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A dog and bones. This is a love story that’s which has been around for as long as. Dogs love chewing on everything. It’s usually chew toys or bones that we buy, however, there are also things that are used in the home, like shoes or pillows. For the majority of our time we prefer to guide them towards bones as it’s more beneficial than shoes. There are many advantages to chewing on bones, and numerous reasons for dogs to chew on bone.
A few of the benefits could be nutritional , as certain bones contain high-calorie bone marrow within them. When dogs scratch through the bones to obtain the marrow, they get a dose of calcium while they break down bone. It’s also well-known that dogs tend to chew things while they’re young. Chewing on bones can be a method to help puppies ease some of the discomfort of teething. However, as they grow older chewing on bones could be beneficial to the health of their teeth. It’s a way to eliminate plaque from their teeth.
Sometimes, our dogs engage in chewing because they’re bored or anxious. If you’ve moved homes or some other aspect of the environment is changing, they may chew as a way to relieve stress. If the issue is stress-related, it’s recommended to get rid of any stressors or ensure that they are getting the mental stimulation that may make them want to chew on things more frequently. The excess energy can lead them to chew on things for longer also, therefore increasing their walking time could be a suitable option.
Sometimes, dogs chew on bones because they enjoy it. That’s acceptable. But as a general rule of thumb, be on guard for your pet while they play with bones as they may be at risk of breaking bones into smaller pieces which could later be consumed. Do not let them chew on bones such as chicken bones. These bones can break or splinter, and inflict injury.


The Root of the Behavior

When dogs chew upon their bones, they generally want to keep it safe and keep it away from anyone people around them or may be eager to give it to you. If they are willing to share their bones with you, there’s an excellent reason behind why they’re doing it. The primary reason is to show appreciation. If you’ve ever had a dog walk around with a bone you might think it was cute and gave him a lot of love and attention. Now, your dog is aware that if he presents the bone you will could respond the same way and show him affection and love.

This is a plea for affection. Your dog also wants to play with you. Dogs may give his bone to ensure that you can spend time playing. It’s an item to play with and also treats and, when he offers the bone to you it’s an easy method of communication in which he’s soliciting time to play. It is recommended to play with your dog in this period since he will start to be more trusting of you. There are other reasons your dog will bring their bone for you too, and each dog has its own reasons to do it. Certain dogs simply like sharing their possessions with their loved ones.

This shows the highest level of respect, a willingness to socialization, and security. This is the most effective way for your dog to show his affection for you. Dogs also utilize their laps to provide source of support when chewing their bones. Sometimes, they chew on it while sitting in your lap as your body is an additional source of support. In any case, this behaviour isn’t something to worry about unless your dog gets obsessed with giving you his bone.


Encouraging the Behavior

If your dog is the one who brings his bones for you to eat, you have plenty of motives for this. As a pet’s owner you have to decide if you enjoy letting him take it to you all all the time. Most of the time there’s not a significant reason not to encourage your dog’s behaviour of engaging with you. If you are feeling that your dog is taking his bone to be admired you may want to establish boundaries with the dog and not be astonished at times when he offers you a treats.

It is also possible to show your dog the best places to chew his bone so that he does not constantly take it onto your lap or make use of the body of yours as a cushion. However, the majority of the time your dog is expressing you the highest praise when he presents you with his bone. He truly loves and cherishes you. If you’re not averse to having him bring you the bone that he has, allow your dog to give you his treat. This is how you can tell him what he feels. If you think that his tendency to drop his bone into your lap is causing problems or is causing problems it is possible to alter the way you interact with him . instruct him not to bring your bone.


Other Solutions and Considerations

If your dog is always giving you bones and you aren’t happy about it, you might want to investigate the behaviour and figure out why they’re doing it. The most common cause of this kind of behavior is leadership roles and the need for attention. Your dog could be showing respect for you, or they might be demonstrating to your power.

If you believe it’s essential, you can make your dog to understand that you are their guide and that you occasionally play with them however they are not able to always throw their bone into your lap. If you wish to see them keep doing this you should show gratitude, and If not, create a proper boundary. But, this behaviour is normal and many dogs engage in this behavior to connect with their owner.

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