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If your dog is sitting over your shoulder, then you may be wondering why , and what you can do to stop it. This article will provide several possible causes and the ways you can do about them.
The reasons your dog is prone to climbing on your shoulders could be because it is excited, would like to get something in return, has learned that it is rewarded, or it is a dominant dog.
There are plenty of reasons your dog behaves this way and it could be caused by one or more of them. But, there are several factors to consider to determine the root issue and there are many ways to fix the issue.


Why does my dog climb on my shoulders?

Below are some possible reasons your dog is doing it, and what makes each one most likely to constitute the primary cause.


It could be that it’s displaying its enthusiasm. It’s more likely to happen if it sits over your shoulders during times like the moment you return home or when you play with it.
One reason that excitement might be the cause is because it could be drawn to greet you on the face. This could be that the puppies’ mother would feed them directly from the face, and they would leap up to take food.


It could be possible that it is due to boredom and is trying to convince you to engage in some exercise. This is especially likely when your dog is doing it more often before receiving exercise and does it around the same as you be exercising it.

It wants something from you

The reason for it to do it is because it is seeking to get something in return from your. It’s more likely to happen if it is inclined to do it more often the same time, like when you typically feed it or exercise it.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be because they have learned this behavior is rewarding. If you are prone to giving it additional attention, toys, and treats when it leaps onto your shoulders, it’s likely to repeat the behavior in order to earn more rewards.

A lack of training

If you’ve not provided your dog a lot of training, it’s likely to behave in the way it is feeling like it should. What it is feeling like being behaved is not likely to be how you want for it to be. This is why it’s crucial to provide it with plenty of positive reinforcement, beginning with the basics and gradually increasing the level.


It could also be that it’s trying to notify you of something that’s making it to be nervous. It is more likely if you notice it more frequently at a specific time , for instance when thunder is rumbling outside.


Many times, people jump to the conclusion that dogs are doing this in order to establish dominance. But, the alpha/beta system has been proven wrong in research showing that wolves rotate in the leadership role.
But, it could be doing it because of aggression, which is more likely if it is trying to force you to move or show the signs of aggression when performing it. In this instance it’s best to not give it reasons to feel threatened , and to help it learn to behave in the manner you’d like it to through programs of training like NLIF (“Nothing in this world is free) dogs training.


Things to consider

Below are some points to take into consideration when trying to determine the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started climbing on your shoulders

If your dog was not always sit onto the shoulders of your spouse, it might be helpful to think about what occurred when your dog first began to do it. If it began to do it in a sudden manner, it could be due to factors like the fact that it is becoming more aware that this behavior is rewarding and causing it to be anxious or suddenly receiving less focus.

What is different when it doesn’t climb on your shoulders

If your dog seems to do this more often at certain times it is also helpful to think about what’s different in the timing. If, for instance, your dog has a tendency to do it more frequently about the same time that you usually feed it, it may be trying to keep you from feeding it.


When should you prevent your dog from such behavior?

It’s crucial that you give your dog the opportunity to come closer to your side, you could be compelled to prevent him from reaching over your shoulders if he’s showing any of the behavior that are listed below:

Being too bossy over your shoulder or neck

It is recommended to keep your dog from climbing your shoulders when you realize that he’s being too bossy with your neck. If you are grouchy when you move your neck or shake your head is simply a sign that he’s trying to exercise control over your neck, which can be risky in the future If you don’t take action fast.

He is becoming too big to endure

It isn’t possible to sacrifice your comfort because you want your old pet to remain on your shoulders. It is important to make him understand that your shoulder was designed to be a place for puppies and he’s no any more.
Your dog should cease the behaviour once he has reached the point where he is at, but you need to aid him in stopping the behavior when he is still determined to be on top of your shoulders.
Dogs naturally seek the affection of their owner as they feel at ease with them. Therefore, you must take every step to ensure that your Fido feel loved and content.
But, it is important to be in tune about your dog’s behavior because it will allow you to recognize any unhealthy or unusual behaviour as soon as it is possible.
Do not be reluctant to visit your vet anytime you feel the need. Maintain your dog’s health and safe.

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