Jacobson’s Organ”. It is located on the inside of the mouth, right between their teeth and is specifically designed to detect scents.
It’s true that humans also have this bizarre gland that smells. In fact, the majority of mammals have it , and it’s often behind their teeth!
This organ is specialized to sniff out pheromones. However the way it is used could cause your pet’s teeth to chatter. This doesn’t happen all of often, nor for all dogs. While this may be the reason for your dog’s chattering teeth it’s much probable that the dog has sick or has a sore mouth.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Chatters Their Teeth?

There are a variety of reasons dogs yawn! The good news is that most aren’t harmful and don’t require an appointment with your vet. However, in certain instances dogs’ teeth chattering could be an indication of a medical issue in which your dog may require treatment.
A few of the most popular reasons that dogs chatter on their teeth are:

Low Body Temperature

Just like humans, dogs start shaking and shivering when they are cold. As the temperature begins to fall then the muscles within the dog’s body begin to move. The twitching generates warmth which increases the body temperature of your dog and assists them in getting warm.
When they start to shiver, your pet will activate all muscles of your body. That includes jaw and neck muscles. When the muscles contract they may create a situation that causes your dog’s teeth to shake and create chattering sounds.
Short-haired dogs who live in areas with colder temperatures tend to be more inclined to chatter about their teeth than canines that reside within tropical environments. If you reside in a colder region you should confine your dog inside only and purchase an animal jacket and booties to help keep your pet warm.
Additionally, some small breeds such as Chihuahuas and Chihuahua are characterized by a high metabolic rate that can impact the ability of them to control body temperature. This means your little dog may feel cold and start shivering or talking to their teeth, even though you’re perfectly healthy.
If you think your dog’s shaking and teeth chattering are due to cold temperatures, wrap your pet with blankets or dress your dog in a sweater. Once your pet is warm and warm, their teeth will stop chatting, and you’ll not have any issues to be concerned about.

Excitement And Joy

Chattering with your teeth is a normal behavior of dogs who are excited. If your dog starts to chatter their teeth the moment you pull out their favorite toy, they’re doing it because of the excitement.
If your dog starts rattling its teeth once you arrive home from work, it’s likely to be a way for them to show how excited they are to be seeing you.
In the end, if your dog is a bit naughty when they’re extremely exuberant or happy, it isn’t something to be concerned about. Think of it as another example of your dog’s strange behaviors and just go with the flow.


What To Do When Your Dog Chatters Their Teeth

If your dog is beginning to talk about their teeth, and they’ve never had this happen before, you must find out what’s the cause of your dog’s teeth starting to chatter.
It is also advisable to contact your veterinarian for advice as they will help you discover the reasons why your dog’s smile are chirping. They can determine if there is an issue with your dog’s health is the cause for example, gum disease and offer the treatment your dog needs. If the dog’s dental teeth chatter frequently, they should definitely go to see a veterinarian.
If not, your pet’s teeth are chattering due to there’s something wrong. Oral pain is among the most commonly cited causes for chattering teeth. That’s the reason why you should contact your vet for help. Also, make sure you’re ensuring your pet’s dental health by cleaning their teeth on a regular basis.

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