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Why Does My Dog Chew His Nails?

Pets chewing their nails aren’t an original thing. But, it’s a problem that is a source of irritation for many pet owners. Dogs may chew their nails as part of their grooming routine. It is most common when nails are very long and painful. If, however, you notice your pet chewing their nails for a long time it could be a sign that something isn’t right.

If your dog exhibits this strange behavior, it is best to seek vet help to discover the reason he is chewing his nails. It could be an easy reason , or it could be something more complex.


Why Does My Dog Keep Chewing His Nails?

So what can cause the dog in your home to bite on his nails? Most of the time, it’s typically an indication of discomfort in particular if it is repeated. There are a myriad of possibilities but in this article we’ll discuss the most commonly-cited reasons your dog is chewing their nails.

Your Dog’s Nails Are Too Long!

If your dog chews on their nails regularly it could be because they require a trimming. If your nail length of your puppy is overly large, they could encounter difficulties with their everyday activities. Additionally, nails that are too long could create pressure on the pads, which can cause discomfort when they walk. The nails that have grown too long may begin to get into the skin of your dog’s which can cause irritations and infections.

Your Dog Is Chewing On His Nail Because It’s Broken

As humans, canines aren’t immune to broken nails. Dogs are extremely active, and are often afflicted with broken nails at least one time throughout their lives. The broken nail can prove extremely painful, and cause dogs to lick the nail in pain to ease the discomfort. If you discover that your pet has a broken nail make sure you visit your vet immediately.

Your Dog Chews On His Nails Because Of Outdoor Allergens

Allergies can cause discomfort for your pet. The allergies can result in itching, swelling, and discomfort. One of the most common allergies your pet may suffer from can be grass allergy. This can happen when your pet gets exposed to grass while they play outdoors. Other allergies can include food allergies and allergens from the outdoors, such as pollen.

Your Dog Might Have A Fungal Infection

Fungal infections are a different reason for your dog to chew his nails. It can happen as the result of an injury to a nail that has been exposed and left untreated. The injury could lead to itching and infections in your dog.

Your Dog Could Be Anxious

The nail chewing could be due to anxiety. If your pet’s nervous, they will often chew their nails. Perhaps it’s because of the boredom of their owners, or your absence or changes in their environment and so on, it could become an obsessional issue if untreated.

Your Dog Is Chewing Their Nails Because They Are Bored

Like humans, dogs suffer from boredom too and can chew their nails in reaction. This happens most often when you are away from your dog unattended for a long time periods of time during the daytime. To avoid boredom, make sure that you schedule time for exercise, play and converse with your pet. If you’re not home purchase playthings for him to keep him more active.


Causes Of Dogs Chewing Their Nails

Nail chewing by dogs is a rare behavior. It’s a way to alert you that something is not right within them. If the dog is suffering from this, it may be due to one of the causes. Be sure to get an assessment from your vet to be aware of the best way to assist your pet.

Symptoms Of Nail Chewing

The first step in determining the problem in your dog is to determine the signs. Your dog might exhibit several signs, for example:

  • Nails and paws are swollen and swollen.
  • Uncomfortable behavior can be a sign of discomfort.
  • Nail cracks with cracks
  • Nasal issues and sneezing as a result of allergies
  • Puss between the nails
  • Chewing on things in the home

Can Pet Insurance Help With Nail Biting?

Today, you can find many pet insurance companies which will help you pay for the medical expenses of your dog. Check with your vet that they are willing to accept insurance. Also, make sure to verify with the insurance provider for your pet first.

Treatment Options For Dog Nail Chewing

Your doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment based upon the medical diagnosis. The treatment options for nail chewing are:

  • Antibiotics to treat fungal infections.
  • Antihistamines for allergies
  • Dog grooming for long nails.
  • Exercise and play with your dog in order to show affection and love.

Is Your Dog Conditioned To Bite His Foot:

The process of conditioning involves generating an involuntary response when conditions are fulfilled. It is commonplace for dogs, and can cause them to develop behavior patterns without being aware of it.

My dogs have been trained to hearing the sounds of a car starting. It doesn’t matter who is riding the vehicle, they just need to listen to the sounds it the start to get super exuberant.

Pay attention the when you observe your dog gnawing at its paws. What could have caused them to start? Do they have to do it at a specific moment of the day? It could be due to some smell, sound or even an event they have grown accustomed to hearing. If their brain picks up on what trigger event occurs, then it sends the body a signal. The response triggers them to take the same action they do once they hear the sound. Sometimes the behavior they do in reaction to an event could be chewing their feet.



If you notice your dog chewing on his feet might not mean there’s something going on in your pet. It could be the dog doing his thing as a normal dog. There are times where your dog will bite his feet and is trying to inform you of something. Keep the watch on your pet. There is no one who has more insight into your dog than you do. If you suspect that something is wrong in your dog’s body whenever he bites his feet and bites his feet, you must take the necessary actions.

“Down Below” is a short video that explains the reason dog chew on their shoes. You are welcome to watch it, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

In the end the dog’s chewing nails could mean that he’s feeling any kind of discomfort or has an underlying medical condition. There are a variety of reasons that can cause your dog chewing on its nails. We’ve highlighted some of the typical reasons which can cause this behavior. Keep an eye on the signs to determine the cause behind your dog’s behaviour. If you think you are not able to resolve the issue, you should seek out your veterinarian’s assistance.

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