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If your dog often circles you, this article will give you the possible reasons and the ways you can do about it.
Why does my dog keep circling me? One of the reasons that your dog is circling you is because it’s in a state of excitement, is in control, or seeking attention or maybe it’s an instinct to herd.
There are a few aspects to consider in trying to determine the precise reason for why it’s doing this. Once you’ve got an understanding of the root of the issue it should be much easier to resolve it stopped.


Why your dog circles you

Every one of the many reasons your dog is circling you could provide some clues.
Below are a few possibilities for that your dog might be in a circle around you.

It’s excited

The reason your dog is circling you may be because it’s excited. It is more likely when it happens during times like the moment you get home, or you’re going to take it out for an outing. It could be because it’s trying to display its excitement or would like to encourage you to get active earlier.

It is being dominating

It is possible that it circling you because it’s ruling. It’s more likely when it does so by causing your attention to go.
To avoid this, it’s going to be essential to provide your dog lots of instruction as well as adhere to the other suggestions listed below.

It wants attention

The reason it does it is that it is seeking attention. It is more likely if it occurs more frequently when you haven’t paid it enough attention, or when you give the item more attention whenever you notice it.
In this instance it is best to reward it whenever it is good-mannered and adhere to the guidelines below to make it quit doing it.

It’s a herding instinct

The reason your dog is doing this may be due to a natural instinct for herding. It is more likely if you do more often while you walk it, especially if it’s herding-oriented and it is doing it to other people too. To avoid this type of circling, you should walk towards the other direction to where it is circling you, especially when it is trying to move your direction.


Things to consider

When your dog first started circling you

It’s helpful to look back at the date your dog started doing it , since it is possible that an incident that caused it to begin doing it.
If it didn’t always follow through, then it is more likely to have started due to the fact that it earns rewards for doing it.
However, if it’s always done so, then it’s more likely to a herding instinct.

When and where your dog circles you most

It is also helpful to determine if there is a specific moment when it is more likely to do this more. If there is a specific period when it seems to do more, it is possible that the timing may have something to do with it.
If, for instance, it does this more often during walks then it is more likely to be either herding instinctual or it’s dominant if it is trying to get you moving.

What to do about your dog circling you

Here are some ideas you can consider when trying to get your pet to cease coming around you.

Walk in the opposite direction to it

If it happens while you are walking , make sure by walking the other way from it as this will cause it to stop, and consider you to be the leader.
It is also possible to stop walking at every time it does to make it aware that circling can cause you to stop walking. You can check out in the following video understand how it is done.

Avoid negative reinforcement

Negative reinforcement happens when you offer your dog rewards for doing things you don’t want it doing and encourages it to repeat it again. Instead of offering your dog the things it desires when you make a circle around you, it is beneficial to give it a reward when it’s good-mannered, and to follow the two guidelines above and attempt to change its behavior when it is beginning to do it.

Give it lots of training

If you’re not providing your dog with a lot of training, it is best to begin with giving it the basics and then building it up from there. This article outlines ways you can train your dog to be here and also how to help it stay here.
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How to Fix Dog Circling

Now you have clues as to why your dog keeps circling around you. Know what you can do to stop this strange behavior.

Don’t Reinforce the Behavior

It’s crucial to stay clear of negatively imposing the behavior by providing your dog with what it wants whenever it goes around you.
For instance, if your dog is circling you on walks, walk towards the reverse direction, until the dog is aware that you’re the one in charge and their circling won’t have any effect.

Invest in a Professional Trainer

Sometimes, the most effective way to educate your dog is to hire an expert. If you’re stuck on the best way you can stop the behavior from your dog, get help from a personal trainer or take your dog to a course.
Training your dog will provide it with the stimulation it isn’t familiar with, which makes it easier for them to get used to the queues and manage things better.


Have you ever witnessed your dog running around? What are the strategies you used to stop the weird behaviors your dog is exhibiting? Comment on your experiences and your perspective in the comments below.
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